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All about door loops

The Loop – the device with which help the door cloth fastens to a box. Loops happen vvertnye and hinged, demountable and one-piece, left and right.

  • the Demountable loop – it is possible to remove a door from it, without turning off thus a loop.
  • the One-piece (universal) loop – that, which should be turned off before to remove a door.
  • Wings – small plates with holes on each side loops with which help it fastens to a door.
  • the Door cloth – so sellers name a door.
  • the Door box – a frame for a door.
  • Evropritvor – ledges at door end faces.

Remember, how Mitrofanushka from Fonvizin's play "Greenhorn" answered a question of the teacher: "the Door is a noun or an adjective?" This careless pupil has told that supposedly a door, standing the sixth week at a closet and yet not hung, – "sushchestvitelna". And a door enclosed to the place, – an adjective. From the point of view of a science it, of course, full nonsense. But in a sense here there is a sensible grain. Actually, without loops a door really just a half-finished product. By means of loops the door cloth fastens to a box and starts to work: to open and be closed.

The Variety of models and "styles" of the loops existing today, causes easy otorop: "What for so much? It would Seem, what choose – any will approach". Actually before to buy loops, it is necessary to understand, for what door they are necessary to you. Otherwise cannot simply hang up a door.

Of what loops are made?

First, happen latunirovannye loops. metal (usually it is various zinc or steel alloys) latuniruetsja from above that the loop did not rust also its parts is better slid. Often loops are enamelled different colours or other structures simulating bronze, gold, chrome.

Secondly, there are loops entirely from a brass. they meet much more often: this material is plastic, easily is exposed to processing. They also can be polished or covered by chrome.

And the third, the most expensive and qualitative, – steel. the matter is that the brass is softer, than the steel, and starts to be erased in due course slightly and slightly to grind off. Steel loops almost eternal.

On a way of fastening of a loop it is possible to divide on two big groups: vvertnye and hinged.

Vvertnaja a loop fastens by means of pins with a carving. It looks as two small tsilindrika with screws on each side. At first one of these tsilindrikov is rolled in a door, another – in a door box, then cylinders nasazhivajut one on another.

This design is used basically for easy interroom doors (20–50 kg).

All about door loops

the Universal loop

Hinged loops fasten by means of small plates with apertures on each side – wings: one wing privorachivaetsja to a cloth, another – to a box. Hinged loops share on universal and not universal, and the last happen still left and right. What to choose?

I Will explain: the universal loop approaches practically for any door, is indifferent in what party it opens – outside or inside. But these loops not the demountable. For example, if it is required to bring a bulky thing in a room – a case or a sofa to remove a door probably, only having turned off from it all loops.

Therefore for fans of shifts in apartment I would advise to stop the choice on the left or right loops. They, unlike universal, demountable. In case of need the door rises and acts in film from loops. In it they are similar on vvertnye. The unique hitch that before purchase it is necessary to be defined, in what party will open a door. How it to make? Rise before a prospective door so that it opened "on you". If want, that loops settled down on the right, – the right loops, if on left – left are necessary to you. Here a bright example: look at the scheme of Swedish firm ASSA. All is clear? Though... Wait a moment to do conclusions.

the Scheme which will help to define, what loops are necessary to you – left or right.

It appears, such classification of loops on left and right is accepted only in some countries, for example, in Russia and Sweden. And, let us assume, in Spain, Italy, Israel – all just what isn't needed. There, where at us the left loop, at them – right. Therefore, not to puzzle, draw the plan of apartment with open doors. Being guided by this scheme, sellers-advisers will pick up the necessary loops (or doors with loops) from what at them are.

All about door loops

the Scheme of not universal loop, opening a door only in the certain party (to the left or to the right, inside or outside)

And still: the part of a loop fixed on a cloth and having a pin, is called "boy" ("daddy"), and another, which privorachivaetsja to a door and nasazhivaetsja on the first, – "girl" ("mum"). And in this terminology nobody is confused, at all countries and manufacturers such definitions are accepted.

One more important detail: to improve zvuko - and a thermal protection, it is possible to buy doors with evropritvorom, or "quarter". That is a door end face not equal, and with a ledge. On a door box under this ledge dredging, in turn, is made. Therefore, when the door is closed, between it and a box there is no crack, and so, there are no also draughts.

But, as a rule, on such door it is impossible to put a usual loop: pritvor will disturb. Are for this purpose used or vvertnye, or special loops for doors with "the quarter" which wing is bent under these ledges. Such loops also happen, as a rule, left and right.

