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Tiled false ceilings

All occurred by a principle – that is empty, is dense. I expostulated the whole year the hotly favourite brother-businessman: «Well as it is possible to live in such peeled apartment?» And day after day persuaded him to be winded on the building market … But when it at last has ripened and, having collected the strength, has started repair in apartment, to it have there and then offered a suitable premise for office. And demanding urgent updating. The relative has started to grieve and complain about annoying coincidence, and I have understood – now will give out a phrase: "in general, without your help not to manage in any way!". Also was not mistaken.

Fortunately, in this history to me rather modest role was taken away. From me it was required to approach only seriously to a question of a choice of false ceilings for office. That is to find out about all to the smallest details, to weigh pro's and con's, to choose the most optimum variant and to employ masters.

At that point in time I knew about false ceilings only that there are they reechnye (consisting of aluminium reek, outwardly similar on vagonku) and tiled, that is small squares. The brother would like tiled. Having looked through the advertising newspapers dazzling with inscriptions: "Ceilings such, ceilings sjakie", I especially did not despond. We with the brother have judged that plates – they and are plates, outwardly all like the identical. Also were mistaken.

the Information to reflexion

First, I have been absolutely assured that all (I underline – all) tiled false ceilings are called "Armstrong". That it something like uniform mark or base model. It is assured that percent thirty Russians stays precisely in the same error. At some most advanced part of the population the word «Aрмстронг» still associates with a surname of the black king of a jazz. Our ignorance not strongly fair firms, by the way, use, giving out for "Aрмстронг" everything, everything. For example, having called on one of advertisements, I have heard that available there are type ceilings "Aрмстронг" – manufactures of three different (!) firms!

On the other hand, such situation is quite explainable – more than half of sales volume of false ceilings in the Russian market it is necessary on company "Armstrong" share (Armstrong). By the way, be not surprised, if in one shop to you will offer "Aрмстронг" manufactures of the USA, and in other – Holland: the error or a dirty trick here any is not present, is simple factories of this firm is both in States, and in Europe.

Second half of our market large and dear firms have divided some, plus that more small. "Armstrong" on a popularity rating is followed by another shtatovskaja the company – "Seloteks" (Celotex). Further – German firm "JUSDzhi Donnas" (USG Donn), more often called in advertisements of simply "Donnas". Then Swedish "Ekofon" (Ecophon) and Finnish "Akusto" (Akusto) – both are a part of transnational concern "Sen Gaben" (Sent Gaben).

Tiled false ceilings of these firms mainly also form today tastes of the Russian buyer. All is the companies with the experience and a name, but their ceilings, clear business, differ on quality, appointment and the price. At everyone – the features. But very much I do not advise to pursue cheapness and to buy ceilings of the unknown person and, hence, undependable firm. Do not hasten. To begin with is better ask for the seller the hygienic certificate. If the goods not "left" – the certificate have to be. And it, by the way, already any guarantee.

In all firms I tried to find out: whether "our industry Makes domestic tiled ceilings?". But the intelligible answer and has not received. Experts assert that somewhere once from someone like would hear about existence of the Russian false ceilings, and even ostensibly someone saw their own eyes. It is said that their manufacture is stopped some years ago and they are not present for a long time on sale.

On the other hand, in the course of "inquiry" »it was found out that is frequent out of ignorance sellers give out for our production false ceilings"Baikal"manufactures all the same firm" Armstrong ". Has put here in what: this model has been developed specially for Russia after notorious August crisis of last year. It is considered cheap and is not on sale anywhere, except our country, therefore and in its"Armstrong's"catalogue is not present. And the name especially ours – Baikal. From here and mess.

As they are arranged?

However, me interested not only firms, but also essence of false ceilings. Before to disassemble them that is called, on plitochkam, it is necessary to tell about of what the false ceiling complete set consists.

Into it enter pendant system (skeleton) and plates from a firm or soft mineral fibre, as a rule, in the thickness of 1,5 sm and the size 60 h 60 sm or 61 h 61 see the Difference in one centimetre is not casual: the first size is calculated on Europeans with their metric system of measures, and the second – on Americans (61 sm in a their way 2 foots). Both in Europe, and at us those are on sale also, and other plates. I have found in "Armstrong's" catalogue even such sizes of plates: 62,5 h 62,5 sm, 60 h 120 sm, 62,5 h 125 see Basically at us on free sale they are not presented, but if you have more to liking such sizes, to you will bring them to order.

