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the Ceiling in a bathroom

Recently in edition the call was distributed, and the exacting female voice on other end of a wire has strictly told: «Here you wrote about different ceilings. I do not argue, interestingly. But I and have not understood, what of them is better approaches for a bathroom?» It yes. Have missed. Therefore we hasten to clear a situation.

Clearly that any bathroom from simply room is distinguished by the raised humidity. I do not say that in it the direct hit of a stream of water in a ceiling »(it not I is possible« have thought up, so experts tell it). Means, ceilings in a bathroom should be moisture resistant and ready to any "direct hit". But a question, what "type" of a ceiling to choose? And the main thing – how not to be mistaken? I have called knowing people. All told a miscellaneous. But something the main thing I hasten to inform you.

the Ceiling in a bathroom the First. If with money not densely and in general you the conservative, it is possible to paint a ceiling simply. In building shops the special paint which and is called always is on sale:« Paint for damp premises ». But, at the worst, repairmen have told to me, and the usual oil paint too will approach. Such"colourful"covering will serve years 10. But only in the event that your neighbours from above – people sober and not suffering a sclerosis. In the sense that they do not forget to switch off water when leave the house. If to you has not carried and over you there lives outcast Petrovich or old forgetful babulja be ready. Because in case of a leaking the ceiling should be recoloured. But it, I repeat, – in case of force-majeur circumstances. And so ceiling painting manages cheap but good. However, understand, a similar variant – yesterday: not fashionably and anybody with it you will not surprise. And it would be desirable to surprise.

By the way, when to me have charged this theme, I, in my opinion, for the first time in a life have attentively looked at a ceiling in the bathroom. That I there have seen, me it became sad and uncomfortable (on a ceiling any bubbles and smudges were distinctly visible, and after all painted to us it not so long ago – only about five-six years ago). More shortly, I have made heroic decision – to replace the repeatedly krashennyj a ceiling with something modern. As a result of the researches I have come to a conclusion, it is necessary what to choose between false ceilings (tiled or reechnymi), tension ceilings and facing plastic panels. We, it is necessary to tell, about such ceilings already told in the previous numbers of our magazine. But I should choose! A question – as?

To Begin the researches has solved from pendant tiled ceilings. Though, to tell the truth, I have been almost assured, what they precisely cannot be hung up in a bathroom. Be as obliges at offices of the different companies, I long examined tiled ceilings. Also know, what impression always developed? That it is simply cardboard plates. Well, if and not cardboard it, I thought, such thin plates DSP. Already then I have learnt that tiled ceilings usually do of a mineral fibre. The word-combination «a mineral fibre» has for some reason caused at once in me association with artificial cotton wool. «Yes it all razmoknet through put-other. It will be even not necessary to wait, when neighbours will flood», – I thought.

Also was mistaken. Experts have amicably assured me that tiled ceilings quite suit a bathroom. An another matter that such ceilings too happen different: them distinguish from each other not only a material, but also quality, appointment and, certainly, the price. Therefore it is necessary to represent accurately, what plates will sustain the raised humidity and what – are not present.

I already said that plates of false ceilings do basically of a mineral fibre. As it was found out, it is similar to cotton wool only outwardly. Actually this material of water is not afraid. However, minvolokno – not a unique component of plates. Their structure includes still again processed paper, clay and organic additives. Here only a proportion of these "components" in each case the different. Understand: if, say, on a paper side, such plates it is possible to hang up overweight only in "dry" premises; if on the clay party – they quite descend for a bathroom.

So I advise at purchase to consult with sellers, their production is calculated on what humidity. Otherwise serious "hits" are possible.

Behind examples far it is not necessary to go. To take at least so-called ceilings of group "basis" – the most elementary variant which to you will be offered by the firms trading in tiled ceilings. "Basis" involves the ordinary buyer first of all with the low price – from 4 to 5,5$ for sq.m. But be protected! Alas, sellers (it is natural, it does not concern the large companies and dealers), as a rule, do not explain or simply do not know that ceilings "basis" maintain only 70 percent humidity. And, so, are not intended absolutely not for bathrooms. In the conditions of constant humidity they will really instantly lose fine appearance and will ugly sag. Moreover, even simply to wash ceilings "basis" follows well wrung out rag. They also approach, as a last resort, only for kitchen. So it is not necessary to pursue cheapness. Avaricious, as it is known, pays twice.

