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Pasting of a ceiling by wall-paper

Advantages of the given method of repair are obvious: ceiling repair can be executed independently and to carry out in the shortest terms, it is easier to hide many defects of a spadework (not closed up cracks, traces of leakings, stains etc.). The main thing - competently to use material possibilities.

Before gluing of wall-paper the ceiling needs to be prepared, having cleaned off an old paint, a chalk, old wall-paper etc. to plaster.

Pasting of ceilings by wall-paper - process more difficult and labour-consuming, than pasting of walls, also demands certain skills. This work is better for spending three together (two paste, one puts glue and submits). Together a bit more difficult, but the most difficult variant when it is necessary to glue to one. In this case wall-paper puts an accordion and serially presses to a ceiling the sites limited to folds. Thus with one hand smooth a panel, and another keep the rest combined by an accordion.

Glue for gluing of wall-paper should have more dense consistence, than for pasting of walls as insufficiently viscous glue is not capable to keep damp wall-paper on a ceiling.

Wall-paper should be pasted in a direction of light from windows. That panels exactly covered a surface, it is possible to put on a ceiling a marking preliminary. For formation of a joint of a ceiling with walls edge cut off on 50-10 mm more long and get on a wall. Further at pasting of walls these sites stick with wall-paper.

Before drawing liquid wall-paper , it is necessary to clear also a ceiling of an old paint, a chalk, wall-paper and so forth, zashpatlevat hollows and to stick cracks serpjankoj, differently the expense of wall-paper will be too big.

Further it is necessary to cover a surface of a ceiling with an oil paint (colour has no value as in this case paints acts in a first coat role). After the paint will dry up, it is possible to start drawing of "liquid wall-paper".

At first "liquid wall-paper" fills places which did not manage to be levelled shpatlevkoj. Without waiting drying of this layer, the definitive covering is put.

"Liquid wall-paper" should be levelled in one direction. Is better to work kelmoj from plexiglas.

To Correct "subquality work" follows, while the definitive covering has not dried up. Putting an additional layer on already dried up wall-paper, risk to receive defect of a surface as the ready covering "will spread" for kelmoj.

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