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Furnish of slopes

Furnish of apertures by plastic slopes is understood as performance of following works:

  • plaster of the hollows formed as a result of dismantle of an old frame and an old window sill;
  • otbivka in case of need an old plaster coat;
  • heater making directly under a slope;
  • zadelka cracks from outside streets a cement-sand solution or silicone;
  • installation of directly plastic slopes.

the Choice of a way of furnish of slopes

The Firm the Window in the XXI-st century has conducted careful research of ways of furnish of slopes. Are as a result brought to your attention the review of technologies and materials used for furnish.

  1. Plaster slopes - the Window aperture is plastered with the further painting. Lacks: Discrepancy of materials - a plaster mix can be never strongly connected to PVC a frame, it will necessarily lead otsloeniju a plaster slope from a plane of a frame of a window (there will be a crack between a surface of a frame and a slope surface). Presence in a plaster slope of layers having different factors of volume expansion (compression) can lead rastreskivaniju the slope, owing to the non-uniform internal pressure caused by seasonal differences of temperatures (on a thickness of a slope).
    Absence in a plaster slope of materials possessing good teploizolirujushchimi properties, increases probability of overcooling of an aperture in the lowered seasonal temperatures. Massive overcooling of an aperture, leads to overcooling of the window and its elements (shtapikov, a double-glazed window etc.) that causes condensate loss on a surface of a double-glazed window and elements of the window even at humidity of 55-60%. We consider inexpedient furnish by plaster slopes of apertures of PVC of windows.
  2. Glutinous slope - the Most simple way of manufacturing of a slope. Thin or cellular plastic is pasted on a finished surface, thus a slope not warmed that conducts to it promerzaniju and to condensate formation. Also such way of fastening of plastic is not reliable and is possible it otsloenie, as a result of thermal expansion/compression of a material.

    Conclusion: This way of furnish is unacceptable.
  3. Slope from cellular plastic (panelita) - At observance of some conditions (use of assembly profiles, slope fixture on rejku, warming by mineral cotton wool) it is possible to finish with this material successfully a window aperture, but only at use concerning expensive panels of manufacture of Belgium, Holland. Cheap panels of domestic or Chinese manufacture have a number of lacks (change of colour of the panel in due course, edges of rigidity appreciable on an obverse surface) which do impossible their application for furnish of slopes. Besides panelit has restriction on width to 25 sm, therefore if depth of an aperture more 25см, panels are necessary for joining that conducts to appreciable decrease in aesthetic characteristics of a slope.
  4. The slope from thin plastic of the gypsum cardboard pasted on sheet - a lack of such method is high labour input of works, unreliability of the glutinous connection, insufficient stability of gypsum cardboard to a moisture that can entail its destruction.
  5. the Slope from sheet plastic in the thickness 8-10мм - the qualitative slope, at warming by mineral cotton wool possesses good teploizoljatsionnymi properties. A lack: high cost of a material.
  6. the Slope from the unilateral sandwich-panel - at the good aesthetic characteristic of a material, it does not possess sufficient rigidity for performance of wide slopes. The slope can cave in to "play".
  7. The slope from bilaterial sandwiches-panels - outwardly concedes nothing to a slope from integral sheet plastic in the thickness 10мм, thus has higher warmly - both sound-proof properties and smaller cost. These sandwiches-panels are specially made for installation of slopes and are an ideal material for furnish of a window aperture.

The Best material for furnish of slopes is bilaterial the sandwich-panel, therefore we use in our work only this material (even for superficial apertures) since we value the reputation and we give to our clients a quality guarantee of our slopes.

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