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Advantage of plastic windows

At each customer, wishing to change old wooden windows on new, there is a question: whether “to make good repair existing stoljarki more cheaply, than to buy a new plastic window?»

If All of you have decided to leave an old window kachestvenyj repair means following kinds of works: full removal of long-term stratifications from all surfaces, replacement of the fastening rusted corners, restoration of the rotted through sites of a frame, shpatlevku, a covering drying oil and, at last, painting, replacement old crumpled otlivov, and also restoration of window sills.

We Will result some arguments in favour of replacement of old windows by the new plastic:

1. Absence of draughts

Probably, house draughts — frequent sources of illnesses and the reason of additional expenses for heating are familiar to all of us. Absence of consolidations at old windows well familiar to us, the big admissions at their manufacturing create cracks through which in a premise cold air arrives.

Whether It is possible to get rid of draughts? It appears that is possible and it is completely not difficult. In many countries new modern tight windows already are for a long time applied. Resistance vozduhopronitsaniju modern windows at 15-22 time above, than old, made on traditional technology well familiar to us.

2. the Good thermal protection of plastic windows

The thermal protection is influenced by such parametres, as a thickness of a window profile, quantity of chambers in it (for PVC) and in a double-glazed window etc. We will compare our old windows with modern and again we will see the considerable superiority of modern technologies.

3. Fine sound insulation

One more problem which does not allow to us to sleep easy: external noise. If your house is located in territory with noise 75-85 dba, i.e. In an industrial zone or in city centre, about brisk lines, or you simply do not wish to be well informed about a night life of vicinities, it is necessary, that windows provided sound insulation 25-35 dba. It is one more argument in favour of new window designs.

4. Convenience of use

Instead of the old, badly painted locks the qualitative modern accessories which not only aesthetically look are established, but also have weight of functional advantages: for example, window opening in two planes and a mode of "winter airing».

5. Modern design of plastic windows

To you will offer set of variants of colour furnish of windows, both from within, and outside, and also some variants of colour of accessories.

Possibility of the order of additional accessories: protivomoskitnyh grids, otlivov, window sills, furnish of slopes and decorative external furnish.

Durability Guarantees: a guarantee on a double-glazed window — 25 years, a long-term guarantee on a design of a window and 5-10 years on accessories (depending on accessories type).

More low we wish to tell about some moments to which it is necessary to pay attention, if you, nevertheless have changed old windows for the new.

Condensate Formation in interglass space testifies about rasgermetizatsii a double-glazed window. It is necessary to address to the manufacturer — a double-glazed window are obliged to change free of charge if guarantee period has not ended.

If zapotevanie occurs from outside premises is testifies to the raised humidity in a premise and-or the lowered temperature of a surface of internal glass of a double-glazed window. As a matter of fact, this consequence of bad ventilation of a premise.

The idle time (not always the most effective) a way of struggle against the raised humidity — regular airing of a premise. Further, if probably, it is necessary to eliminate sources of the raised humidity and to adjust ventilation system.

If to consider that windows are made and established without evident defects for rise in temperature of a surface of internal glass of a double-glazed window not bad to provide unobstructed inflow of warm air from heating radiators to a window — to clean from a window sill all superfluous, to move apart curtains (jalousie), to remove decorative screens from radiators etc.

publication Date: 10/10/2005
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