The Pendant system is a set metal reek, having in a cut a letter appearance "T" and connected among themselves in a modular lattice. The suspension principle is simple. In a usual ceiling a drill or the puncher drill apertures. Into them insert djubelja. To djubeljam special hooks on which suspend a modular lattice fasten. Into turned out metal skeleton insert plates. As easily and easy they in case of need can be taken out. On perimetre the room gets off with a ceiling plinth.

At false ceiling purchase it is necessary to pay steadfast attention to "unification" of plates and pendant system. Unfair sellers (and such as I have had time to be convinced, great variety) sometimes strive vsuchit "nonnative" pendant system. That is plates – one manufacturer, and pendant system – another. On a head such ceiling, maybe, also will not fail, but can be deformed without ceremony. Difficulties at repair and service in this case too are almost guaranteed – different systems not always are joined with each other.

In some firms trading at once in all kinds of false ceilings, there are certain "sellers-advisers" which not in a condition plainly to consult buyers. They, for example, do not know, than one model differs from another. Still they assured me what to suspend a ceiling it is possible and without the aid of experts. A pier that there to do!

The Another matter – in offices is more solid. There to me have told unequivocally: the circle «skilful hands» here if is pertinent, only in the event that you need to make a ceiling in absolutely small area. In all other cases it is better to take advantage of firm-seller services all the same. But installation of a ceiling with attraction of professionals – pleasure paid which the sq.m. (depending on firm and shop will manage in the sum from 4 to 7$/, and also from what ceiling to you hang up – idle time or is more difficult). If to consider that the cheapest false ceiling costs not less than 5$ for square metre it turns out that together with installation it will manage practically twice more expensively.

What they happen?

the Material. Firms "Armstrongs", "Seloteks" and «JUSDzhi Donnas» make ceiling plates from a firm mineral fibre with addition of cellulose which gives them the big durability. However all in this life has the back: if on this plate properly to knock something heavy on it there will be dents. Production of concern «Sen Gaben» "soft", as a matter of fact is the pressed glass wool. To the touch "soft" plates, as appears from the name, more softly. At blows they are less subject to deformation, than firm. One more advantage of "soft ceilings» that they are more convenient for transporting, they will not break.

Colour. More often plates of false ceilings monophonically white, the classical invoice – smooth, but can be and with a rough surface, "worms", points, jags, relief geometrical drawings etc. At desire of a plate it is possible to paint vodoemulsionnymi or lateksnymi with paints. For example, firm "Armstrong" lets out ceilings «Dune», initially painted in soft pastel tone (salatovye, celestial-blue, is gentle-pink, peach). I with pleasure would make at office of the brother a ceiling more cheerfully. But according to almost 99% of buyers at us in the country – conservatives that is why order exclusively white plates. Surrenders to me, my kind brother is included into number of these of 99%.

Groups. Ceilings of different firms are outwardly absolutely similar, but strongly enough differ from each other as on quality, and to destination. Yes that there, even one manufacturer, more or less large, gives out to the surface far not one kind of ceiling "clothes". Moreover, large firms have even own classifications of ceilings by appearance and quality. Tiled false ceilings "Armstrong", for example, share on 4 groups, in everyone, in turn, some kinds absolutely different (smooth, rough etc.).

Ceilings "Armstrong" share on four groups:

  • Basis (Basis)
  • the Tonic (Prima)
  • Functional
  • Design (or exclusive)

Than they differ from each other?

"Basis" – the most unpretentious. They cannot be hung up in cellars, in bathrooms and in general in premises with the raised humidity. These plates "are not on friendly terms" with water, they can leak, sag and are absolutely precisely deformed – on them there will be something reminding blisters.

Group "Basis" Plates, as a rule, white, with "worms" or tochechkami. But such ceilings – the cheapest and, as consequence, is better are on sale. Buying "Basis" together with pendant system, you pay from 4 to 5,5$ / sq. m. In this group it is presented four kinds of ceilings, including already mentioned "Baikal", "Cortega" and «Tatra». They differ from each other only different direction of "worms" and a plate relief. Ceilings of a similar class of firm "Donnas" and "Seloteks" are a bit more expensive.

