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Accessories. Additional functional abilities

In modern designs, besides the basic elements providing reliable opening and closing of a window, the special details which are giving the chance considerably to expand functionality of accessories also are developed. We will consider some of them more in detail:

  1. the turn Terminator. Provides reliable fixing of a window in extreme open position. In addition established brake gives to a window shutter stability in any open position.
  2. the Latch. Interferes raspahivaniju or zahlopyvaniju shutters a flaw.
  3. Slot-hole provetrivatel. Provides long besskvoznjakovoe airing, expanding a range of functions of povorotno-folding accessories. The element can be applied, allowing to depressurize a window for the account otzhatija the top part of a shutter on 1,5-2 mm, for maintenance of a natural exchange of air indoors.
  4. The povorotno-folding terminator. Provides individual airing in 4 various positions. It can be used also on a rotary shutter. There are two kinds of terminators of turn of a shutter on the big corners. The first kind of terminators of turn allows a shutter to open on constantly set corner (that did not fight about a slope). The second kind of terminators of turn allows to open and fix a shutter on different corners by means of handle turn.
  5. a turn Stopper. Excludes raspahivanie windows. The shutter can lean back only. The element can be put, allowing to open a shutter on 5 sm and to fix it in this position. The same element can be used for restriction of access of children to an open window.
  6. Plastic decorative overlays. Various plastic decorative overlays make possible an individual choice of registration under the form and colour. On all visible parts of accessories decorative caps can be dressed. These caps can be white, brown, golden and other colours, and also can be varnished in any colour chosen by the customer.
  7. Framuzhnye scissors. Give stability wide framuzhnym to shutters. Can be established both from above, and sideways. For washing the shutter can easily be hung out and then back be hung.

An Element, allowing to raise the shutter which has sagged at closing.

Also electrodetails are applied to window accessories also. They serve for following purposes:

  1. airing is automatically regulated. Time and duration of airing through the cast away shutter can be programmed for a week forward.
  2. Special electromagnetic devices trace closing and window opening. At unapproved opening of a window, the contact element works and sends an alarm signal. It can be established at wooden, plastic and aluminium windows.
  3. Special electrooptical devices trace closing and window opening. At the cast away window, device contact is connected with the device of giving of alarm. It can be established at wooden, plastic and aluminium windows.

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