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a Variety of a windowpane

Besides a usual windowpane, there is a number of the glasses different under the characteristics. We will consider some kinds of glasses:

Float-has flown down

The Most widespread kind of glass received by a float-method at which has flown down at an exit from the fusion furnace pours out on a surface of the fused tin and then arrives through a cooling zone on the further processing. Float-has flown down it is characterised by exclusive flatness and absence of optical defects.

the Reinforced glass

Glass with a metal grid, safe and pozharostojkoe. At a fire forms an effective barrier on a way of a smoke and hot gases. At a fire can burst, but the armature all the same will keep glass on a place, constraining fire distribution.

the Laminated glass, or triplex

This glass consisting of several layers of glasses, laminated together the special film, different high durability, or a special laminating liquid. At destruction of glass it remains on a film. For this quality triplex name «safety glass». The Primary goal of triplex — to interfere with violent intrusion. Besides, triplex reduces danger from scattering splinters or falling glass (glass breaks, but remains in a frame). The laminated glasses promote protection of a premise against harmful influence of ultra-violet beams (protect from burning out furniture, wall-paper, etc.). Multilayered glass also is capable to reduce influence of undesirable noise effectively.

Sun-protection glasses

The Glass, capable to reduce propuskanie light and-or solar thermal energy. Such glasses are, for example, the glasses painted in all weight with colour: bronze, grey and green. And also some glasses with coverings.

Figured glass

The Sheet glass, which one surface has decorative processing. Figured glass happens different colours, drawings, a various thickness, can have various svetopropuskaemost.

Selective glass

Glass which has a covering possessing low radiating ability (nizkoemissionnoe). Teploizolirujushchaja ability of selective glass is much better, than usual. Solar short-wave thermal radiation gets through glass well, and aspiring to come to light long-wave radiation is reflected from a surface back. It is possible to put a selective covering simultaneously with process of manufacturing of glass or a method of a plasma dusting in vacuum.

the Tempered glass

Glass at which by chemical or thermal processing durability to blows and temperature drops raises in comparison with usual glass. At destruction the tempered glass breaks up to small safe splinters.

"Soft" self-cleared glass

In 2002 English firm Pilkington has presented the first-ever self-cleared glass. Pilkington Activ it is made by a method magnetronnogo a dusting, its basic part is the thin transparent covering oksida the titan. Under the influence of ultra-violet radiation this material provokes the chemical reaction decomposing organic connections on a surface of glass. During a rain all dirt is washed off. Thus, this kind of glasses does not require clearing by special means.

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