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Wooden windows - the help in a choice

We Will consider, than modern wooden windows, differ from old traditional wooden windows. The first is a structure. In old wooden windows, we have got used to see two shutters, located two for the friend. They can be braided among themselves or are on distance 12-15 New wooden windows see represents one shutter with a double-glazed window. The shutter opens in any position, there is a possibility of winter airing.

There are still so-called "Finnish windows". They are similar to the windows of the old sample established in "Stalin" houses. They have the double shutters fastened by special accessories. In one shutter - a double-glazed window, in another - usual glass. Them very seldom do from kleenogo a bar, they cannot have a folding variant of opening, and that is important for women, it is necessary to wash not two planes, and four. If All of you will decide to put such windows, demand installation tsentrostaticheskih loops. Such loops cost much, on them usually save. Usual loops at such windows - are unreliable also to adjustment do not give in.

Indispensable conditions:

  1. the Material - three-layer kleenyj a bar. Thanks to it the bar "does not conduct" also a window will serve to you many long years.

    Wood - basically a pine from northern areas. It is easy for distinguishing on a cut: close annual rings, the dense invoice.

    More expensive windows become from a larch or an oak. Any type of wood differs with an arrangement of fibres, it probably to see at office on product samples.
  2. the Double-glazed window - two-chamber (consisting of three glasses) thickness not less than 36 mm. The double-glazed window is a tight design from three glasses, located one behind another. The space between glasses is filled with drained air, and on double-glazed window perimetre - vlagopogloshchajushchim a material.

    Thus, the double-glazed window represents the steady system essentially raising heat - and sound-proof properties of a window. Filling of a double-glazed window with argon or other inert gas and replacement of external glass on power saving up (K-glass, I-has flown down, etc.) reduces teplootdachu, but considerably increases cost.

    External glass happens shock-proof, even bulletproof, the double-glazed window with tonirovannym, figured glass is possible also.
  3. Dyes. One of revolutionary differences of a new wooden window from old - paints. Modern dyes reliably protect a tree from rotting and influence of weather and simultaneously allow to a tree to "breathe". It is non-polluting water planted varnish ZOWOSAN (Germany) which provides firmness of wood to influence of environment and reliably protects from premature destruction. Dyes allow as to underline tree structure (colouring "under a varnish" dyes on a water basis), and to choose any ukryvnoj tone and a colour shade.
  4. Accessories. almost all window accessories come from Germany or Austria. Distinctions between marks are essential only to experts, all it is reliable and elegant. Naturally, loops are obliged to be regulated.

So, the modern wooden window is a window from three-layer kleenogo a bar, thickness of 78 mm with a two-chamber double-glazed window 36 mm, equipped with povorotno-folding accessories.

It is necessary to choose only. In what difficulty of a choice?

Here a number of criteria:

  • professionalism of the personnel and knowledge of technological process;
  • competent orientation at the price of wooden windows;
  • quality of the presented samples and an additional complete set (window sills, otlivy, moskitnye grids);
  • manufacturing term;
  • the contract maintenance.

the Price

As to the price on the most running variant of a wooden window - from a pine with povorotno-folding opening - the price varies from 175 to 220 dollars for m sq. If the price falls below 140-150 dollars for m kv, means have saved on something essential, or have replaced qualitative components on erzats. Especially often it occurs to a bar: as for check nobody saws a ready window, to a course there are every possible poor-quality grades of wood.


It is possible to judge quality on appearance of a wooden window. The criterion is extremely simple: it is pleasant – it is not pleasant. If you have paid attention to the paint flows, slantwise adjusted shtapik (a very narrow lath, krepjashchaja a double-glazed window on perimetre), raw joints - all it is inadmissible and it is necessary to reflect, on how many long such window will please your eye.

manufacturing Terms

To make a qualitative wooden window it is required not less than 3 weeks. If to you offer smaller terms, means there is a probability that your windows will be made with infringement of technological process

the Contract

On what is necessary to pay attention:

  • Directly on the sample of a wooden window;
  • check up the accounting of your order given by firm;
  • attentively see descriptions and drawings zamershchika by quantity and type of opening of wooden windows. The carelessness will manage expensively - a window will make such by what it is represented on the scheme. Specify colour of accessories, presence moskitnyh grids and other accessories.

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