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Care of plastic windows

You are a happy owner of plastic windows. To estimate all advantages of modern windows and to keep them for many years in an ideal efficient condition will help you observance of simple rules:

  1. Regular airing of a premise

    Windows from PVC-PROFILES differ high tightness and in the closed condition pass not enough air. Therefore, the moisture (especially on kitchen) which can drop out on double-glazed windows in a kind zapotevanija and a condensate, and at strong frosts - lengthways shtapika in a kind naledi indoors collects. For the prevention of the similar phenomena, it is necessary to air regularly, first of all, a premise for humidity decrease (optimum humidity of a premise - no more than 55%) that does not demand additional expenses or to establish system of ventilation or the conditioner. That the internal surface has flown down did not mist over, do not block a stream of warm air from heating radiators to glass. As the loss reason kondesata installation of too acting window sill which disturbs to uniform warming up of a bottom of a plastic window serves also. zapotevanija it is a lot of reasons. Besides non-observance of a mode of humidity of a premise the variant installation of horizontal jalousie directly on glasses of plastic windows is possible. In avoidance of a congestion of a condensate, hold during their winter time opened as it is possible longer. For wooden windows installation of jalousie is extremely nezheletelnym a variant. If from plastic the condensate can be wiped elementary with a tree it not so that is simple. The moisture is absorbed through a paint in a tree and conducts to deformation shtapika.

  2. Care of a frame from PVC-PROFILE

    PVC is unstable to acid solutions. Therefore the frame is necessary for cleaning by means of a usual soap solution, or by means of the special washing-up liquids which are not containing solvents, abrasive substances or acetone. On care of plastic you can get such special means in our company. Means is put by a soft linen fabric on a surface of a frame and leave before full drying. Then a frame pound a dry or damp napkin. Do not suppose blows on external surfaces of a frame and drawing on it of scratches.

  3. Care of rubber sealants

    Uplotniteli are made of a modern material which, nevertheless, is subject to natural ageing. For prolongation of term of its operation,
    I.e. preservations of elasticity and ability to detain any draughts and downpours, it is necessary to clear one-two time a year them of a dirt and to wipe special means. Use for processing well absorbing fabric. After that consolidations at your window remain elastic and water-repellent.

  4. Care of the window handle

    If the window handle has become loose, it is necessary to raise a decorative lath being under it, to turn it from vertical position in horizontal and to tighten screws. Your handle is again strongly fixed.

    As to accessories qualitative windows are supplied special zapornoj by accessories from which it should not be simple efforts at the correct reference. It is reliable and convenient in use, allows to open windows in two planes, entirely to plough up or open as a transom. For this purpose it is enough to turn zapornuju the handle in the necessary direction. We will remind substantive provisions:

    - The handle settles down vertically, downwards - the shutter is locked by the free end;
    - Horizontally - the shutter is opened for raspahivanija;
    - Vertically, the free end upwards - the shutter opens as a transom;

    All operations with the handle should be spent without excessive efforts!

    That the accessories of your windows pleased with non-failure operation, once a year process its mobile knots greasing, for example, "SPEZIALZETT".

    Attention! In order to avoid troubles all operations with zapornoj the handle spend only at the closed shutter. Infringement of this rule at times leads to breakage of the mechanism or shutter loss.

  5. the Drainage system

    In each plastic window are provided water taking away
    Channels for a conclusion outside of a moisture accumulating in it. Water taking away channels are located in its bottom part of a frame; they can be found out easily, having opened a shutter. It is necessary to watch a condition of these channels, and from time to time to clear them of a dirt.

  6. Care of accessories

    Your windows established in the company, are equipped by high-quality accessories.
    For increase in term of its use and preservation of faultless appearance follows not less than 2 times a year to oil all moving components, not containing acids or pitches and not destroying protection against corrosion.

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