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Bay windows

The Term "bay window" designate (the Bay window name) the part of a room acting from a plane of a wall, supplied with a window or several windows or glazed on all perimetre. A bay window ("Erker") – a German word which can be translated as "lantern", «a ledge in a wall», etc.

The Most part planned (and even volume-spatial) schemes of bay windows has simple geometrical forms (semicircular, rectangular, triangular), and only in certain cases their form differs randomness of outlines.

Each bay window, irrespective of its planned scheme and height, has the basis perceiving efforts from useful loading of a floor and protections and transferring them on system of the basic bearing designs of buildings; a protection consisting of walls and svetoproemov, and, at last, a roof. With the advent of the bay windows covering on height two and more floors, there was one more constructive element – interfloor overlapping.

Bay windows can be designed both with bearing walls, and with not bearing. Bearing walls of bay windows establish on the independent base and project similarly to designs of external walls of a building. Not bearing external walls of bay windows opirajut on special console plates of the overlappings having the form of the plan of a bay window and jammed in walls with overlappings of a building.

Console plates have basic and planimetric edges. The bottom and top overlappings of bay windows which are elements of external protecting designs, warm.

Windows in a bay window or under standard corners 135, 90 degrees or if the corner differs from resulted the connector with an adjustable corner is put Incorporate.

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