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As establish plastic windows

What occurs from the moment of a call of the engineer-designer?

The Most responsible work is assigned on zamershchika. Often customer of concept has no, of what at it walls are made. And especially does not know that is in the wall. Therefore simply to call on firm and to describe the window insufficiently. The initial sizes, that is height and width of a window aperture, uninitiated it is, of course, capable to measure. But to understand all forthcoming amount of works the expert can only. And the qualified professional.

Therefore be not surprised, if after dismantle of old frames the sizes of new frames and a window aperture not absolutely coincide. And it is completely not obligatory that zamershchik in all it is guilty. Even the expert not always can predict, the aperture after will break out old frames how much will increase. After all at dismantle of an old frame pieces of plaster, a brick fall out of walls and teploizoljatsionnogo materila. In general if the such has occurred, assemblers will always find, how this business competently to correct. And to make it they should free of charge.

With what process of installation of new windows begins? First of all zamershchik leaves on object (that is to the customer home). There takes the definitive measurements of a window aperture, defines complexity of installation (considering a floor, house type, curvature of apertures). After that the customer goes on firm, makes out the contract and pays window and installation cost. By rules it is possible to do payment and stage by stage. Then it is necessary to be defined with terms of manufacturing of a window, to plan date and installation time.

After a while ready windows get to you home. Now actually installation also begins. It can be begun this very day, but more often assemblers cause next day. As a rule, installation is stretched for two days.

The First day is devoted the basic work: remove old frames and insert new, fix them, close up joints. Then establish window sills and otlivy. Check accessories (whether well windows otkryvajutsja-are closed). And only after that the certificate of taking-over of works subscribes.

The Second day is a furnish of a window by plastic slopes. This service includes directly furnish, wall warming, zadelka a joint under a window sill and hermetic sealing of assembly seams from street.

So, we have understood that in the course of installation of windows two parties – the customer and firm (in the name of assemblers) participate. For descriptive reasons we have represented sequence of their actions on this scheme:

I stage. Preparatory

Occupies from 3–4 days (if the PVC profile) and till 2–3 weeks (an aluminium and wooden profile):

The CUSTOMER cамостоятельно measures windows on height and width of an old window;

The CUSTOMER chooses window firm (on advertising or under the recommendation) and does the order;

The CUSTOMER in firm chooses the sample of a window (the form, a profile, a double-glazed window);

The CUSTOMER together with the adviser define the preliminary price for services (including that enters into a set) and agree about when will arrive zamershchik;

The CUSTOMER waits for the house zamershchika from firm which takes professional measurements of windows;

The CUSTOMER goes on firm and concludes the written contract on installation of windows;

The CUSTOMER pays the account (it is possible stage by stage, the first stage – from 70% of a total sum);

The CUSTOMER in expectation of windows prepares a field of operations (dims a floor a hardboard and a film, removes furniture from a window);

The CUSTOMER accepts in the appointed day and hour new windows at home (installation process, under the arrangement, can begin in day of delivery). The customer is obliged on a waybill to accept a window and their accessories with survey of their appearance and quantity.

II stage. Actually installation

On one window leaves from 2 o'clock:

ASSEMBLERS remove from shutter loops;

ASSEMBLERS break out old frames from a window aperture (after them will take out on a dump);

ASSEMBLERS release a new window from double-glazed windows and hinged shutters (there is one frame);

ASSEMBLERS insert a frame into an aperture and verify on a vertical plumb and horizontal level;

ASSEMBLERS drill apertures in a frame and a wall for the future fixture on window perimetre;

ASSEMBLERS fix a frame by means of fixing elements (samorezov, ankernyh bolts or plates);

ASSEMBLERS return shutters and double-glazed windows in a frame;

ASSEMBLERS germetizirujut a joint between a window and a wall by means of foam;

ASSEMBLERS establish outflow (an external window sill);

ASSEMBLERS establish a window sill;

ASSEMBLERS regulate accessories

III stage. Zadelka an aperture

Works are made next day after installation when foam will dry up, occupy 2–3 hours:

ASSEMBLERS finish slopes with plastic panels, zashtukaturivajut joints outside if necessary;

ASSEMBLERS delete a protective film from profiles (at will of the Customer);

ASSEMBLERS hand over to the owner work;

The CUSTOMER accepts work, signs the certificate about taking-over of works;

The CUSTOMER if any part of works or quality of a product remained unsatisfactory is obliged to sign the certificate of delivery-acceptance with transfer of all admitted defects. To phone to firm and to specify term of correction of defects.

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