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How to make a multilevel ceiling

We Will recollect, how it was. SHpatlevanie, izvest, vodoemulsionnaja a paint, whitewashing. Result always the identical: rovnenky (more or less), a white ceiling - the most habitual, quiet variant. New times have brought new technologies of furnish of a ceiling, and with them and its new decisions - multilevel. The first experiences were pitiable. Frequently all design of a premise was reduced to complicated tsirkulnym or to broken multilayered ceilings. Similar effects substituted for themselves working out of the author's concept of registration of an interior. For example, on a ceiling of one apartment the configurations reminding pyramids of Heopsa, the Great Wall, the Gold bridge in San Francisco and other miracles could adjoin simultaneously. Unjustified, eccentric ideas of authors of such ceilings withdraw so far that it is possible and not to return...

Today the hobby for the multilevel ceilings which have captured some years ago all architects and designers, apartments engaged in furnish, fortunately, behind. In itself this reception cannot be considered as a nasty taste sign. On the contrary, he helps to solve many aesthetic and technical problems. Designs have been compromised by only excessive hobby for them. For today the return tendency has prevailed: the most stylish interiors dare without use of levels above. And if they are applied, with careful study of drawing in the plan and exact calculations of height of a design. Raznourovnevye ceilings always were more element of premises of public appointment, than private habitation. Popular and extended they were made by occurrence in the market of tension ceilings and gypsum cardboard. These "flexible" technologies are rather cheap and practically have no restrictions on configurations.

How to make a multilevel ceiling

Roughnesses and defects of a base ceiling can become the Occasion to application of several levels. At times differences so are great that different ways to hide them it is impossible. For example, very bad there is a condition of old overlappings between floors. After dismantle of old partitions inappropriate beams and crossbars are found out. To level such decayed ceilings it is more difficult, than to camouflage their any additional

Sometimes within apartment it is necessary to hide central airs, electroconductings, air lines, freonoprovodov, pipes of water supply, heating. The multilevel ceiling can become "casing" for cover of technological elements.

How to make a multilevel ceiling Such ceiling successfully solves problems with space volumes. At dwelling reforming often there is a necessity at least visually to "lift" a ceiling. It can seem strange, but to experts well-known the following reception: in a modern interior the sensation of addition of space is created for the account podzhimanija separate sites. So, if in a hall ceiling level have lowered, and in a dining room have kept base at an input in it from a hall to you will seem that you have entered as though into the straightened space. Thus base level is allocated with illumination, colour or a structure. In one place have lowered, in another have lifted, as if have sustained a pause.

How to make a multilevel ceiling Zoning. In a context of the modern house such question, as allocation of separate zones is important also. In a special measure it is actual for the dwellings of new type equipped as open flowing spaces, making uniform plastic structure. We know that instead of former square-cluster system with narrow corridors designers and architects have entered the new. In it there are two basic zones: public and private. They can unite in themselves minizones - places for food intake, rest, works. It demands bolshej logicality of the organisation of space, bolshego isolation of each minizone. Indoors, where practically there are no walls, functional zones began to be underlined by furnish of a floor, walls, illumination.

And, of course, ceiling levels. For example, having lifted a head, we can see an oval repeating an oval of a dining table in a table zone. Or the bath allocated somehow differently, a bed, a winter garden, a bar rack, even "road" from one zone to another. As a rule, raznourovnevye ceilings "are supported" by a floor. It can be a podium, application of different materials for a floor covering or one material, but different colours (for example, a parquet and a tile, a parquet of two shades).

How to make a multilevel ceiling Even if behind a multilevel ceiling there is nothing to hide, to it address as to an interior ornament. Forms of such designs the diversified: classical geometry, gnutye, fantastic forms, curve and triangle combinations, differences of levels concerning base - three, four, five. It can be a stucco moulding, karniznye systems, simply abstract compositions. Imitation of constructive elements in a classical interior - one of versions multilevel slozhnosochlenennogo a ceiling. It is important, that these plasticity was dictated by something. Sometimes allocate levels with colour or imitation of any invoice, for example, old ceramics. You will fill the middle of a ceiling with colour, you will gain one effect, hardly you will black out - another, equal colouring gives the third. Such movement of semitones changes a plane.

How to make a multilevel ceiling Speaking about raznourovnevom a ceiling, we simply should tell about how it strongly expands light possibilities. It in this case more than light: "draws" an interior, gives it an intrigue and effect. It in general a theme, worthy separate conversation. The soft light which is filling in a base ceiling, otrazhenno "works" on all interior. Dot - highlights something which are below. Low lowered fixtures underline kamernost zones.

To Arrange correctly sources of illumination - business not idle time: they need to be hidden, but it is impossible too zaglubit, differently light will be insufficiently. Light should be a soft, absent-minded, shone contour.

How to make a multilevel ceiling Different levels of a ceiling plane are often applied at creation of art ceilings (with drawing, a stucco moulding, various "natural" and "atmospheric" effects). However, it is a separate theme of conversation. In the future we will necessarily tell to you about possibilities of art ceilings.

In an interior happens nothing casual, and one follows from another. As it is impossible to pull out page from the book so it is impossible to snatch out one any zone from a house context. That is why, working with multilevel ceilings, designers do not work in separately taken premise. Consider also you the ceiling as an inseparable part of the vital space, in a combination to furniture, walls, a floor. Professionals will help you with it.

a source: the Encyclopedia of repair and design of an interior

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