"Tonic" – the plates adapted for "life" in a climate Central and the Eastern Europe. So, and in Russian too. They perfectly feel even at 95 percent humidity, unlike the ceilings "Basis" calculated on humidity to 70%. Be assured: ceilings "Tonic" will not sag because of the collected moisture and do not begin to bubble floutingly, spoiling an interior and causing your irritation. But nevertheless they are better be not to mounting in bathrooms and other "wet" premises.

the Guarantee on this kind of tiled ceilings (under condition of installation on pendant system "Armstrong") – 10 years. "Tonic" costs a little more than group "Basis" ceilings: on the average on 15%, that is approximately on 1–2$ / sq.m. But that is interesting, because of such in general a small difference in the price sellers use cunning and simply "do not declare" ceilings of a class "Tonic". It speaks approximately so: "We supposedly do not wish to frighten off buyers the high price and to deprive of their pleasure from false ceiling acquisition". It turns out, as in known our introduction: "Wanted as better, and it has turned out – as always". Besides we As a result suffer, buying cheaper and less durable ceilings.

Functional ceilings is some kinds of ceiling plates. Each of them possesses certain specific properties.

Acoustic ceilings perfectly absorb a sound indoors and provide sound insulation outside. How? Very simply: plates from soft fiber glass on the structure friable (it is visible, the sound in them "jams"). It is the first way. The second: in plates do many tiny apertures, this way is called as micropunching.

Hygienic ceilings are ideally suited for medical and child care centres: if will be soiled, they can be washed. These plates are covered by a vinyl film, therefore them without ceremony wash with a high pressure stream. Moreover, on this film of a bacterium perish, and it is possible at desire to cover a plate a special antimicrobic film.

Moisture resistant ceilings perfectly approach for premises with 100 percent humidity (for example, in a bathroom or pool). The secret is simple – siliceous additives are mixed with these plates, except that, moisture resistant plates very dense. It is appreciable even by weight: if the usual plate weighs 3,5–4,5 kg/sq.m. moisture resistant – 7 kg/sq.m. At leakings it so strenuously absorbs a moisture that about 17 kg are capable to sustain! And when the plate will dry up, it finds former weight, volume, the form and colour (except those "unfortunate" cases when neighbours from above have brought down rusty water on your false ceiling).

But it is necessary to pay for pleasure – the price of functional ceilings from 12 to 20$ / sq.m. If they are necessary to you, I advise at purchase and to tell to the seller: "ceilings from group functional Are necessary supposedly".

Design (or exclusive) ceilings have amazed my imagination with a variety of invoices, reliefs and colours. The prices, the truth, too impressing – to 25$ / sq.m. However, it is not necessary to be greedy – design ceilings of that stand: they are ideally entered practically in any interior. Have tired standard small squares? There are no problems. It is possible to disguise pendant system, having chosen it to match plates, – "a square" skeleton practically it will not be visible. It is possible to make designs of pendant system in tone of plinths, doors, vases and even office folders!

As to plates, in family of their design ceilings more than 15 versions. There are plates on which small squares, "reechki", scars and other geometrical drawings are squeezed out. There are plates and with more interesting reliefs. At will of their customer combine in such a manner that on a ceiling rather intricate patterns turn out. In view of high cost of design ceilings they are sold only by largest "players" of ceiling business. Such, as firm "Floor space".

The American firm "Селотекс" declares the "the right of the first night". It is considered, what exactly it became the pioneer in manufacture of false ceilings. And it in spite of the fact that company "Aрмстронг" has appeared in a XIX-th century. (But then she was engaged in processing of a bark of a pith tree, better to say, made stoppers for "Champagne".) And here the bright "Seloteks" which have arisen only in XX century, has developed at once manufacture of ceilings. Plates of "Seloteks" on structure are stronger armstrongovskih though are made from this a mineral fibre, but press them on other technology. Outwardly plates are more similar to very dense cardboard – thin and rigid (plates of other firms remind plaster). The prices and assortment "Seloteksa" not strongly differ from ceilings "Armstrong".

The Hit of sales of "Seloteks" are ceilings "Serene". Other popular models – "Concord" (on the indicators concerns group "Basis") and "Send" (applying for a rank "Tonic").

"Firm" ceilings of firm "JUSDzhi Donnas" on assortment and quality are similar to production of the mentioned companies. But the prices for the German goods are more expensive (from 6$ / sq.m. and more). On "JUSDzhi Donnas" only one factory in Germany works. But representations and distributors of firm have located in each large European city, including in cities of Russia.

