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Mirror ceilings

Two weeks I have stayed at home. Was ill. And it is fine, would throw all affairs because of serious illness – a flu there or a pneumonia. And that ridiculously to tell – has fallen down exhausting continuous cold. It was a shame to sit on work, flew, as from a bucket, people jumped aside. Took from a grief the bulletin, has climbed under three blankets and began to wait for healing. And all are not present it and are not present. Melancholy. Still, as to spite, the TV has broken. It was necessary to look for days on end in a window yes in a ceiling to spit. Behind a window anything fascinating, as always, did not occur. The ceiling too has pleased with nothing.

Mirror ceilings And so it to me has become loathsome that I have resolved to change it to unrecognizability. Let nothing reminds me of illness! As from senseless lying on a sofa and absence of positive emotions at me one more illness with the fashionable name "depression" has developed. Experts-psychologists in such cases advise to change the life or as a last resort conditions.

I long puzzled: «What such to create with the ceiling?» The friend has suggested idea: make, speaks, a mirror ceiling – and it is cool, and the room will seem more. I speak: «Where I such mirror will take?» And it: «Well, you dark! There are special false ceilings with a smooth surface. Are called – reechnye. You walk around the markets, explain that you want. There knowing people will tell all and will show».

To go on the markets I did not become. First, at me to them internal hostility. Secondly, time is not present. Thirdly, besides an ill-starred cold: on a frost I am run both again I will fall ill. And, fourthly, what for somewhere to go, when it is possible to ring round set of firms for half an hour, all to find out, and then once to go and buy.

I have rung round ten the firms specialising on false ceilings. Tried to be extremely short: «Has decided to replace a ceiling, but at first I wish to understand, what in general happen reechnye ceilings, than from each other differ, how many stand, who makes them?» In the answer the deep sigh, as a rule, was distributed, and the interlocutor advised to address to other sources. On my fair: «Why?» Sounded about the following: «We sell only one kind reechnyh ceilings, and about the others of anything we can not tell». And, about pleasure, at last in one company have agreed to give detailed consultation. «Come, we will tell». Here that I managed to find out.

Secret knowledge

Experts were unanimous: if so it would be desirable to have a mirror ceiling in a room, I, of course, can make and reechnyj. But generally these ceilings use first of all in premises with the raised humidity: in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, baths, pools. Why? Yes because pendant reechnye ceilings do of aluminium which, as it is known, does not rust. So without ceremony it is possible to wash them – they from it only become better (in sense more purely).

«Instead of whether to buy to me reechnyj a ceiling on kitchen?» – I have thought. «It is possible and on kitchen!» – my interlocutor has confirmed the thought stated aloud. To eat I love, that here to hide. Cooking, as it is known, absorbs not only a heap of time, but also «spoils an interior». The dirt on a ceiling accumulates instantly, therefore it is necessary to bleach or cover every year almost vodoemulsionkoj. And an aluminium false ceiling simply enough to wash.

We already wrote that there are still tiled false ceilings. In comparison with them reechnye possess two conclusive advantages: do not get wet and do not rust. There are, of course, moisture resistant tiled ceilings. But reechnye to me it is somehow lovelier. Besides reechnyj the ceiling is very simply mounted (I about it still I will tell).

the Ceiling under a microscope

How it is arranged reechnyj a false ceiling?

It consists from reek, bent on each side. Do them of an aluminium tape from which it is possible to cut off rejku any length. At us basically sell in the length on 3 and 4 metres. But in some firms there are cutting machine tools. The buyer reechku 3 metres of 93 sm of 5 mm – chik has wanted in the length! Also it is ready! Receive.

Mirror ceilings Now about width. Here with variants not so richly – 20, 15, 10 and 9 the Most popular width reek at our population see – 10 see

Very important parametre – a thickness. The more thickly rejka, the more strongly a ceiling. An optimum thickness reek – 0,5 mm. It is quite enough of it, that the ceiling held the form and was not deformed at installation. If to make rejku is more thin (0,47 or 0,43 mm), the ceiling can be bent, and on it there will be dents.

Mirror ceilings Rejki happen three types: opened, closed and with inserts. Closed fasten end-to-end, coming the friend for the friend and reminding wooden vagonku. Between opened rejkami there is a small backlash. But it practically it is not visible – such models usually hang up in halls with height of ceilings of more than 5 metres. So anybody even will not notice any cracks. Is still rejki with inserts. Such models are similar on opened, only the distance between rejkami is covered with narrow aluminium strips. The ceiling turns out equal, without dredging and hollows. It is very convenient to wash it, it is an ideal variant for kitchen.