More shortly, after painful searches and meditations I have come to a conclusion that us functional tiled ceilings should interest only. And they, in turn, share on acoustic, hygienic and moisture resistant.

the Ceiling in a bathroom And so, for my bathroom moisture resistant ceiling plates – just that is necessary. These plates maintain 100 percent humidity, therefore perfectly feel on ceilings both in a bathroom, and in pool. The matter is that in moisture resistant plates, in comparison, for example, with "basic", proportions of components are changed: the maintenance minvolokna and clay is increased and the quantity of a paper and organic additives is reduced. And manufacturing techniques of these plates a bit different: them maintain in the furnace longer. And in general process of "batch" of ceiling plates in this case very much bears a strong resemblance to manufacture of a ceramic tile. In process of heating, as it is known, clay hardens and conglomerates. Therefore ceiling plates get some qualities of a ceramic tile some water, in particular, are not afraid. How it to check up in shop? Knock! The sound will be about same, as well as at a ceramic tile. By the way, even the name of this kind of plates at one of firms speaks for itself – "Keramagard" (Ceramaguard).

Outside such moisture resistant plates are painted lateksnoj by a paint that strengthens their surface even more. Besides they are steady against chloride steams (in our water of such muck, unfortunately, contains much).

– And how they behave at leakings? – I have taken an interest at the seller.

It has appeared unexpectedly knowing guy.

– Do not worry, the girl. Even at a serious leaking moisture resistant plates will be as it should be. They will incorporate a moisture. And if thus slightly will inflate – that in height, instead of at width. That is will not warp, and their size «at width» (60 h 60 sm) will not change. And when plates it is dried up, be assured: there will be no stains. However, there are such ceilings, clearly, more expensively, than same "basis" – 17 – 20$ / sq.m.

«The Beauty, – was delighted there was I, – means, I will just advise to our readers such plates. And, perhaps, too the purchase». But I have obviously hurried. It has appeared, not all so is ideal.

As to me have explained in other firm, traces from a leaking does not remain only in the event that neighbours have filled in you with pure flowing water. If water has appeared rusty or something "tinted" – divorces remain. Plates should be changed. However, as to me have explained, to make it easy: it is necessary to take out one plate from a skeleton and to put on its place another. It is good, if this "other" plate at you is in a stock. In other case it is necessary to run in shop. And not the fact that there will appear that is necessary.

Business became complicated. Oils to fire were added by my friend. It works in bank, and at them ceilings are just covered by similar plates. «You that, were stunned?! – she was surprised. – yes at them a kind absolutely state. They also have been thought up specially for office accommodations. And colour basically white».

«It is valid what to do?» – I reflected. Especially at me in a bathroom a blue tile. And a ceiling I want too the blue. Has done some shopping. I hasten to inform: my girl-friend categorically was mistaken! On sale there are plates of gentle pastel tones. They look just very not bad. But the question on humidity still disturbed me …

And I again have begun to search for other variants. Also has found. Besides tiled ceilings. Only these plates have been made not of a mineral fibre. And … from a steel.

Germans and Italians have especially succeeded In this business. Than steel plates are good? Clearly that first of all durability. Them it is possible to rub even very rigid brush – and will be nothing. It, certainly, plus. But I was "trapped" again by minuses: the colour scale of steel plates at the same German manufacturers is rather poor – to us offer white, chrome, "gold". Besides metal – a cold material, therefore on it will be formed a condensate. And to drops of water which have not up to the end dried out, the dust "will easily stick". In it, of course, anything especially deadly is not present. But it is necessary to wash metal ceilings is more often.