At "JUSDzhi Donnas" are not present such accurate division of ceilings into groups. There are simply separate models. So, having decided to buy ceilings of this firm, it is necessary to consider this circumstance and to ask the seller on properties of each model with predilection.

"Soft" ceilings from fiber glass of firms "Экофон" and «Aкусто" often name acoustic false ceilings. I underline: these firms specialise on manufacture of "soft" and acoustic ceilings. Plates perfectly absorb a sound indoors, therefore in the next rooms you will not hear. And here you can overhear conversations of neighbours with success. Not a ceiling, and simply find for the spy. A minus of these ceilings – monotony of design. Besides, "soft" plates as the cigarette filter, absorb all muck from air. Therefore after a while such ceiling turns yellow and even blackens. But acoustic ceilings perfectly resist to a moisture.

"Aкусто" sells the production at the price from 9$ / sq.m., "Ekofon" – from 10$ / sq.m. Installation will manage from 7$ / sq.m. and more.

Useful nuances

Computer calculation

In each solid firm or large shop to you by means of the special computer program will calculate quantity of plates and the elements of pendant system necessary for your premise. It will allow not to buy, first, superfluous and by that to save money. And secondly, you will not appear with a hole in a ceiling, "nedorasschitav" plates and rejki. As a rule, cost of such service is already put in the ceiling price.


One more interesting nuance. At desire if the equal surface tyres an eye, it is possible to make "chocolate" of any false ceilings. It becomes so: pendant system utaplivaetsja inside, and plates turn out convex as small squares in a chocolate bar, and each ceiling plate is edged. Such edge of a plate (step) is called "microonions" (microlook) or "tegular" (tegular).

"Trough" Fixtures - – an ideal variant for the big premises


In a false ceiling it is possible to build in though ten fixtures. And it is possible to insert instead of several plates fixtures of the same size, as plates (so-called fixtures - of "trough" with luminescent lamps). Or in each plate to do an aperture and to stick dot fixtures. As a rule, the serious firms trading in false ceilings, offer clients all equipment necessary for illumination.

Repair and dismantle

Repair and false ceiling dismantle are extremely simple. Are required: a step-ladder, a spare plate and three minutes of time. The spoilt plate is taken out, new is inserted. All. If you have not taken care of tiled "grist" when bought a ceiling set, anything terrible. Simply buy in addition one more box (usually in it happens on 14 or 16 tiles; if it is tiles of exclusive models, on 8 pieces). The unique problem – to find precisely same. Therefore, then not to suffer, remember (and is better write down) as that model of a ceiling which you have bought was called.

Pozharobezopasnost: burns, does not burn?

I was very much interested, for example, by this important moment. If you do not wish to burn with a dark blue flame, I advise necessarily to take an interest at purchase, the ceiling chosen by you concerns what category of combustibility. Certainly, all foreign manufacturers of tiled ceilings have the European certificate. But it does not release them from reception Russian: under our laws all building production should be certificated on conformity to the Russian norms of fire safety.

Sellers have told to me that tiled false ceilings of all firms presented in our market, get under most "trudnogorjuchuju" category Г1. It means that it is difficult to set fire to ceiling plates even a blowtorch, and they in general "will not notice" short circuit. Besides, plates practically do not smoke. Therefore it turns out that pendant tiled ceilings can be considered as an additional element of protection of a usual ceiling from fire.

For the house, for a family?

My brother anxious by double repair so was carried away by idea of installation of false ceilings that it has lighted up to buy them also in apartment. But I have dissuaded it.

All the same pendant tiled ceilings have been thought up specially for office accommodations. First, as not izgaljajsja, and design too official, not the house. Secondly, the false ceiling eats to 10 sm of height – agree, for typical apartments this simply inadmissible squandering.

From all pendant tiled ceilings named above firms-manufacturers of premises has taken care only "Aрмстронг". The firm lets out ceiling panels from a firm fibre specially for the house which and are called – "At home ("Doma"). Fasten without any skeleton: they are pasted directly on a usual ceiling, taking away only 1,3 sm of height or"are sewn"by a building stapler to wooden obreshetke (in this case you will lose a maximum of height of 5 sm). False ceilings for the house really look elegantly and home-style. But to name true their false ceilings, perhaps, it to is impossible. Why? And here about it we will talk next time...

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