It has appeared that the most running colour rejki – white (it is visible, in us has strongly taken roots representation that the ceiling should be only such colour). At whom imagination are richer, can decorate the life black, red, dark blue, yes with almost any colour of ceilings. Rejki will enamel a desirable shade – and, please, your ceiling is ready. However, the surface will be matte, not shining. But the chromic ceiling (which my friend named "mirror") shines remarkably and, it is necessary to tell, uses at us huge popularity, takes the second place in a rating of sales after the white. On the third place – "gold" and "copper" (painted under gold or copper).

Mirror ceilings Thus rejki with inserts fasten to the tyre (at the left – "wrong side", on the right – a face sheet).

At purchase of a ceiling pay attention to such important detail: the qualitative ceiling always is on sale in a transparent film which protects rejki during transportation from scratches and damages. If a ceiling without a film, it has to guard you. Most likely, it is made on any semihandicraft work. Any serious manufacturer will not dare «to expose on sale» reechnyj a ceiling without a protective film.

Who in what is ready?

By the way, about manufacturers. By right it is possible to name a long-liver of the Russian market the Dutch firm "Hunter Duglas" (HUNTER DOUGLAS).

Mirror ceilings Its ceiling of "Ljuksalon" («LUXALON») was the first which was seen by the Russian buyer. And still remains to the most popular and qualitative. It is made of 0,5-millimetric aluminium. Term of a life to it is taken away rather big – 25 years. It means that quarter of the century with a ceiling will not be any problems. You already will have time to grow old, your children will grow, and the ceiling will be all as the newcomer. However, for quality it is necessary to pay: this ceiling costs $35-57 for 1 sq.m. depending on type rejki and colours.

Except ordinary false ceilings, the firm lets out a multipanel variant. It gives the chance to combine rejki various colours and types (opened, closed, with inserts).

Mirror ceilings Italy represent to Russia firms "Катена" (CATENA) and "Prometal" (PROMETAL). The first is now almost cunning from our market: a competition, whether know – the Russian manufacturers on heels come, let out cheaper ceilings. The second firm, on the contrary, prospers. The reasons I do not know, but the fact remains – its ceilings will shortly decorate one capital airport. The price of such ceiling of 16,8$/sq.m. or $1,55 for rejku in the length three metres.

How to calculate the ceiling? Usually the buyer names a total area of a ceiling which is necessary to it. The seller names the price, proceeding from cost of one square metre. Then the area is translated in quantity reek. The seller again considers, and then these rejki again translates in square metres. In a word, remember, for price definition operate with square metres, and for calculation use "quantity" of pieces (in sense reek). And the more the area of a ceiling bought by you, the will cost more cheaply 1 sq.m.

We Will return to firms. Young, but very perspective German firm "Гайпель" (GEIPEL) has entered the Russian market recently, but has already won a recognition of buyers. Its ceiling costs $11-16,5 for 1 sq.m. or $0,9-1,77 for three-metre rejku.

In Russia still more recently pendant reechnye ceilings did not do. But times vary and now the Russian firm "Албес" on import machine tools with use of the Italian or German aluminium tape makes the quite good ceilings similar to "Prometalu" and "Gajpelju". They are cheaper import, the truth, not much more: $10,3-16,2 for 1 sq.m. or $0,9-1,35 for rejku.

the Main thing that the suit sat

Installation – very important stage in a life pendant reechnogo a ceiling. The end result, that is indescribable beauty of an interior (matter of course, you and wish to achieve it) in many respects depends on installation. Therefore it is better not to stint and cause a brigade of fitters. The firms selling ceilings, usually render such service and give year of a guarantee for the work. The prices for installation fluctuate from $3 to 10$-15/sq.m. depending on complexity of installation. Besides, this figure is influenced by purchase volume: the more the total area of the bought ceiling, the will more cheaply manage its installation. It is obvious: is unprofitable to send to the customer a brigade if you wish to make «reechnuju beauty» only in a bathroom.

Mirror ceilings Basically at och-chen the big desire it is possible to be engaged in installation reechnogo a ceiling personally – it differs from other pendant colleagues simplicity of assemblage. The main thing – to operate antithetically to a rule «force is – mind it is not necessary». Because one careless pressing – and on rejke remains a disgusting dent which already you will correct nothing. But also experts, and we to do it nevertheless we do not advise. It is better not to risk and not to be greedy, and to cause masters.

The ceiling price usually joins four elements: rejki, the tyre, podves and a plinth. The instruction on installation is applied on this complete set.