«Well and it is good, – I thought, – not the shirker, once again and pomoju, I will not collapse». But here new "ambush" was found out: such ceilings "will take away" from height of a premise 10 see

And to avoid it, alas, in any way it is impossible: in another way to mount such ceiling it is simply impossible. And that is why. The pendant system consists of laths. They also form a skeleton with cells 60 h 60 plates see Then thrust in these apertures at an angle – for this purpose and 10 centimetres are necessary. Certainly, well that who lives in "the Stalin" house with high ceilings. But not all so carries. At me, for example, ceilings very low, metre two and a half, at most. Means, it is necessary to search for other variants.

From the point of view of economy of space, for my bathroom quite could approach reechnye false ceilings. In this sense they it is much better, than a tiled variant. They "will eat" only 3 sm of height. And, if there is a possibility at desire (and if it is required) this distance can be increased. One my good acquaintance and has arrived. At them in the house ceilings just high enough. But in a bathroom there passes any ugly pipe which all life irritated his wife. Until they have not bought reechnyj a ceiling. Have lowered its centimetres on 20 and spokojnenko have closed a terrible pipe. Now all are happy.

It is a pity, such luxury not for me. Joyfully another: in premises with the raised humidity (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, baths, pools) experts very much advised to me to hang up reechnye ceilings. And no wonder. After all rejki are made of aluminium. And it does not rust and does not get wet by definition.

I vosprjala spirit. These ceilings also that are on sale in a kind reek different length (3 and 4 and width (30, 75, 85, 134, 150 mm) are good. So it is possible to find quite suitable variant for a bathroom of any size.

«So, interestingly, and how many it is necessary to buy?» – I reflected. «And you draw the plan of the bathroom, – sellers have prompted to me, – specify all the sizes long (length, width) and bring in shop. We will make« cutting », that is we will cut rejki the necessary length. However, for this service it is necessary to pay separately».

«How many?» – it is clear, I have taken an interest. It appears, in each case differently. For example, at an exhibition "Eskpostroj" where I also asked sellers, the master has informed that its work to me will manage from 80 to 100 roubles. In other place, probably, take more expensive.

the Ceiling in a bathroom It is necessary to choose colour. The colour scale reechnyh ceilings is various, the most running colours – all the same white, chrome and "gold". Here to whom that is pleasant. Personally I nevertheless have bought blue (under colour of the tile). And here on what really advised to pay attention: rejki happen smooth and punched («in a hole»). If to choose «in a hole», how to me have explained, in a bathroom will be not so boomingly and it is stuffy (consider that it some kind of additional ventilation). And still. To me have told that on smooth rejkah, as well as on steel tiled ceilings, the condensate that is especially appreciable on a chromic surface will gather. So besides it is necessary to wash such ceiling often. «Well, it just not the problem, – has again thought I. – it is more important to know, in how many such ceiling will manage».

Here, as always, all depends on quality. For most expensive reechnyj a ceiling I will give from 35 to 57$ / sq.m., depending on a thickness rejki, its covering and firm-manufacturer. Ceilings I can buy dollars for 20–25 more cheaply. And the cheapest "rejki" to me will cost 11$ / sq.m.

It would be possible to choose at once, of course, this variant and to calm down. But I precisely know that else there are variants. «Means, – I resolutely thought, – it is necessary to learn, what and to understand, in what their advantages and lacks».

It was unexpectedly found out that as a ceiling covering plastic facing panels quite will approach. We about them already told, but not in connection with ceilings. On the other hand, if to consider, what they at all are not afraid some water (are made of polyvinylchloride – better to say, from plastic) why not to build from such panels a ceiling in a bathroom?

Began to understand, porassprashivala knowing colleagues. And here that has learnt. Panels very easy and to mount them it is simple enough: workers will attach their screws or a building stapler to obreshetke. (Just in case I will remind: obreshetka are wooden brusochki which are screwed on a wall, and in our case – to a ceiling, on distance 40 – 60 sm from each other.) it is clear that plastic panels will not take away a lot of place: under obreshetku some centimetres "will leave" all. But another – plastic it is possible to wash the most important thing though ten times in the course of the day. And to be soared in a bath how many to a shower it is necessary: to panels from PVC it though henna.

