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Double-glazed windows. Ageing of double-glazed windows

The Most widespread in manufacturing of double-glazed windows is float-has flown down. The glass made by this method, is characterised by uniform thickness, fine quality of a surface, absence of optical defects. The double-glazed window occupies almost all space of a window. Therefore operational properties of a design substantially depend on quality of manufacturing of a double-glazed window as a whole. The cheap double-glazed window can appear expensive trouble (zapotevanie inside and outside of a double-glazed window, promerzanie, effect of a draught even at densely closed doors). The double-glazed window consists of two or more glasses which are divided by an air or gas interval and are tightly connected on a contour by means of a special (remote) framework.

Such original stekljanno-air "sandwich" provides to modern windows excellent heat-shielding and sound-proof properties.

The Remote framework which divides glasses in a double-glazed window, is cut, as a rule, from an aluminium profile. This hollow framework is punched. The special substance — a molecular sieve which absorbs a moisture from space between glasses is inside fallen asleep. Thereby it is prevented zapotevanie glasses in a double-glazed window. The new moisture inside will not get, as all block from double-glazed window end faces is filled in with hermetic.

Double-glazed windows can be one - two - three-chambered. What does it amount to? The chamber in this case is understood as an interval (air or gas) between glasses. Thus, the single-chamber double-glazed window consists of two glasses with air space between them, the two-chamber double-glazed window includes three glasses.

Besides, double-glazed windows have different width (24 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, 42 mm). Power saving up properties stekpopaketa depend on quantity of glasses and their kind. So, for example, on an inside of a single-chamber double-glazed window with usual glasses the condensate is formed already at-8°S, on two-chamber — at-18 "With, under condition of maintenance in optimum temperaturno-vlazhnostnogo an operation mode.

So the double-glazed window choice completely depends on requirements which are shown to it by the customer. It is necessary to notice that the choice of a design of a double-glazed window can be limited by features of profile system and specifications on concrete window manufacture.

Power saving up and shumoponizhajushchie properties of double-glazed windows can be improved at the expense of application of special kinds of glass.

As have shown researches, the basic share teplopoter is necessary on thermal radiation. So-called power saving up glasses have been developed for reduction of this kind of radiation.

Giving to glass of power saving up properties is connected with drawing on its surface nizkoemissionnyh optical coverings. Such coverings provide passage to a premise of a short-wave sunlight, but interfere with an exit outside of long-wave thermal radiation, for example from the heating device.

Now two types of coverings are used: "firm" (k-has flown down) also "soft" (i-has flown down). For reception of the first type nizkoemissionnogo glasses it is direct at manufacturing on its surface a method of chemical reaction the thin transparent covering possessing heat conductivity is put. Such coverings allow to lower losses at the expense of radiation approximately in 7-8 times in comparison with pure glass. Glasses concern the second type with the coverings put by a vacuum dusting. They allow to reduce radiation in some tens times.

Nizkoemissionnoe during the heating period "returns" glass in apartment from 70 (k-has flown down) to 90% (i-has flown down) the thermal waves proceeding from heating devices. And reflects a thermal infra-red part of a sunlight in the summer. As a result in the winter in a room becomes warmer, in the summer — is more cool.

Besides, for fall teplopoter it is possible to fill a double-glazed window with inert gas. In the closed space between glasses there can be drained air or inert gas, for example argon or kripton.

Can seem that inert gas in a double-glazed window — no more than expensive excess. Actually gases more dense, than air create in a complex with glasses the layered environment from which, according to acoustics laws, the most part of sound waves is reflected. That is sound-proof properties of a double-glazed window with inert gas above, than at its colleague filled with air.

As gas has higher density, the losses of heat occurring for the account konvektsii and teplootdachi in a double-glazed window, decrease. Thus, heat-shielding characteristics of a double-glazed window with inert gas it is better, than at a design filled with air.

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