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  • About plastic windows, repair of ceilings and doors

    The Ceiling is a bottom surface of overlapping (the top surface the floor is). Usually a ceiling carry out horizontal, but it can have and the bent outlines. Begin in time. Ceiling furnish should be made in painting and decorating, after the termination of all repair work of overlappings; during winter time - it is obligatory at the included heating.

    To Solve, what problem is the basic - appearance improvement, reception of a strict horizontal surface or the bent outlines, giving to a ceiling of various special properties (cleaning possibility, a sound absorption etc.).

    It is important to know that there are various ways of furnish of ceilings, all depends on taste and preferences, and also available time and means.

    Depending on a design and a way of manufacturing ceilings are subdivided on: krashenye, kleennye, tension, pendant.

    From a way and furnish materials (it is traditional krashennye ceilings much more cheaply modern designs of pendant and tension ceilings, however in these subgroups exist the price categories).

    For installation in premises some kinds of plastic, plates on mineral and steklovatnoj do not approach a basis. To paint or paste over a ceiling it is possible independently or to charge it to a repair brigade, but installation of pendant and, especially, tension ceilings should be made by skilled experts of firm in which accessories are got.

    At each customer, wishing to change old wooden windows on new, there is a question: whether “to make good repair existing stoljarki more cheaply, than to buy a new plastic window?»

    If All of you have decided to leave an old window kachestvenyj repair means following kinds of works: full removal of long-term stratifications from all surfaces, replacement of the fastening rusted corners, restoration of the rotted through sites of a frame, shpatlevku, a covering drying oil and, at last, painting, replacement old crumpled otlivov, and also restoration of window sills.

    We Will result some arguments in favour of replacement of old windows by the new plastic:

    • Absence of draughts
    • the Good thermal protection of plastic windows
    • Fine sound insulation
    • Convenience of use
    • Modern design of plastic windows

    Doors are the designs established in doorways consisting of a door cloth (a door opened a part), a door box (a frame established in a doorway to which the door cloth), accessories directly fastens.

    Installation of doors is rational for making after end of the basic repair in apartment. Works with walls and a ceiling should be finished, the floor - is finished by a finishing covering. It is recommended not to put plinths in all premise before full installation of doors.

    To Define, what is necessary a door - interroom or external; in case external - that it will deduce on street or in other premise (a corridor, a staircase), door characteristics depend on it (a design, a material, furnish, additional protective properties).

    is more detailed about plastic, alljuminievyh, wooden windows, various ways of furnish of ceilings and installations of doors read in published articles on our server.