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Inside doors

What is the inside doors for public buildings and than they differ from the doors applied to premises?

Certainly, first of all, requirements shown to these doors which are defined by a premise functional purpose where the given doors will be established:

  • Doors for offices should possess the raised sound insulation, to be convenient in operation and to correspond on design to the general idea of an interior;
  • Hospital doors should meet the requirements of hygiene, possess the improved isolation, silently to be closed, equipped germetizirujushchimi with linings;
  • School doors should be durable, their surface should be steady against mechanical influences, easily wash;
  • Hotel doors should combine durability, firmness to damages and a good noise isolation, with the improved external registration. Under the special requirement, they can be equipped with mechanical and electronic systems of the divided access, and also to carry out a role of the fire-prevention;
  • Warehouse and store doors should possess the raised mechanical durability, to differ the simplified design and cheapness;
  • Doors for special premises have the special requirements.
  • Doors for crude premises. The doors intended for damp and crude premises, are exposed, as a rule, high, and sometimes and to long hydrothermal loadings. In such cases, doors from a tree and wood materials are absolutely unsuitable. The important components of similar designs of doors are plastics which are used as a covering. poliuretan for frames and polystyrene for a basis, with the stabilizer, and also the closed profile from plastic, is created by ideal preconditions for long operation of similar doors.

Also it is important, that all used door boxes, coverings of loops and loops were suitable for application in crude premises. It is recommended to establish boxes from a corrosion-proof high-grade steel. In quality zapornogo devices will approach special locks with an external plate from stainless steel, the copper case, with a clip and the plug for the handle from a pure brass.

Doors for public buildings, generally, should possess the raised sound-proof qualities. To reach it, it is possible giving special attention: to the special decision of a door cloth, a joint between a box and a wall, to consolidation between a box and a door cloth, to the device of a threshold or application of special sealants.

Important points, at a choice of inside doors for public buildings, the design, a material of a cloth of a door and a material of external furnish are. Of what only models of doors manufacturers do not offer, flexible plastic doors and doors with leather furnish, to a door with a surface from an extra-strong laminate, and even a door of the unusual spherical form.

Not less important correctly to choose a way of opening of a door. In this question at architects and designers - the sea of possibilities, they can choose any of necessary variants of opening who is required for an embodiment of their plans: raspashnoj, sliding (with various variants of movement of shutters), collapsible.

Sliding doors, and at times and the whole partitions (the side between a wall and a door is practically erased) give to the architect huge possibilities on a lay-out of internal transformed space of a premise, introducing with itself new philosophy of the decision of an interior.

It is necessary to notice that profile doors take a special place in interiors of public buildings. Very often they are applied, as a component of partitions from system profiles. Possibilities on various ways of opening, fine work in a role automatic, does this type of doors irreplaceable in passages, shops, showrooms, etc. For the offices which interior is solved in modern style, these doors also are fine addition.

Inside doors for public interiors can be executed from a tree, a steel, glass and system profiles (from PVC, fibreglass, aluminium).

About doors from all listed materials we already wrote above, except for doors from glass. Last decade tselnostekljannye doors find more and more wide application.

For doors without obvjazki glasses not less than 8 mm with the processed edge and the subsequent training of all cloth are used in the thickness. As a rule, the edge is processed in the form of a trapeze, and then is exposed to qualitative polishing. Quality of processing of an edge of a door cloth, and accordingly and quality of processing of necessary apertures at doors, influences, both on thermotraining process, and on appearance of the product.

Transparent and colour figured glasses are applied To manufacturing tselnostekljannyh doors transparent and tonirovannye in weight of glass, and also. Requirements on safety cause necessity of use as a material for tselnostekljannyh doors of thermally tempered glass, so-called glass of safety.

Tselnostekljannye of a door can be raspashnymi, collapsible, sliding, and also automatic. Similar doors visually unite some premises in uniform space, at the same time, limiting access, and also serve as a sound-proof barrier.

The Interesting example of sliding glass doors or is faster even than partitions system DORMA HSW (firms DORMA) is. The system represents a set of the glass panels, capable to form a partition of the set design and, in case of need, to move in special parking space. Each lateral panel can be used as a pendular door, parking zones can be located in any convenient place. For moving of panels it is not required directing in a floor, and each mobile panel can be fixed in necessary position by means of latches and locks.

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