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Kleennye ceilings


It is possible to paste over Ceilings with wall-paper, and also special panels and the tiles executed from plaster and easy modern materials (expanded polystyrene, penopoliuretan, DVP, etc.).
On a surface of tiles and panels, as a rule, there is a relief drawing, besides, the obverse surface can be painted or covered by the synthetic film simulating a tree, a natural stone, a ceramic tile, a fabric.


Tiles and panels are pasted on a ceiling which surface is necessary for clearing preliminary of various pollution (a dust, exfoliating fragments and so forth) and to ground.
Glues use the diversified. The glue kind usually is underlined in the instruction on application of a material for pasting. It is recommended to use glue for polystyrene or special glue for ceiling coverings - in this case the tile will not be spoilt, and in its consequence it is possible to unstick easily.


  1. Ease of installation;
  2. fire resistance (glass - and mineral plates);
  3. the low price.


  1. Surface thorough training is necessary;
  2. decorative possibilities are limited.


  1. Parts, a laminate, a film, it is possible to wash a covering with use of washing-up liquids;
  2. for other kinds of a covering - dry cleaning by a soft brush.

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