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Balcony doors

Under shown requirements (a thermal protection, sound insulation, etc.) balcony doors correspond to the requirements shown to windows. On the design and materials balcony doors also should be identical to windows adjoining them. Feature of balcony doors is the bottom adjunction of a door to an overlapping plate, with the obligatory device of a threshold.

Balcony doors as well as windows, can be made of a tree, aluminium, PVC, fibreglass. We Will dwell upon features of balcony doors on the basis of PVC-PROFILE.

Balcony doors from PVC - a profile

Balcony doors are carried out, usually, from the same PVC-PROFILES, as a window. The maximum sizes of balcony doors in various profile systems can have some differences, but, as a rule, for one-casement doors they lie in limits: for doors from a white profile - 100х235 sm; for doors from a colour profile - 80х215 see

If doors two-folding (raspashnye, with shtulpom) at definition of as much as possible admissible sizes, it is necessary to consider influence of wind loadings on shtulpovyj a profile. In such cases, admissions in the sizes depend, for example, on on what floor the door (as wind loadings increase, depending on height) is put.

Profile systems for balcony doors of any essential technological or constructive differences from window systems have no. However, some developers of systems specify that at weight of a double-glazed window more than 40 kg cutting of the intensifying loose leaf from a steel it is necessary to make at an angle 45 degrees and as it is possible more close to a corner that all screws of fastening of loops got to metal.

The Most often meeting lack of balcony doors which brings problems in accessories work is a deflection of a long vertical profile. The reason of a deflection of a profile in a direction to ostekleniju, is, as a rule, that in corners the profile is cut with a little smaller, than 45 degrees, a corner. It can occur even at exact installation raspilovochnoj cars and to be caused geometry of the profile. To eliminate a profile deflection probably, by installation of an additional remote lining (provided that the fold will not be tightly blocked).

The Most frequent reason of a deflection of a profile in a direction from osteklenija are too big distances of linings under osteklenie on corners. The same sort the deflection can appear, in case of the excess of as much as possible admissible size of shutters specified by the supplier of system. In this case, profile gluing to a double-glazed window by means of silicone can render some help.

For protection of the bottom profile which is carrying out a role of a threshold, aluminium overlays are used.

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