The Prices too have pleased me – on the average from 8,5 to 15,5$ / sq.m. And colour it is possible to pick up any. But something nevertheless stopped me. For some reason it would not be desirable, that over a head (let even in a bathroom) plastic useful to health "loomed" not. Though it too a question at issue – that is more useful and more healthy. Probably, there is a great lot of proofs of my wrongfulness. But I will find out these details next time.

Is, the truth, so to say, an alternative variant – mirror stenovye panels. Too quite approach for "a sanitary" ceiling. They, strangely enough, too concern the category of the plastic. Are made of acryle and some glass and a moisture are not afraid in general. From PVC they differ From oblong panels that sell them square sheets. And as a rule, the size 124 h 246 h 0,3 I see have counted up, how many sheets are necessary for me and how many it will cost. It has turned out that for one such sheet it is necessary to pay nearby 100$. Has presented, as it will be beautiful, and already was has lighted up, but has there and then died away: no, such pleasure is too expensive for me. It is a pity.

And meanwhile it is necessary to choose practically there is nothing. Actually, in my "assortment" there were only tension ceilings. Here that really is not afraid some water and leakings! We already spoke about them in last numbers. And I know that they are made of a film of PVC and are capable to sustain to 100 litres on 1 sq.m. It means that even if water will start to be overthrown from above by Niagara Falls, it is possible not to worry – the enemy will not pass. The Miracle-ceiling will thus be stretched and becomes similar to a bubble filled with water. A question: how of it then to get rid and where it to put? More precisely how to merge? Very simply. To me have explained an operations procedure. It is necessary to cause from firm which established a ceiling, a brigade of masters. They bystrenko and without problems will pump out water.

«It is quite good, – I rejoiced, but the worm of doubt sharpened. – Somehow hlopotno I turns out, will be exhausted these masters endlessly to call – at us the top neighbours not sugar: no, and will fill in». It has appeared, all is thought over. If I will want, masters will establish a stopper that water could be merged independently in a ceiling. In problem half an hour any more will not be (water will dry up), and it is possible to go with quiet soul to row to neighbours. To look after such ceilings, it appears, too not a problem: has wiped a damp rag – and all.

I have almost dared. As these ceilings have one more "convenience". Establish them quickly enough, but, the truth makes it experts can only. Because, as to me have correctly hinted in firm, hardly among house stock there will be a thermal gun. And without this mysterious (for me, anyway) adaptations to pull a tension ceiling it is impossible.

«And how all this procedure occurs?» – clear business, I have become interested. Have explained. The scheme simple: on bathroom perimetre hang up a baguette, in it strengthen a cloth. Then by means of a thermal gun it stretches, as a drum. If houses high ceilings, it is possible to order a superfashionable variant, having made a skeleton any is bent-curved, wavy. «Will not go! – I have become sad. – at us ceilings low».

«Yes you do not worry, the girl, – the seller has consoled me, – for low ceilings we too have variants». Thank God. Well, then we will listen, what colour I can choose.

Coloring it has appeared much. But besides, it is possible to choose still matte or glossy. I was again was lost in day-dreams … And have understood that, alas and ah, again I will not pull. It is expensive to me: there are tension ceilings from 30 to 65$ / sq.m. Installation enters into cost. «But if you have money, do not doubt at all!» – have told to me in firm and, most likely, were right.

Because to find though one lack of these ceilings for a bathroom I and could not. The only thing at what especially choosy buyers can carp, – a material of which the ceiling is made. The PVC film, understand, a material not natural (as well as in a case with plastic panels). But if you glance in the hygienic certificate learn that this material is not unhealthy.

Well, and me what to do? Couple of days I painfully reflected, to what material for my "sanitary" ceiling to prefer. And nevertheless has solved: the purchase reechnyj a ceiling – and it is not so expensive, and to look after simply, and it is ecologically harmless, and looks nicely enough, as in the best houses. It would be possible to choose, of course, and tiled, but if it is fair, easy mistrust to it at me all the same remains. So, expensive readers, solve.

a source: the Interior of your House

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