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False ceilings


The Minimum height which is required for false ceiling installation - 7 sm, but if necessary it is possible to lower a ceiling to any level.

Designs of false ceilings allow to create any variants of game with the form of a ceiling and with illumination. Regulation of height of a suspension bracket can be made a ceiling which will have steps, for example, in the room centre will be higher, than more close to walls. Premise illumination becomes mobile. Plates with the dot fixtures built in in them are easily rearranged from place to place. Thus problems with electricity cables does not arise, as in free space between overlapping and a false ceiling conducting is freely thrown to a proper place On moisture-proofness false ceilings are characterised by different factors. For premises with different degree of humidifying there are different ceilings. Important correctly to pick up a material, differently plates can warp, turn yellow or become covered by stains.


It is desirable, that pendant system and plates (or rejki) were one manufacturer, otherwise - the covering can be deformed (as different systems not always are joined with each other).

Directing pendant systems can have different design. They can be visible, and can hide in special grooves in plates and then joints between plates are almost imperceptible.


  1. giposkartonovye plates;
  2. plastic;
  3. Fiber glass;
  4. a mineral fibre;
  5. drevesnoplitnye materials;
  6. metal;
  7. ceramics.


  1. Possibility to hide defects (roughnesses, cracks) overlappings;
  2. possibility to hide an electric equipment (from fixtures to fire gauges), all necessary conducting, in space behind a false ceiling it is possible to lay an air line of systems of ventilation and air-conditioning;
  3. Good sound-proof properties;
  4. easy access to interceiling space, easy repair and replacement of parts;
  5. Repair and dismantle are extremely simple - the spoilt plate or rejka is taken out and replaced with the new.


  1. the premise height decreases.


Ways of leaving (damp, dry) are specified in the instruction of firms - of manufacturers and depend on a material of which the false ceiling surface is made.

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