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Accessories. The general data

Cрок services of all windows and doors depends on the accessories established on them. And it is not casual, after all it is one of the major components of plastic, wooden and aluminium windows, reliability and stability of work of a window depend on quality of its work as a whole. The window should maintain the big loadings, to be convenient in service, to have protivovzlomnuju protection, and at the same time to look easy and attractive. As one of elements of a design of the window, all accessories it is subordinated to the uniform kinematic scheme that allows to distribute and compensate loadings influencing a shutter optimum. Thanks to it the favorable mode for work of details and mechanisms with various forms of loading is provided.

Today the accessories market is various enough. Firms from Western and the Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries are presented, to South East Asia, the USA and Canada. The greatest distribution was received by accessories of firms-manufacturers from Germany. Such widely known trade marks as AUBI, Maco, Roto, Winkhaus, G-U, Siegenia, etc., differ a high class of execution and high reliability, and also provide various ways of opening and lock-out.

In designs of accessories of various marks the modular principle is realised. It is easy for seeing on an example of a complete set of a povorotno-folding window. From all variety of details and mechanisms it is possible to allocate four groups which form "the base module":

  • The basic mechanical drive (the basic lock);
  • the top loopback group;
  • the bottom loopback group;
  • group of mechanisms transferring movement through a corner.

Depending on the sizes of a concrete window and individual requirements, in this base module various additional elements which considerably will expand functionality of a design as a whole can be added. The modular concept of accessories allows to adapt easily it for various marks of a profile with the least expenses.

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