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Digression for the potential customer

Certainly, having worked in the market of plastic windows many years, we know with what difficulties our Customers face at attempt to buy a window. The greatest problem is a problem of a choice. Newspapers and magazines dazzle with the information on various profiles of PVC and first it is almost impossible to understand. The consumer fill up with the technical terms which have become outdated and new SNIPami and gostami, and also bajkami about competitors literally. The buyer, reading and listening to all successively, any more does not know as it to be.

On this page we will try to explain and describe a current situation in the market how ourselves know it and we understand, and also we will discredit some (alas!) naive representations about the plastic windows, developed at the potential consumer.

The Organization of sales, and, especially, manufactures demand advertising huge time and material inputs. Naturally work of sellers means some share of slyness, but it is not necessary to think that you meaningly deceive. Nobody is going to detain orders, to bring to you not that you ordered, not to get at size, etc. - to anybody these problems are not necessary and, of course, all would like, that all went smoothly. Especially, it is interesting to nobody to disappear with your money. All are engaged in real business, and already it is a lot of years, and to work normally and fairly much more easy and, eventually, more profitable.

Now about myths of plastic windows!

A lot of fantastic about plastic windows our consumers from advertising and newspapers have gathered. We result the most widespread:

  1. Windows at all do not pass a cold in apartment.

    Actually any window is let out more heat from your premise on street, than by any wall. In an ideal, the warmest houses – houses without windows. Only such houses are necessary to nobody. There are no also absolutely warm windows. Modern windows allow to keep as much as possible heat in comparison with the old wooden. Modern windows possess powerful system of consolidations that leads to that from windows does not blow. A back is necessity to air a premise for humidity reduction.

  2. Windows completely suppress all street noise.

    First not completely, secondly not any. Noise from a tram under a window, jackhammer blows, a powerful transport rumble - these low-frequency noise though are strongly weakened by correct windows with correct double-glazed windows, but will be all the same audible. And high-frequency noise are absorbed much better. Subjectively, if without figures noise does not disappear at all, but decreases very essentially.

    What double-glazed window to establish to try to get rid of it? If at you under a window the Garden ring, that is sense to put double-glazed windows with raznotolshchinnym glass of 4 mm + 5 mm + 6 mm., it gives additional effect at the expense of partial elimination of the phenomena of a resonance. Besides there is a sense to break a window on bolshee quantity of small parts since the big glasses are more subject to a resonance. Also good protection is installation kleenogo glasses – triplex, or double-glazed window filling with inert gas (argon, kripton …)

  3. In a double-glazed window - vacuum.

    If in a double-glazed window and the truth there was a vacuum atmospheric pressure would press glasses in a double-glazed window, paternal they simply would burst. Actually at pasting in a double-glazed window some depression is really created that glasses nestled on a framework more densely. However it not vacuum in the standard understanding.

  4. Windows are absolutely tight.

    Tightness of windows is limited to their ability not to pass draughts. The advertising gimmick with manufacturing of an aquarium from windows is known. Really, unsophisticated consumer beats on the spot. However usually do not explain that without special hermetic sealing by plentiful obmazyvanija all design waterproof hermetic, it will be not an aquarium, and a thin bucket.

  5. The thicker a double-glazed window, the better.

    It not absolutely so. There are some types of heat exchange - by radiation, a way konvektsii and by heat conductivity of environment. The most simple example of heat exchange by radiation - the sun. A heat conductivity example - it is not necessary to catch at the metal handle of a frying pan - it hot though the flame heats not the handle, and a frying pan. Konvektivnyj heat exchange is connected with heat carrying over together with air (the warm rises - cold falls). In this case along internal (warm) glass air rises, and its place occupies cold, fallen downwards on the way along external (cold) glass. Thus between glasses circulation of air which successfully transfers warmly outside, and a cold inside is formed.
    This kind of heat exchange gives the greatest teplopoteri. That circulation was not, distance between glasses do small. There is a radiation and heat conductivity of air, and it, as it is known, an excellent heat insulator. Thus the distance between glasses has some optimum (10-16 mm), and its further increase does not lead to improvement of thermal characteristics of a double-glazed window. Therefore usually do not do double-glazed windows about 4 mm by glass in the general thickness more than 44 mm for two-chamber and more than 24 mm for single-chamber (the Interstate standard "Double-glazed windows kleenye building appointment. Specifications."). By our experience, optimum for Moscow on a parity the price-quality is a two-chamber double-glazed window (3 glasses). For reception of higher teplosberegajushchih properties usual glass is replaced with the K-glass, capable to reflect a part of thermal radiation back in the house.