What is rejki, we have already understood. Now let's understand with other parts of a design. The tyre is made of aluminium or from a steel and represents a lath with "zubchikami", for them and cling rejki. For reek each type the tyre is necessary – that there were no cracks, bends and warps. Besides rejki one firm in any way it is impossible krepit on the tyre another, interchangeability here is not necessary.

We go further. The tyre with attached to it rejkami clings for podves. As a matter of fact, is a wire which fastens to the present concrete ceiling. It is very important detail of a design: the false ceiling therefore and is called that hangs on podvese. podves it is possible to regulate on height – above-is lower. Thus consider that reechnye false ceilings "eat" from 4 to 7 sm of height, and in certain cases to 12. So if in your apartment low, and growth at you about two metres, reechnye ceilings it is necessary to buy ceilings cautiously.


The Plinth, or pristennyj "corner", – as a matter of fact, simply decorative detail. It closes a joint between a wall and a ceiling, the same as also a plinth lying on a floor. Keep in mind: the ceiling plinth should be screwed ideally exactly. Otherwise the ceiling will concern with one edge of a plinth, and – it is ugly to second to dangle in air.

Yes there will be light!

To "shine" a premise fixtures, matter of course, are necessary. As a rule, in pendant reechnye ceilings are mounted dot or "rectangular" (raster) fixtures. But, alas, they are not included into the complete set, and they should be bought separately. Better, of course, at once, «without departing from cash desk». There were cases when in apartment ceilings are already established, and during the latest moment the citizen bethought that about fixtures have forgotten. Disappointment!

width="300" Fixtures try to choose "Mirror ceilings" to match a ceiling: white, chrome or gold. In a bathroom lamps with the special cap protecting from a moisture are necessary.

The Most inexpensive – dot fixtures at the price of $1,7 for a piece (white) and 3 dollars (chrome, gold). It is important, that to you have made competent conducting then both the ceiling will be whole, and short circuit from dampness will not occur.

Mirror ceilings And how to insert fixtures in rejku? After all no apertures in it are present. Actually it is very simple: it is necessary to measure diameter of the fixture (if it is a question about dot) and to cut out a hole of the necessary size. It is said that it can be made even scissors. I do not know, did not try. But it is better to entrust this business to experts, of course. As to raster fixtures for them an aperture do by the special machine tool and sell already "full of holes" rejku. Is called such rejka "screen", and there are on the average $7 for a piece. Sometimes "screen" is on sale in the complete set with fixtures.

Where to go on ceilings?

So, things are easy – where to buy such remarkable superceiling? Dialogue with professionals has definitively convinced me of one: on the market I will not go. What for to you the superfluous intermediary when you can go on firm and is much cheaper get the attracted ceiling? Besides firms are interested, that clients remained are happy, – it is necessary to maintain reputation. Therefore the further destiny of your ceilings still for a long time (depending on guarantee period) will be in their reliable calloused hands. Besides, in the market, as a rule, there is only that uses mass demand, something found there hardly will pick up.

Mirror ceilings For example, there was now a novelty – bent pendant reechnyj a ceiling: it is necessary for you to unite, say, a ceiling two premises, and they are at different levels or any ledge zatesalsja. What to do? After all rejku you will not bend, it will be crumpled and deformed. Have solved a problem so: under your order will make rejki the letter "g" or any other necessary form. As will wish. Such pleasure costs approximately for 3 dollars more expensively, than a usual direct ceiling. But it is beautiful.

So if you were definitively defined and have understood that without reechnyh ceilings your further life loses meaning, we offer an instruction including some of simple rules:

  • First, do not forget that the qualitative ceiling necessarily should be in a protective film.
  • Secondly, remember fixtures. It is better to buy at once. Then the erection team will establish them simultaneously with a ceiling.
  • Thirdly, the price depends on a ceiling total area. The the kitchen (a bathroom, pool) is more spacious, the one square metre reechnogo a ceiling will more cheaply manage.
  • And, at last, fourthly: lift eyes and to itself fairly admit, whether really your "native" ceilings such high? Perhaps they and so to you almost on a head fall, and you to them still wish to fasten the pendant? Believe, to establish reechnyj a false ceiling it makes sense only in the event that "the sky" height in apartment allows to offer without serious consequences 4–10 sm of height of a natural ceiling. Otherwise it is necessary to refuse this remarkable idea. Well here. Have understood. As to me all in any way I will not solve what reechnyj a ceiling to choose. Here truly – from mnogija wisdom mnogija grieves.

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