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Care of windows from aluminium

Aluminium does not require tiresome and expensive service. In difference from other materials after the lapse of time aluminium does not demand tsiklevki, polishings and paintings. Aluminium does without similar preventive maintenance.

At firms which make aluminium profiles, special programs on care of their production which include various means on leaving and aluminium maintenance in a good condition are developed. For example, firm Reynaers, offers following means:

  • the protective films offered in three different width: 50, 80 and 150 mm which are necessary to warn mechanical or other damages (e.g. cement or a building solution) the mounted windows or doors at performance of the further civil work;
  • Means for regular preservation which is necessary that windows from aluminium could keep longer beautiful appearance (means contains silikony);
  • the proof-readers intended for repairing of mechanical damages of enamel, as small, and larger, on an aluminium surface;
  • Means for clearing which is applied when the anodized surface is strongly polluted or covered by stains;
  • aluminium pitch which is applied in case of larger damages of a surface.

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