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the Complete set of plastic windows

Window sills

The Window sills established to modern windows differ from habitual to us the form and an applied material. Their characteristics:

  • Firmness to blows and scratches
  • Vodoottalkivaemost
  • Vodostokost
  • Thermal stability
  • does not contain some formaldehydes
  • Simplicity of leaving
  • Firmness to influence of chemicals (household cleaners)

The Strong cellular design of a window sill practically is not subject usadke and has low factor of thermal expansion.

New window sills, at the expense of rigidity edges, have raised prochnostnye characteristics that allows to establish them even as thresholds under balcony doors.

Modern window sills are unreceptive to influence of a moisture and microorganisms that allows to maintain them in premises at infringement of norms of humidity and temperatures (crude houses and industrial premises).

The Window sill is easily mounted and dismantled. It is practical and easy in operation.

The Firm laminated surface differs high firmness to scratches and blows.

In the given calculation we have standardly applied window sills in width 200мм white colour of a domestic production though according to your desire we have possibility to establish wider. Window sills are issued from 200мм to 700 mm. Also in assortment there are window sills of German firm Moller.

To wooden windows window sills in the thickness 40мм, made of a pine, specially processed by paint and varnish covering ZOWOSAN of white colour are completed. The various colour scale is possible.


Otlivy are established outside on windows and intended for water drainage.

We offer three kinds otlivov: from zinced became, otlivy with poliesterovym a covering, aluminium otlivy.

Otlivy from the zinced steel are made by a method gnutja of a strip of the unpainted zinced steel. It is the most simple and economic variant

Zinced otlivy, with poliesterovym a covering are made by a method gnutja of a strip of the painted zinced steel. For colouring the paint on the basis of polyester is used.

At present the company offers white or brown zinced otlivy, covered with polyester.

Standard width from 90-360мм.


  • Keep aesthetic appearance for an appreciable length of time;
  • Inexpensive;
  • manufacturing otlivov to 430 mm is possible different width.

Aluminium otlivy are made by a method gnutja of an aluminium strip and are painted by a method of a powder dusting. An internal surface otlivov progruntovana a white paint.

Standard width from 90-360 mm.

The Basic advantage of aluminium outflow that it:

  • Possesses high rigidity;
  • Racks to influence of an atmospheric precipitation;
  • Racks to differences of temperatures;
  • Keeps accurate appearance throughout tens years.

In the given calculation we completed orders with the zinced outflow 150мм. If necessary you can choose any of the offered variants.


After installation of PVC-WINDOWS by a following stage there is a furnish of slopes.

Performance of following works is meant furnish of window apertures:

  • dismantle of an old plaster coat (necessarily);
  • warming of an internal slope;
  • installation of slopes;
  • installation of a decorative plastic corner;
  • zadelka a joint under a window sill;
  • zadelka an assembly seam outside (necessarily);

Slopes from sandwiches-panels

The Panel represents two firm PVC-SHEET in the thickness of 1,5 mm between which is penopoliuritanovoe filling.

The General thickness of sandwiches-panels – 9 or 12, 24мм.

The Slope from bilaterial sandwiches-panels in comparison with a slope from cellular sheet plastic 10мм has in the thickness higher warmly - and sound-proof properties.

Advantages of the given variant of furnish of slopes also concerns:

  • Provides ideal paroizoljatsiju;
  • Has long service life;
  • Gives fine appearance;
  • It is practical;
  • It is convenient in leaving.

Protivomoskitnye of a grid

Protivomoskitnye of a grid are used at airing and intended for protection of premises against insects, poplar down and a large dust.

The Product consists of a white or brown aluminium framework and the grid of grey colour strongly tense on a skeleton.

  • the frame is executed from ekstrudirovannogo an aluminium profile, the powder polymeric paint protects a profile from corrosion, is steady against atmospheric and chemical influences.
  • a cloth of a grid from proof polymers that provides durability of a product.

The Maximum height protivomoskitnoj grids makes 2200 mm in the event that the product height exceeds 1400 mm, it has a cross-beam on the height middle.

We offer demountable from within premises or rotary protivomoskitnye grids (for the balcony doors opening outside).

Demountable moskitnye grids

Fasten on a window by means of special arms. They do not demand special leaving, and also are easily dismantled on a winter season.

Rotary moskitnye grids

Differs from stationary that it at any moment, if necessary, can be opened.

The Terminator of turn of a shutter

The Terminator of turn of a shutter represents small "уЁхсхэъѕ" which fastens under the handle and allows to regulate shutter opening in four positions as povorotno, and povorotno-folding.

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