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That such modern doors?

As it is known, doors serve for the message between separate premises of a building or between premises and external space.

The arrangement, number, the sizes, a design and design of doors are influenced by following factors:

  • a functional purpose of a building and its separate premises;
  • special technical requirements to separate premises;
  • architectural style of a building and separate premises;
  • human streams in public buildings.

Except the functional purpose, a door play large role in architectural registration of a facade and an interior.

At all times architects, at designing of buildings, gave great value to entrance groups in buildings and gave particular attention to their working out. Placing of doors, the sizes of apertures, forms of crosspieces always remained the important problems facing to architects in the course of designing. For scale perception of buildings the great value was given to harmonisation of doors with window covers. So facades which thanks to the general harmonious impression reflected taste of time were created, and in our today's concepts represent certain style. Except strong influence on external shape of a building, a door in the solving image influence quality of an interior and comfort of habitation. During absolutely recent times realisation of plans of architects in respect of the form, colour and the sizes of doors represented a vital issue in Ukraine. For new houses our masters projected beautiful facades, with elegantly drawn doors, but in a reality their manufacturing, with rare exception, was reduced to poor tiporazmernomu to a number from series and gostov, to execute something other our industry was simply not in a condition. At reconstruction of old houses, doors, as a rule, were not replaced, and only recoloured.

Modern door technologies allow to solve This problem: new wooden, from aluminium and PVC of profiles give to a door really boundless architectural possibilities.

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