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the Reasons of breakages of plastic windows

More 10 years ago in the Russian market there were plastic windows. In the early nineties the market only has started to be formed and frequently manufacturers did not give a proper attention to quality of production and that is especially important, to service life both plastic windows, and separate elements. After the lapse of several years one firms were closed, others opened, therefore, the promised warranty service in the contract of plastic windows has lost the force. On a long-term operational experience of our company in the window market, to us are good problems which owners of the plastic windows established many years ago face are known. Most often meeting from them is a replacement of sealants, adjustment, installation of the folding mechanism and many other things.

Similar defects as a rule are caused by following reasons: manufacture marriage, wrong installation, misuse or application of cheap and poor-quality accessories

1. Wrong manufacturing

the Kind of windows technology Infringement Consequences
Any windows (PVC, a tree, aluminium) Wrong distribution of remote linings under a double-glazed window Sagging of shutters
Reciprocal laths of accessories on a frame do not correspond to the locations of moving pins on a shutter. Accessories elements on a shutter are incorrectly joined. Leaky prileganie sealing linings, breakage of details of accessories on a shutter or a box. The pulled out fixture, leaky prileganie, double opening of povorotno-folding shutters.
PVC Windows Is absent, the steel amplifier in the PVC profile is incorrectly chosen or established. The parity of width and shutter height does not correspond to possibilities of the profile system specified in the catalogue. the Deflection of a window frame, leaky prileganie sealants, and as consequence, ineradicable sagging of shutters.
Wooden windows Use of poor-quality wood. Badly glued shipovye connections of shutters Deformation of the window block leaky prileganie, breakage of elements of accessories. Sagging of shutters, separation bruskov.
Double-glazed windows the Poor-quality sorbent or hermetic.

Manufacturing of the double-glazed window exceeding the sizes admissible

Zapotevanie of glass in a package.

Slipanie of glasses (a muddy stain).

2. Wrong installation

technology Infringement Consequences
Installation of the window block ┬źnot on level┬╗ (crookedly) shutter Grinding at closing, otzhim shutters from a box at closing, leaky prileganie, breakage of details of accessories.
Bad hermetic sealing of assembly seams (a place prileganija windows in an aperture) In vodootlivnom a trench rain water accumulates and proceeds in a premise.
the Deflection and a warp of a window frame Blowing off, a mould on slopes

3. Misuse

is not made
Infringement of service regulations Consequences
Hit of building dust on moving details of a window. It is impossible to make accessories adjustment at a shutter procorf
it is not made regular (1-2 times a year) greasing of moving details of accessories. accessories Jamming, breakage of details
care of a sealantsealant Presenilation, penetration of cold air.

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