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the Tension ceiling or how to come off clear

Ceiling Repair, as well as any repair, associates at us always with long and labour-intensive process. It is familiar to each Russian ever starting traditional whitewashing. Meanwhile, this problem is solved in Europe ten years ago when nowadays widely applied tension ceilings have been mastered. For the first time tension ceilings have appeared in France in the mid-seventies. Since then this country is the leader in their manufacture.

In Russia they have appeared rather recently and at once have won popularity. The main advantage - simplicity in installation, reliability, the minimum leaving also that is important at our quality of building - such ceiling hides all defects. Such ceilings give the chance to regulate premise height. Also under their protection illumination and air-conditioning systems are easily established.

Durability and ease of assembling - not unique advantage of a tension ceiling. It absorbs noise, does not save a static electricity, is absolutely safe from the ecological point of view, is not subject to burning that is confirmed by Gosstandart certificate, the Hygienic certificate, the Certificate of fire safety.

It will protect you and your members of household from a dust which gathers on a usual ceiling and is strewed from it. Here such exclusive properties this material possesses. Besides he functionally solves your problems with ceiling repair, you receive an exclusive interior and the present French quality.

It represents a heavy-duty decorative vinyl film in the thickness of 0,17 mm which stretches on a plastic (aluminium) skeleton (baguette). The film surface can be different: varnished or matte, velvety or metallized, any colouring - all about 150 colours.

Different invoices and shades will help to create traditional classical style with a matte ceiling in pastel tones or modern with the glossy ceiling, reflecting almost as in a mirror your room. This trick is ideally suited for small premises as visually increases volume, and, at last, it is simply beautiful.

There is a weight of other invoices: marble, a tree, under a skin, moire, nacre. Any other finishing material has no such scale. Besides there was a new possibility to use optical paths (or an optical fiber), built in a ceiling and poured by different colours, they allow to create effect of the polar lights, the star sky, a flying comet.

In spite of the fact that the film thin enough and easy, it very strong, is capable to sustain to 100 litres on square metre and only will sag under weight of water. It is simple to guess, what this excellent property for at whom neighbours forget to close cranes.

In case of flooding from the top floor it is necessary to cause urgently only a brigade of assemblers which, having unfastened one corner of a cloth, will accurately merge water, will dry up a thermal gun your capital ceiling, and a tension vinyl film will put into place. Thus it completely restores the former sizes. Water resistance of a film, and also absence of a condensate does by its ideal variant for a bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool. The range of their application is almost unlimited.

For installation of a tension ceiling experts measure a premise and then to measures the film with an edging - the future ceiling is made. The ceiling of the demanded size cooks from cloths in width of 1,4-2,3 m and thickness of 0,5 mm. At first on room perimetre to walls the plastic (aluminium) skeleton fastens. Usually the skeleton fastens on distance of 5 sm below the basic ceiling if in a ceiling it is planned to cut the fixture it should be lowered for 5 see

The Minimum distance should be nearby 3,5 the film see Then is hung up on corners on special clip-on earrings. By means of a thermal gun the premise heats up to a heat (from 50 to 70С). Process of installation of a film when the film edging refuels in special grooves of a skeleton, forming some kind of "lock" begins. After all edges of a film will be filled, and air indoors will cool down, the film is compressed. And the ceiling turns out ideally equal.

It is possible to build in it not only various fixtures, chandeliers though their capacity imposes restrictions: lamps nakalivanija - to 60Вт, galogennye - 36 Vt, but also systems of ventilation, the alarm system and fire-prevention safety. Fixtures fasten to the basic ceiling, in tension for them apertures which are pasted over on perimetre with a special ring are made. All works on installation of lamps are carried out by experts.

The Ceiling is established usually at last stage of repair: work occupies some hours depending on the area and complexity of a premise. Works are made by a brigade from two-three persons, without reserving any dust and, in most cases, at all without moving furniture. Usually on such ceilings give a guarantee on their faultless operation within 10 years.

Service life of a tension ceiling is almost unlimited, to wipe its damp rag or a usual washing-up liquid enough. Only not to use at all the means containing solvents and kerosene, besides it is possible to get special polyroles for tension ceilings. To scratch their brush in no event it is impossible - established vnatjazhku the film can tear, and also use these ceilings in premises, where very much hot: in saunas, for example.

Cost of such ceilings averages 30-40$ for sq. m. If three years ago the price for them was very high now they became accessible to middle class. It is connected first of all with constant growth of demand. As the sales volume manufacturers give quite good discounts for the production increases.

If to take in attention that it will stay at you the whole century without repair, and its cost is almost equal to any good furnish of a ceiling it completely corresponds to your inquiries.

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