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How to whitewash a ceiling

How to whitewash a ceiling Whitewashing is a most simple and cheap way of repair of a ceiling. For colouring whitewashing which can to prepare from slaked be exhausted or a chalk more often is used. To begin colouring process it is necessary from the most important and labour-consuming stage - preparations of a painted surface. Here it is necessary:

  • to Wash off warm water (or to remove in the dry way by means of a scraper) an old paint or whitewashing;
  • to Smooth down plaster and to close up cracks in it. Before to close up a crack, it is necessary to cut and expand its special shpatelem (the triangular form) or a scraper, and also to beat off a hammer exfoliating plaster.

    And cracks it is necessary to humidify cracks, and then to fill with the same solution from which plaster is executed.

    Damages of limy plaster are rubbed clean by the limy solution consisting of one part limy kashitsy, two parts of the small, carefully sifted sand and water. Izvest plant with water to a sour cream consistence, then add sand and water before reception of dense weight. If for solution preparation it is used slaked izvest at first it should be mixed with sand and only then to add water.

    For izvestkovo-plaster plasters use a solution consisting of one part of plaster, one part slaked to exhaust and three parts of the sifted sand. In the beginning mix dry components, and then, adding water, weight lead up to a consistence of dense sour cream. The solution needs to be used at once as it hardens in some minutes after preparation.

    The plaster solution consists of one part of plaster and two parts of the small sifted sand.

    Cracks shpatlevkoj are closed up with the help shpatelja, spending it at first across a crack, then lengthways. Comes to the end shpatlevka zatirkoj the processed surfaces with a small skin or pumice.

    Between ceiling plates, at doors, windows, in corners it is desirable to close up not simply a crack a solution, and in addition to strengthen it, for example, serpjankoj.

  • to Ground a ceiling.
    After the ground will dry up, it is possible to start whitewashing. Recommended structure:
    - Chalk - 2300г;
    - Glue joiner's - 90г;
    - Blue - 17г;
    - Soap economic - 60г;
    - Water (to working density) - 3-4л.

    Glue preliminary dismiss in water. Other components dilute with water so that it was possible to put whitewashing by means of a spray. The solution prepared from such quantity of components, suffices for processing about 10 sq.m. On a ceiling 2-3 layers with intermediate drying are put.

    If it is necessary to bleach a ceiling without a spray, we recommend to take advantage of the platen. The surface will get pleasant matte outflow. It is impossible to force drying and to arrange draughts. Besides, try to neutralise the direct solar beams, differently all work can go nasmarku - whitewashing exfoliates.
a source: the Interior of your House

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