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Wooden windows. Manufacture kleenogo a bar

For manufacture of wooden windows it is used special kleenyj a bar. We will allocate some production phases:

Manufacturing kleenogo a bar

Wooden window profiles are made by pasting of three bruskov. At shipovom merging separate, short bruskov it is the most easier to sort an unsuitable material for work (sm article «Defects of wood»). Besides, the technology of pasting of a bar allows to supervise more reliably quality and a structure of obverse surfaces of the future product that is the extremely important for quality reception of the subsequent colouring of a product. After rejection pasting and pressing process in a three-layer bar is made.

The Design of a three-layer bar prevents any curvature and provides firmness to the atmospheric phenomena. The three-layer window bar has higher durability in comparison with a window bar of the same section from a file. Besides, as to sklejki all defects of wood leave, kleenyj the window bar is more durable.

Special attention we wish to give to the glue selection, applied at bar manufacturing

The Basic requirements to applied glue:

  • Good getting ability;
  • high adhesion to the processed superficial wood layer;
  • high durability of glutinous connection (class D2-D3);
  • stability of glutinous connection to environment influence;
  • high plasticity otverzhdennogo a glutinous layer for prevention of occurrence of cracks in a glutinous seam while in service and at product machining.

Manufacturing of a window profile

The Following stage is transformation of a bar into the window profiles, the set section and the form, with sample of grooves under uplotniteli and accessories. In the course of manufacturing of details of windows humidity of saw-timbers is regularly checked. Humidity of wood for window elements should make 9-12%.

On durability of glutinous connections the great influence renders accuracy of processing of wooden details, accuracy of installation of accessories (hence, reliability of work), maintenance of dense installation shtapika and sealants. Competent assemblage is quality pledge, durability and reliability in operation of a ready wooden window.

Quality of processing of ready surfaces is characterised by a low roughness (high cleanliness) that provides demanded impregnation by antiseptics, good adhesion, ukryvistost, a first coat and colouring. Only at use hi-tech derevoobrabatyvajushchego the equipment and the tool can achieve high cleanliness of the processed surfaces.

Special processing

The Special condition for prolongation of service life of wooden windows is special processing of wood. In modern windows the new, scientifically developed methods of drawing of special non-polluting structures are applied. Equally increased requirements are shown to each stage of processing. Wood processing includes following stages:

  • Impregnation
  • the First coat
  • Colouring


Wood Impregnation interferes with formation and growth of fungi and other microorganisms, protects from humidity differences in wood, and it prevents probability of formation of cracks and deformations in a wooden window.

There are some ways of deep impregnation which prevent defeat of wood by decay.

  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Impregnation under pressure
  • a douche Method in the closed chamber
  • the Method of immersing or okunanija
  • Superficial processing

The Most modern is the method of vacuum impregnation. This kind of processing provides deep penetration and high protective effect. The impregnation basis is a colourless substance which especially deeply gets into end faces of a bar and keeps cellular structure of a tree. Thanks to vacuum impregnation the tree gets water-repellent property. The wood, processed thus, absorbs less moisture and dries faster, than the wood, processed under pressure or completely not not processed. At the given method of impregnation the circulating way of use of solvent is used. After vacuum processing wooden windows have service life more than 50 years.

the First coat

The Following stage of processing of wood, the first coat of wooden windows, or their processing lessirujushchimi coverings which incorporate a first coat (see more low) is.

Obligatory priming of surfaces is applied to creation of reliable coupling of the top coat layers with a painted surface.


Colouring is a definitive stage of furnish of wooden windows. Special covering paints or the structures showing natural beauty of the wood invoice are for this purpose applied.

Besides giving of decorative effect, colouring in addition protects wooden windows from humidity and facilitates care of them.

Colouring of wooden windows can be executed various methods, the most reliable and durable, the vacuum method of a dusting is. In certain cases colouring is made with use of electrostatic technology, is more rare – kraskoraspylitelja. Exists as a household way of colouring by means of a brush.

Lessirujushchie of a covering is a new system of furnish with use of two components: first coats and tolstoslojnoj azures, or a varnish. The azure possesses property to underline wood structure, and a varnish, on the contrary, to hide.

Last years, in a choice of colour of colouring many customers depart from standard white colour, preferring preservation of structure of a tree. Modern "know-how" of wooden windows allow tonirovat wood under valuable breeds of a tree. Thus it is absolutely unessential to cover a window with one colour from two parties, under the order colouring by different colours from two parties is carried out.

Paints of various manufacturers are applied To colouring of wooden windows. For today it is possible to allocate non-polluting system water-soluble akrilovyh paints Zowosan. These paints are very technological on a way of application, is unpretentious to conditions of production in comparison with many other systems, does not demand essential expenses for the equipment for application. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that for reception of high definitive quality of a covering of a product, nevertheless it is necessary to observe the basic elementary technical requirements to a painted material and sequence in uses of components of system.

The Basic requirements:

  • qualitative drying of wood;
  • radial raspil a material lameli an obverse surface of a bar;
  • observance of sequence of drawing of components of painting system from a first coat to a finishing covering.

Paint and varnish means of system Zowosan completely provide all work cycle of colouring of products, including chemical protection of wood against blue and a fungus, shpatlevanie, priming, egalizirujushchee (levelling) colouring by first coats, processing of seams, preliminary and basic colouring, and also removal of an old paint.

Advantages of system Zowosan:

  • stability to the Uf-sunlight and weather conditions;
  • absence of occurrences of yellowness of while in service painted products;
  • high elasticity of a covering (in 1,5-2 times above, than at alkidnyh varnishes);
  • possibility to refuse use of organic solvents;
  • pozharobezopasnost;
  • high getting ability and ukryvistost;
  • wide colour scale;
  • short time of drying under natural conditions.

Painting can be made as before assemblage (window details), and the ready window block. Painting of details has the advantages, since. Full processing of all details of a window is thus reached: the chosen grooves under accessories, and also end faces that is impossible at colouring of a window after assemblage.

It is necessary to pay attention, that paint traces were not on sealants since in this case they lose the initial elasticity. Arising damages of colouring very often turn out to be consequence rehumidifying which at a pine conducts to occurrence of fungoid diseases, and at other breeds of a tree leads to reduction of coupling colourful or a varnish coat with wood.

At colouring of windows breed of wood of which window profiles are made is usually considered. For example, all tropical deciduous breeds contain not enough pitch, therefore them usually paint in natural tone. It concerns and a fur-tree as its wood is inclined to formation of cracks.


In assembly shop to be made assemblage of details of a window, angular connections of window frames and covers are carefully processed by glue and fastened by the screws, special nails or to the help shipovyh connections. Glasses or double-glazed windows are inserted, the accessories fasten, are established uplotniteli. The window is ready.

Quality assurance

At the enterprises letting out really qualitative production there are test beds where to be made the control of conformity of a product to requirements of existing standards. To tests are exposed both windows already being in manufacture, and pre-production models.

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