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the Design aljuminevyh windows

On a design of the window block aluminium windows can be:

  • with unary covers;
  • with the coupled covers;
  • with separate covers.

Aluminium window profiles can be designed on two- or more often to a three-chambered principle. Such design provides high durability, static reliability and raises teploizoljatsionnye characteristics.

There is a set of systems of aluminium profiles. Each firm-manufacturer develops the system of a profile which differs geometrical characteristics. In the Russian market there are two big groups of profiles:

  1. the Profiles, satisfying to conditions of so-called "Eurogroove". These are profiles which have the standard sizes furniturnogo and the frame grooves, accepted by many firms-manufacturers. Фальцлюфт2: from 11,5 to 12 mm.
  2. Profiles with the sizes furniturnogo and the frame grooves, distinct from the standard.

The European profiles of the first group share on 2 types, depending on the sizes of a frame groove:

  • V.01 - width of a frame groove 12 - 14 mm;
  • V.02 - width of a frame groove 9,7 - 11,5 mm.

To the second big group of profiles which do not satisfy to "eurogroove" conditions, such systems as NEWTEC 50/52/60-68, ALL.Co-5 manufactures Italy, SCHUCO ROYAL S50/65 (Germany), system NEWTEC 50/52/60-68 which are let out under the licence in Maloyaroslavets (Russia) and others concern.

All aluminium profiles share on door, window, front, vitrazhnye and special purpose profiles.

Into system of a window profile enters:

  • Frame profile;
  • a profile for shutters;
  • shtapik;
  • impostnyj a profile;
  • shtulpovyj a profile.

This set allows to make as deaf, one-folding, rotary and povorotno-folding windows, and two-folding bezimpostnye and impostnye windows. Using a window profile also it is possible to make and doors (in particular balcony). Systems of sliding windows (including balcony) are developed also.

Aluminium possesses high heat conductivity, therefore manufacturers let out two kinds of profiles which differ a scope.

"The Cold" profile - a profile without an isolating thermoinsert. It is applied at manufacturing of windows to not heated objects, or for internal heated premises (as a rule it is partitions, inside doors etc.)

"The Warm" profile - a profile with a thermoisolating insert. It is applied at manufacturing of windows and doors to heated inhabited and uninhabited premises.

Almost all firms-manufacturers of an aluminium profile let out some the basic systems of "cold" and "warm" profiles:

  • System of a window profile;
  • system of a door profile;
  • front (vitrazhnaja) system.

The Window profile, as a rule, at an identical thickness, differs from a door profile in width. It is connected, with necessity to establish on a door locks etc., but it does not mean that the balcony door cannot be made of a window profile.

In Russia, with its frigid climate, in the long winter and low temperatures, at manufacturing of windows and doors systems of "warm" profiles have the greatest application.

In "warm profiles" external and internal covers of a profile are connected among themselves by the thermobridge or a thermoinsert (isolating laths from the polyamide reinforced by fiber glass or politermida) which interrupts heat stream, providing, thus, the best thermal protection with preservation of properties of a statics. The width of a thermoisolating insert fluctuates from 18 to 34 mm depending on firm-manufacturer, but it should be not less than 20 mm without taking into account zadelki polyamide in an aluminium profile (taking into account operating experience of various "warm" systems in Russia).

For reduction konvektivnogo heat exchange in a profile, chambers between thermoinserts can be filled at factory foaming materials with low factors of heat conductivity (HUECK), or rigid fillers of chambers (Thyssen, Reurnaers TS-80), or, for reduction konvektsionnyh streams, establish crosspieces with cross-section otbojnymi tags.

The Design of a "warm" profile gives the chance to architects, not only possibility of a choice of a colour score (colour of an internal profile can not coincide with colour external), but also forms of an external profile. Firm Reynaers in the system TS 57 offers some variants of an external profile: functional, an elips-profile and the Renaissance-profile and a variant of an internal profile of Softlajn.


For osteklenija windows from aluminium various types of glasses, double-glazed windows and their combination can be applied. The type choice osteklenija is defined by concrete requirements to a window.


Mostly in a design of aluminium profiles average consolidation and consolidation on pritvoru (vnutrenee) is applied that provides high characteristics on vetro - water- and soundproofings. As sealants are applied basically EPDM (a mix etilena, propylene and diena - etilpropilenodimonomera).


Modern the accessories provide to windows from aluminium any type of opening (rotary, povorotno-folding, sliding, etc.) and reliable lock-out (including protivovzlomnoe).

The Accessories for aluminium windows are subdivided on two big groups, different fastenings on a way:

  • By means of screws;
  • special tightening plugs.

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