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the Tension ceiling ' the Star sky '

The Design of ceilings has found new possibilities with the advent of tension ceilings. Flexibility of a material allows to create multilevel compositions with a minimum quantity of joints, to create effects of "dome", "inhaling", "cloud", "wave".

Design of ceilings, installation pendant potolokov the star sky

Except new spatial decisions of a ceiling, actively introduces new light decisions - the optical fibres-optical paths hidden behind a tension ceiling form "the star sky" over your head and transform a serene smooth surface of a tension ceiling into "breath of night". Effects of blinking and modulations of colours arise at use of different optical filters in a light source. And in space behind a tension ceiling there is no electric conducting, only an optiko-fiber cable that excludes short circuits and other troubles connected with an electricity.

There are some variants of "the star sky": with apertures in a ceiling (with a velvet or varnish tension ceiling), without apertures (displaying of light of an optiko-fiber cable on a tension ceiling from within - with a varnish or sateen tension ceiling), with crystal rasseivateljami SWAROVSKI (at use of matte, sateen, velvet tension ceilings).


In the beginning experts establish a frame ceiling from plywood or plastic in which do apertures for optical threads according to in advance stipulated marking. By means of a marking it is possible to transfer on a ceiling any constellations and their combinations under the astronomical atlas. Brightness and size of stars depend on quantity of the threads brought to each point-star - it can be any - at will of the customer. Threads are reduced in a point which is projected from within on a cloth of a tension ceiling.

Crystal "SWAROVSKI" several types of a facet at a combination to optical paths allows to receive absolutely another "the star sky" from multibeam stars of the most different form. In this case everyone rasseivatel like the built in fixture is established in specially made rack-holder with the adjustable basis. To a rack the crystalline lens fastens through an aperture in a ceiling, reinforced by a plastic ring. All previous variant of "the star sky" the combination of tension ceilings to light-emitting diodes is distinct from. In this case as "stars" the light-emitting diodes connected by loops with the special programming panel which can set dynamics of blinking of diodes, light paths from them (to 9 programs) are used.

Advantages of this kind of "the star sky":

  1. It is not required a special place for light source placing - the programming panel is located on a palm of a hand and operates 39 diodes.
  2. it is not created any noise (the fan of a light source for optiko-fiber "the star sky" is supplied by the fan and rustles approximately as the computer).


  1. Diodes act from a ceiling and they are much larger, than real stars in the sky.
  2. In space behind a ceiling conducting, instead of the optical cable which is not containing any electricity settles down.

Use of powerful generators, translucent tension ceilings and optical fibres of different section allows to reach absolutely new possibilities of decorative illumination. On the basis of it for the first time in Russia optiko-fiber effects - "painting by light" and "optical patterns" are developed. The technology is that - an optical fibre notch definitely and have from the interior of the tense ceiling in the form of certain figures or in the picturesque disorder. Modulations of light lines and figures are visible through "matte glass" from NEWMAT four colour shades. In the afternoon you receive ideally equal ceiling with mysterious depth inside, and in the evening - shone optiko-fiber threads create improbable bends, a play of light and shades with light waves. The optiko-fiber equipment can be used and for other purposes - the optical cable works in temperature limits from-50 (external illumination) to + 100 (internal illumination of saunas) Celsius degrees. Except company installation sell the optiko-fiber equipment separately for those customers who wish to establish it independently.

a source: the Planet of Ceilings

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