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Of what plastic windows


The Characteristic of windows of PVC:

  • the High indicator on a heat-shielding and a noise isolation
  • Are steady against all kinds of the atmospheric phenomena
  • Are durable
  • Are harmless
  • Are fireproof
  • Completely exclude draughts
  • Fine appearance
  • Ease and simplicity in circulation
  • do not demand special leaving

And than modern wooden and aluminium windows differ from the plastic?

All modern windows if they are qualitatively made, have excellent operational characteristics. The difference between them is shown in details. For example, wooden windows are very beautiful, but roads. Aluminium windows perfectly approach for osteklenija balconies or loggias, front osteklenija office buildings, winter gardens. And here for apartment they look too coldly.

Plastic it is really safe?

All profiles presented in the market are absolutely safe. PVC (polyvinylchloride) surrounds us everywhere: home appliances cases, children's toys, handles, syringes, teapots) So fears are vain.

And of what the window consists?

Any window consists of a frame, a shutter, accessories and a double-glazed window. We will tell about some professional terms:

The Frame – a motionless plastic part of a window on which shutters


The Shutter – an opening part of a window

The Double-glazed window – the glasses tightly fastened among themselves. Can be odnokamarnye (2 glasses) and two-chamber (3 glasses)

Accessories – all devices providing opening of shutters. Lock-out and fixing in any position. Naprmer, handles, latches. Zapornye mechanisms etc.

The Reinforcing profile is the steel element which is in PVC of a profile, for maintenance of rigidity of a design of a plastic window.

Impost – a profile which is used for visual division of a design into parts. Can be vertical, horizontal, inclined

Shtapik – plastic rejka, keeping a double-glazed window in a window.

Outflow – a flat and wide profile, fastens outside of a window for tap of rain water.

The Slope - the flat and wide profile used for furnish of lateral surfaces of a window aperture.

What colour there are plastic windows?

Standard colour of a plastic window – white. Such windows perfectly look in most cases. If the special design you can choose a colouring under what or breed of a tree is necessary for you. For colour giving on a profile the special film is welded.

Whether the Truth that service life of plastic windows of 40 years?

The Truth. Tests have shown that the majority of plastic profiles even is exceeded by 40 conditional years of operation.

Whether It is possible to make plastic windows of irregular shape?

It is possible. Windows can be made arch and round, trapetsievydnye and triangular. And if you wish to decorate the house with something absolutely non-standard, in it you will be helped by a combination of various colours, forms and additions in the form of a decorative apportion with a double-glazed window, tonirovannye, figured glasses, stained-glass windows

Whether Really the plastic window will provide a heat-shielding and a noise isolation?

The Heat-shielding and a noise isolation depends on a design of a double-glazed window, the characteristic of a profile and quality of installation. Experts have defined that the optimum double-glazed window should consist of 3 glasses. The profile design should be three-chambered. It is meant quality of installation how much carefully slopes are closed up.

Whether I Can simply come in office and buy a window?

All windows are made individually, considering the sizes of your aperture and a configuration of a plastic window. For this purpose having called in office, you can co-ordinate convenient time for arrival of the engineer which will make necessary gaugings of a window. After that under drawings, the manager counts cost of your order.

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