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New profile KBE with ecological compounding GREEN LINE

«KБЕ Green line» corresponds to the highest ecological standards and allows snow-white frames KVE (KBE) to resist longer to a bad weather, keeping the matte silk shine.

In the course of manufacture of profile systems “KBE Green line” harm to environment is not done. For it call also requirements of the Commission of the European Union on preservation of the environment according to which till the end of 2005 Europe reduces lead use in the manufactures.

The Stabilizer Calcium-zinc (CaZn) was known for a long time as harmless, however long time to scientists was not possible to give to a plastic profile necessary durability. Only recently this problem has been solved by experts KBE and other marks of concern profine GmbH into which enters KBE. In concern since 2000

"The know-how" of profiles on the basis of the stabilizer Calcium-zinc was improved and the statistics how “Green line” - the most harmless windows in the world, behave in a real life, instead of in vitro is collected. Both tests, and a life behind windows of the test centre have proved that harmless plastic windows from a profile "Green line" is an idea of the future.

At a certain stage lead was of use

Fine service also was an element which did windows durable. But there is no such thing which could not be improved. Now the lead place was occupied with Calcium-zinc (CaZn). It not simply replaces lead. It essentially improves quality of windows.

Windows "0-…‡ Green line":

  • In the aggressive atmospheric environment are more durable, than usual.
  • profile Surfaces «KBE Green line» distinguish silk matte shine.
  • Parameters of a thermal protection of the profile
    Systems "-…‡ Green line" allow to reach level of standards of the passive house (a new progressive step in window osteklenii).

By material preparation the information placed on a site of company KVE

has been used

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