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Airing devices

Special airing devices, depending on their design features, can fasten both to a shutter or box profile, and between a double-glazed window and a shutter. We will consider various types of these devices which are present today in the market, on an example of several trade marks.

AEREKO (France)

The French firm AEREKO offers system of automatic ventilation (natural/mechanical), based on technology GIGRO.

In the afternoon degree of use of a drawing room and a dining room causes in considerable updating of air. Degree of humidity of these premises (growing out of ability to live) influences on pritochnye devices and causes their opening. Moving of air in the course of an extract, leads to increase in level of humidity in subsidiary premises. Exhaust devices react to it, and polluted air leaves.

At Night the requirement moves to bedrooms. In the same way, as well as in the afternoon, pritochnye devices and provide air exchange beginning from inhabited, in a direction of subsidiary premises from which the extract is carried out at night.

At natural ventilation in motive power thermal draught and a wind is, and at mechanical - the fan which is established or under a roof (in the individual house) or above buildings (in an apartment house).

System AEREKO consists from pritochnyh and exhaust gigroreguliruemyh devices.

Pritochnye of the device are established on tight window frames (from PVC, a tree, aluminium) or in walls for inflow of fresh air to a premise.

Exhaust devices are established in subsidiary premises (on kitchen, in a bathroom) where there are ventilating channels. These gigroreguliruemye devices let out polluted air.

System AEREKO Purpose consists in adapting for real requirements giving of fresh air (and release polluted), in each of premises.

Management of system devices is carried out depending on level of relative humidity of internal air (automatically) by means of the gauge. This gauge consists of 8 strips (or 16, at mechanical ventilation, for exhaust devices) from gigroskopichnogo a material - polyamide. This special fabric is characterised by that very quickly and effectively reacts to change of relative humidity of air indoors. Reduction or expansion of the given material, according to humidity indoors, actuates the shovels regulating volume of passed air.

Firm AEREKO offers in the market following gigroreguliruemye pritochnye devices for controllable mechanical and natural ventilation:

ENA - acoustic, gigroreguliruemoe pritochnoe the device;

EMM - multijet, gigroreguliruemoe pritochnoe the device;

EMN - for wooden designs.

ENA, EMM, EMN are intended for premises and hotel rooms.

ENA provides high protection against noise, at a wide choice of acoustic accessories.

EMM allows to regulate a direction of an air stream, depending on an obstacle, or vertically (90о), or naklonno (30о).

Device ENA is established between a shutter and a frame (windows from PVC), or on a shutter (wooden window frames). EMM and EMN are established on a shutter (windows from a tree and PVC).

Firm Brugmann offers the most different systems of ventilation for windows from PVC:

Partially air-penetrable consolidations (see more low)

Ventilating shtapiki

Ventilating laths

The Ventilating device for frames with a latch

Ventilating shtapik it is made of firm PVC, the plastic, regulating latch is inserted into it. Both details have through apertures in diameter of 10 mm on distance of 30 mm from each other. Air stream is defined in the length ventilating shtapika and position of a regulating latch, besides, it depends on a difference of temperatures and pressure indoors and outside.

Sound insulation for a window with a double-glazed window 4/12/4: at an open latch - 29 db, at closed - 32 db, te.e at use ventilating shtapika admissible level of sound insulation remains.

The Ventilating lath is fixed in double grooves from the interior of a frame. By means of a latch air stream can smoothly be regulated or its access can be completely blocked. In ventilating laths the grid for protection against insects is built in.

Sound insulation for a window with a double-glazed window 4/12/4: at an open latch - 24 db, at closed - 32 db.

Air Stream is precisely regulated by means of a latch. Arriving air goes for creation of the best noise protection through set displaced under the relation to each other apertures.

The Ventilating device for frames is suitable equally both for plastic, and for wooden windows (for new and repaired). The ventilating latch from PVC, without use of metal details, is established in a frame poluskryto, smoothly regulated and completely closed. For the given system it is necessary to drill in addition ventilating apertures directly in a frame. The plastic plug protects through apertures from hit of a possible condensate, the grid from insects is mounted. Through apertures can, depending on necessary ventilation, be bored through in all four parties of a frame. But, as a rule, ventilation only through the bottom party of a frame suffices.

G-U (Germany)

Firm GU represents in the market of modern means of ventilation, so-called miniprovetrivateli. They run or fastened to a profile of a shutter and can be used for the limited airing of inhabited space and public rooms. Their structure includes a protective external casing and the intraroom device with shumopogloshchajushchim the channel, connected to surrounding space through a ventilating aperture in a shutter profile. It is necessary to notice at once that at average motive power of a wind 4 Н/м2 air exchange level in 20 - 30 м3 on one person at an o'clock demanded on hygienic norms is not reached.

