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the Cores sostovljajushchie windows

In designing of modern windows the huge role is played by application of the newest technologies which allow to calculate each knot and all system as a whole for conformity to a number of requirements.

Each element has certain value for all windows as a whole. The formula of a typical window includes four basic components:

  • frames
  • glasses
  • accessories
  • uplotniteli

We Will consider more in detail appointment and features of these components.


With the advent of plastic windows our lexicon was enriched with one more word meaning "profile". Actually, profiles are components from which the window design is created:

) actually a frame (a motionless part of the window, that "box", which remains if to remove from loops all that acts in film);

) shutters (all that hangs on loops and that it is possible to open);

) the additional components of a window design intended, for example, for tap of rain water from window (outflow) or used for accurate furnish of lateral surfaces of a window aperture (slope), or keeping a double-glazed window in a frame (shtapik) etc.

Profiles make today basically from three materials: a tree, plastic (PVC) and metal (usually, aluminium). They are issued as in the pure state, that is executed of one material, and in any freakish combinations, for example, metal with plastic.

The Tree - a material for us habitual and is good itself recommended. The tree perfectly protects from a cold and unnecessary noise. It is strong enough material. Ecological compatibility of a tree it is good all it is known. However, very few people reflects that this ecological compatibility can be reduced easily on "is not present" poor-quality paints, varnishes and impregnations. Wood demands serious preliminary processing and rejection, wooden windows therefore cost expensive, than time in two is more expensive, than the same windows, but with a frame from PVC. Even more expensively elite windows from valuable breeds kleennoj wood - an oak, the European beech, mahogany.

Occurrence of plastic windows has pressed wooden frames from the market. PVC (polyvinylchloride) - practical, strong, durable, and an inexpensive material. On heat - and to soundproofing properties it does not concede to a tree. Besides now PVC becomes ecologically safe even at a manufacture and recycling stage.

The matter is that recently there was a compounding «green line», introduced on all manufactures of DM KBE. The technology assumes use exclusively "bessvintsovyh" the stabilizers created on the basis of non-polluting connection calcium – zinc (CaZn). In Germany windows from such safe plastic meet new requirements of the Commission on preservation of the environment of the European Union according to which till 2006 manufacturers of PVC-PROFILE should reduce application of lead connections considerably.

The Aluminium frames, different the raised durability, it is the most expedient to use for window apertures of the big sizes, for example, for stained-glass windows and osteklenija balconies. Aluminium badly keeps heat, but there were now the technologies, allowing to make metal "warmer" - by means of various warming inserts. Before aluminium practically was not used in housing construction, despite the durability and durability. Windows from an aluminium profile with warming inserts (so-called "warm") stand, as a rule, as much or a bit more expensively, than from a qualitative tree, and from pure aluminium (so-called "cold") - even is cheaper.

The Basic characteristics of a profile are its width and quantity of chambers. The last concerns only plastic and metal profiles which, unlike wooden, represent hollow multichamber elements. On quantity, the sizes and an arrangement of chambers in many respects depend durability of a profile and it teploizolirujushchie properties.

For an aluminium profile of presence of simply hollow chambers as, for example, in plastic, it is not enough from the point of view of effective power savings. Therefore a metal profile by means of isolating crosspieces compulsorily "break off" on two parts, and hollow chambers fill teploizolirujushchim with a material.

Plastic profiles differ not only higher heat-shielding properties, but also that give in to clearing and washing is easier.

From the point of view of constructional decisions manufacturers of plastic windows are more in advantageous position. For their manufacture the great number not only the basic, but also auxiliary (dobornyh) elements is issued. It expands architectural possibilities of PVC-WINDOWS and simplifies their installation. The windows collected by means of these elements, can have almost any forms (from rectangular to difficult arch), colour and style decisions, and also any type of opening.


The Double-glazed window are the two or three glasses tightly connected on a contour so it is formed one or more chambers filled with air or inert gas by argon. The double-glazed window keeps warmly much better glasses in separate covers, and the dirt or a dust does not get to interglass space.

Glasses happen different: sun-protection, protecting from violent penetration inside, reinforced, tempered - with the raised durability to blows, a heat (will not burst at a fire), teplosberegajushchee etc. In these glasses polymeric or metal coverings are used any.

Accessories and uplotniteli

Accessories are handles, latches, zapornye mechanisms and other devices which provide opening of shutters, their fixing in any position or lock-out.

Modern furniura allows to depart from habitual opening of windows. There was a povorotno-folding way of opening of a window when the same shutter, at certain position of the same handle, it is possible to open and as a usual window, and as a transom. It gives the chance to avoid manufacturing of window leaves habitual to us.

Condensing linings have on joints between a frame and a shutter. It gives tightness of all design and protects: in the winter - from a cold, and in the summer from a heat.

At will of the customer, the window can be completed protivomoskitnymi with grids, jalousie and rolstavnjami, and also ventilation systems.

But not only on accessories depends, as your window will look and how much it can correspond to your requirements. Rather important nuances are also qualitative assemblage and installation of windows.

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