Wandering on shops, I have seen a loop of the unusual round form. As experts have explained me, this patented innovation of Italian firm "Бараус" (Barausse). The matter is that in this case the loop fastens not at a lateral end face of a door, and from above. Such loop is easily outweighed, and it is possible to change without ceremony storonnost doors, as at a refrigerator. It, you see, is very convenient: the usual loop fastened to a door to rearrange in other place it is problematic – there are traces from screws. However, here there is one "but": such loops are not on sale separately, and are delivered only complete with factory "Бараус" doors.

Those who though time bought new doors, for certain know: many doors now are on sale already complete with loops, locks and handles. On the one hand, it is good. It is not necessary to worry that any unfortunate умелец will fasten loops not so, not there or will scratch a door cloth.

On the other hand, it all the same limits a freedom in choosing and forces to concern purchase of loops more seriously. But if you already have a door and you simply wish to replace accessories, there is no place to disappear: it is necessary to go on searches in shops.

Certainly, it is possible to put a new door on old loops, but if you had enough money for a door, be not greedy, the loop price incomparably is less than door price.

All about door loops

  1. the Door with evropritvorom (or "quarter") is fixed vvertnymi by loops. As appears from the name, these loops are rolled in a jamb and in a door cloth.
  2. the Special bent loop – one more variant for doors with "quarter".
  3. the Loop of Italian firm Barausse with which help it is possible to change storonnost doors.
  4. So firm Barausse loop looks on a door.

To Spoil a loop extremely difficultly, if it not a cheap iron loop of a handicraft work. However, if your child with pleasure uses a door instead of a swing the internal pin of a loop in this case can be bent. And still some danger conceal in itself vvertnye loops: at vkruchivanii in thin enough cloth of a door with evropritvorom they can split it.

Many know that some loops start to creak in due course disgustingly. What to do? If the loop creaks, it can be oiled. However this procedure will not solve a problem for ever. Usually the scratch is caused by a friction of parts of a loop, and it means that the loop collapses and sooner or later it should be changed.

Closely having been engaged in loops, I, naturally, began to turn them attention. Where I happened, where came, at once I start to examine a door. And so, once I have noticed that loops on which wing, for example, four apertures, are screwed only by two screws. "As so, – I thought, – on idea if the manufacturer has made four apertures, means, four screws should enter into them. And in general, whether important, on how many screws loops should be screwed?"

I have set this, apparently, "a small" question to many fitters of doors. Their answer was unequivocal and unanimous: that the loop has not warped also a door has not become loose, the quantity of screws should correspond to number of apertures of a wing strictly.

the Conclusion. long and reliable work of a loop in many respects depends on that, how much correctly it have chosen and have arranged on a door. In it can (and the qualified sellers should) to help. Therefore is better, before will go to shop, draw the plan of apartment with open doors – and the seller will help to choose the necessary loops (or doors with loops).

What should be loops for entrance doors?

All about door loops

That the entrance door could not be removed, loops with the mechanism protivosnjatija

are thought up

Loops for entrance doors differ from interroom in the big sizes. Entrance doors, as a rule, it is heavier (80 – 150 kg) and are stronger.

Besides, manufacturers of accessories for entrance doors have thought up how to secure apartment against uninvited visitors: that the entrance door could not be removed from loops, firms let out loops with the mechanism protivosnjatija. On one wing the cavity, on other – a ledge is made. At the closed door wings are combined, the ledge enters into a cavity and does not allow to raise a door.

How correctly to choose accessories?

Councils from firm ASSA

All about door loops

First of all it is necessary to know weight of a door cloth. And buying loops, it is obligatory to consult, how many pieces are necessary to buy. All manufacturers have schedules of dependence of quantity, a material and a kind of a loop from door weight.

Besides, be defined, what loops are necessary to you: right, left or universal.

How to be defined with the price? the Disorder of the prices for loops is enough big. It depends on the size of a loop, a material of which it is made, from a place where you buy, and fluctuates from 0,28 to 70$.

By the way, according to many experts, it is better to buy a door fully completed by accessories not to suffer, being defined, what is necessary a loop, the door how many weighs, moreover how many loops and what size they are necessary.

Opinion of the expert of Swedish company ASSA

Firm ASSA already is engaged more than 100 years in manufacture of loops. The work wide experience on installation of loops has in this time collected. Than they differ from all other? First, loops of this firm are made of a steel. Council from firm: on office doors it is necessary to put steel loops as such doors very often open and close, so, loops wear out much faster.

The loop Location too is important: the more hard a door, the more carefully it should be fixed. Therefore following kinds of installations of loops are offered.

All about door loops

  1. For a standard door: three loops (two above, one below).
  2. For easy doors: three loops, ravnoudalennye from each other.
  3. For heavy doors: on two loops below and above.
  4. For high doors more than 2100 mm: four loops.
  5. usually accepted arrangement of loops. the schedule shows, what doors of weight and can be hung up what width on two loops.

Olga Ovchinnikova

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