Adjustment of intensity of airing occurs at the expense of smooth moving shiberov one of following methods:

  • the asymmetric handle in height of 22 mm;
  • the symmetric handle in height of 9 mm;
  • the handle with a ring;
  • a lace at a high arrangement of the ventilating device;
  • the lever handle through superficially located metal draught in length до1200 mm;
  • the lever handle through metal draught in length to 1200 mm of the latent arrangement;
  • polzunkovoj the handle through metal draught in length to 1200 mm hidden
  • arrangements;
  • the servomotor with set of variants of simultaneous management of several (to 50) ventilating devices in different rooms.

By means of a number of accessories ventilating devices of this type can be established as horizontally, and vertically, both in a frame, and in window, or a door shutter together with a double-glazed window in the thickness 20, 24 or 30 mm.

Noise is today the major factor of harmful influence of the environment caused by a civilisation, at least not smaller, than pollution of water and atmospheric pollution. The tightness of modern windows corresponding to a current condition of technology, at a double-glazed window with an air backlash in 12 mm, on the average, provides factor of sound insulation 30 - 34 db. Simultaneously with it it is necessary to notice that at their opening for airing, they almost completely lose the sound-proof properties. However it is not necessary to think that only systems of compulsory ventilation and air-conditioning are unique alternative of office buildings.

Besides them, it is possible to offer use of devices of airing with shumopogloshcheniem, combined with windows which also provides eff-ektivnuju ventilation, both individual premises, and through airing in a building. Their use is especially actual in the buildings located in streets with brisk movement, near to railroad lines and the airports where the noise level can exceed 70 db.

Shumopogloshchajushchie of the device for natural and compulsory airing should meet two mutually exclusive requirements:

- Noise absorption:

- Maintenance of necessary air exchange.

For satisfaction of these requirements also have been developed shumopogloshchajushchie devices of airing taking into account the following criteria influencing sound insulation:

- The soundproofing section of such device is designed in the form of a labyrinth for increase in its extent and an absorbing surface;

- Labyrinth walls are created from the special made foam material having high absorbing ability;

- Special additional isolating sections, also from the made foam materials, increase absorbing surface;

- Air stream can cope mobile shiberom, simultaneously with adjustment shumopogloshchenija.

The Motive power of natural airing, however, operates against resistance shumopogloshchajushchej sections. For this reason shumopogloshchajushchie airing devices are often equipped with the fan which stabilises air exchange.

Shumopogloshchajushchie of the device of airing can be established in windows from aluminium, a tree and PVC:

- It is horizontal above and-or in the bottom of a frame;

- It is horizontal in a shutter with a double-glazed window;

- It is horizontal with fixed ostekleniem;

- Vertically in a frame;

- Vertically with fixed ostekleniem.

At horizontal installation shumopogloshchajushchih devices efficiency of estestvenn th airing will be defined by intensity of motive forces of a wind.

The Optimum moment of forces for thermal airing with the big distance between top and bottom streams is reached, if airing devices settle down in the top and bottom parts of a window. The vertical arrangement also uses motive forces from a difference of temperatures, as addition to wind motive power.

Management of air stream through shumopogloshchajushchee the airing device is carried out to similarly adjustable ventilating device described above.

As the conclusion, it is possible to ascertain, as regulirumoe and shumopogloshchajushchee airing devices keep all properties of modern windows on tightness, giving them new functionality on airing of premises.

KBE (Germany)

The Firm-manufacturer of profile KVE has let out a new product - CLIMABOX (Klimaboks) - self-adjustable system of ventilation.

CLIMABOX is a plastic, box-shaped design which easily fastens on the top part of a window frame. It completely automatically provides controllable air exchange. Feature in design CLIMABOX is the original device automatically blocking access of air in a premise at a gusty or strong wind. Thanks to it, inflow of fresh air and removal of a moisture from a premise is carried out under any weather conditions, and is lost-free warm also draughts. In system CLIMABOX the insert of various filters is provided, for example from poplar down etc. Filters can be replaced or cleaned easily. The system is based on a mechanical principle, i.e. use of natural pressure difference near to a building, thanks to it necessity of use of any other adaptations, mechanical or electronic property completely disappears.

RENSON (Belgium)

Provetrivateli of firm RENSON are intended for effective air exchange and maintenance of necessary humidity of air, as in inhabited, and uninhabited premises. Various types provetrivatelej can be established in windows, doors, front designs and walls.

For windows some kinds provetrivatelej, depending on their appointment are issued.

For conditions of Ukraine firm RENSON recommends to establish provetrivateli type THR-90/24. provetrivatel THR-90/24 it is established in horizontal position in a shutter together with a double-glazed window in the top part. A thickness of a double-glazed window - 24 mm. In a design possibility of regulation of volume of arriving air is put.

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