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Entrance doors

Functions of entrance doors are known to everyone. But thus they are subdivided on types, depending on their arrangement in a building. The most widespread entrance doors are doors in apartments, however, plastic, wooden or aluminium doors do not approach on a number of technological features. Such doors find the application in country houses, shopping centres, shops and industrial premises.

To external doors increased requirements on zvuko - and a heat-shielding are shown. A material of which doors are made and a material of external furnish should be steady against adverse external influences: to a rain and snow, a wind, differences of temperatures, ultra-violet radiation. Entrance doors, both external, and internal, should provide necessary safety.

Durability of doors - the requirement necessary, but demanded service life as, are defined by premise appointment, and desire of the customer. For external doors the customer, most likely, will want to have door which will serve it as much as possible long (in a comprehensible price range), and here for interernyh doors, all depends on how repeated updating of an interior soon is planned.

Requirements to appearance of doors, external furnish, rassteklovke, to colour, are dictated by a plan of the designer and necessity to enter a door in an interior or a building facade.

Requirements to balcony doors sharply differ from requirements to all other door groups. Technical characteristics for balcony doors should be the same that at windows which they adjoin. In detail, requirements to windows are stated in the Bulletin II The present series.

In the standard literature not so many the general requirements concerning doors. We bring to your attention short sample from operating, for today SNiPov.

SNiP II-3-79*

Standard air permeability Gн, kg / (м2, protecting designs of buildings and constructions it is necessary to accept according to SNiP II-3-79* :

Protecting designs - Air permeability Gн, kg / (м2, no more

Entrance doors in apartments - 1,5

Windows and balcony doors of inhabited, public and household buildings and premises in covers: Plastic or aluminium Wooden - 5,0; 6,0

Windows, doors and gate of industrial buildings - 8,0

With a view of reduction of losses of heat during the winter period at designing of buildings and constructions it is necessary to provide consolidation pritvorov and folds in fillings of apertures.

Demanded resistance to heat transfer Rотр of doors and gate should be not less than 0,6 Rотр walls of buildings and the constructions, defined on corresponding formula on SNiP II-3-79* at the settlement winter temperature of external air equal to average temperature of the coldest five-day week by security 0,92.

SNiP 2.08.01-89*

Staircases and liftovye halls should be separated from premises of any appointment and poetazhnyh corridors dvermi, equipped zakryvateljami, with consolidation in pritvorah. It is supposed to provide the glazed doors, thus in buildings in height four floors and more - with the reinforced glass.

Corridors in residential buildings between ladders or an end face of a corridor and a ladder should be divided partitions with dvermi, equipped zakryvateljami.

SNiP II-12-77

In Normalized parametres of sound insulation of protecting designs of inhabited and public buildings, and also auxiliary buildings and premises of the industrial enterprises are an index of isolation of air noise protecting design Iв, db, and an index of the resulted level of shock noise under overlapping Iу, db.

Increase of isolation of air noise dvermi and collars can be reached increase in superficial density of a cloth of a door or a collar, dense adjustment of a cloth to a box, and also at the expense of crack elimination between a door or collars and a floor by means of a threshold with condensing linings or an apron from prorezinennoj fabrics or rubbers, and also application of condensing linings in pritvorah doors and gate.

It is necessary to provide the devices providing a dense clip of a door or a collar to a box and closing of keyholes. It is necessary to close up carefully cracks between a box of doors or gate and an adjoining protection.

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