  6. Than thicker a profile, the more in it of chambers - the better.

    it is senseless to increase a thickness and complexity of a profile, and so it teplosoprotivlenie on the average twice more than at a double-glazed window. So if the window will be chilled - it in any case will be chilled on glass! And such frosts that the profile was chilled, at us simply does not happen. Do not allow to hammer to itself in a head every possible "design features" and "technological novelties". Three - four- or a five-chamber profile - all it practically will not affect in any way properties
    Your windows at operation. The profile can be made easily though ten-chamber and to put in a window though ten contours of rubber sealants - the matter is that it simply is not necessary. Not casually any serious manufacturer does not dare to take a great interest in similar cheap advertising gimmicks. The standard scheme - the three-chambered profile, two contours of consolidation and a two-chamber double-glazed window (and here it is really useful) is an optimum variant. All profiles of the main European manufacturers are made so. Also do not trust not so correct statements of managers of some firms: PROPLEX, KBE, REHAU, VEKA etc. is worse nothing and it is not better each other. Choose any known European manufacturer - will not lose.

  7. the Profile of PVC ecologically harmful.

    When we drink tea, pouring it from a plastic teapot, either we eat yoghurts, or we pour juice to the small child in a plastic small bottle, we do not reflect on harmful properties of PVC. Solid firms-manufacturers (including KVE) completely will certificate the production in sootvetstivii with the Russian standards of GOST-river There is also the hygienic certificate informing that profiles are harmless and certificated for application in housing construction without restrictions.

  8. Windows stand 40$ for square metre.

    As to the price. Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, unfortunately, this principle does not know exceptions. If you were adjusted to replace windows, be ready to that they will not be very much cheap. The present cannot and, the main thing, qualitatively made plastic window to cost cheaper sovok stoljarki, a line product any DSK. The prices for windows at all basic Moscow manufacturers about the identical. If to you somewhere offer much more cheaply - something means there not so, it is suspicious. Windows - expensive and long-term purchase, they should serve reliably many years, therefore save superfluous 200-300$ and a year or two from now again all to change (and such cases to us are familiar) hardly it makes sense.

    Never make the choice, being limited to data on cost of a certain abstract square metre of a window. Be not too lazy, measure at least approximately the windows, be defined with their configuration, with an arrangement, quantity and the sizes of shutters, window leaves, transoms etc.,
    Call in firm and count your order. (It is ridiculous, but some sellers continue to use an old advertising course - instructions of the price without the VAT - remember and it). Do not forget to specify in how many to you installation and delivery of the ordered windows and all necessary complete set to them (window sills, otlivy, transitive profiles, etc.) will manage.

    Windows from plastic represent difficult enough design consisting of several tens of different components. For this reason their price, unlike such materials as the carpet covering, cannot be defined on the area. Nevertheless, till now in many advertisements there are phrases, type "from 50$/sq.m.", "from 40$/sq.m." or even "from 33$/sq.m." Is thought, to you it should be obvious enough that it simply advertising, and a key element here is not figure, and a prefix "from...". Basically for 33$/sq.m. it is really possible to make a window, but, absolutely precisely that it will be not that window which is required to you. On simple examples, we wish to show you a principle of formation of the price for plastic windows.

    The price pays off the special computer program considering all - how many what profile will go on your window on your sizes, how many and what accessories (up to samorezov), how many glass, and even how many hermetic for double-glazed windows and linings under them.

    We urgently recommend to you to operate as follows:

    Make gauging your windows. It is not required to the big accuracy. The exact sizes will be removed by our engineers.

    Be defined with a design of your future windows. They can repeat an old design, and can and differ. However, if your windows have (for example leave on the Garden Ring or Tver) - the general configuration and colour (usually white or brown) it is necessary to keep any architectural value. Non-observance of this requirement can lead to problems with the services which are carrying out architectural supervision.

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