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Choosing a steel door - remember

In the Russian market the large quantity of steel doors both domestic, and import manufacture is presented. They differ, first of all, by - import, as a rule, in two-three times more expensively domestic. But, as experts consider, it is not necessary to save. The matter is that doors delivered from abroad are executed on the modern equipment and by last word of technics. Our doors in overwhelming majority gather in the handicraft way. It is obvious that quality, alas, not Ā«in our advantageĀ». However, more often import models "are adhered" to the typical sizes (and at each firm - they the). Some firms can accept the order for manufacturing of a "non-standard" door only, but such door will cost much more expensively, and to wait for it it is necessary from two months till one and a half years. But the domestic door can be made under the individual order rather cheaply and in a short space of time.

the General the device

The Device of domestic and import steel doors differ from each other a little. At the heart of such doors - a rectangular skeleton with an internal edge of the rigidity, welded from a steel profile. On a skeleton weld steel sheets (from one or two parties). The door is hung up on loops in the steel box strengthened in a doorway. Outside a door upholster with leatherette or the decorative panel (the most expensive furnish - a natural tree). Inside the door can be hollow, and can contain sound-proof and teploizoljatsionnyj a material. The difference in "anatomy" of import and steel domestic doors can consist only in a thickness of steel sheets. At import doors sheets not thicker 1,5 mm, and in Russia use a steel sheet in the thickness 2 - 3 mm. As a result our doors turn out massivnee, more hard. But it does not mean at all that they it is more reliable (excess weight "tests" loops for durability).

It is desirable, that the complete set included platbands and pritvory. These details considerably raise reliability of a design, excepting possibility of breaking of a door a breakage or fomkoj.

On steel import doors pritvory and platbands to eat necessarily, and here the domestic can not have them. The important element of a steel door - loops. They, besides, can be both foreign, and a domestic production. It is necessary to learn from the seller, they freely maintain what weight (the most reliable loops on the basic bearing) are considered. The quantity of loops pays off individually for each concrete door. It is necessary to give special attention to locks. Many experts consider that the safe locks - suvaldnye, they more often - crab (when "uvulas" - crossbars leave in 2-4 directions from the different parties of a door cloth). The more difficult the lock, the it is more expensive. Better on one door to establish two locks, one - crab, another - is easier. And it is desirable, that one lock was suvaldnyj, another - cylinder. The larva of the cylinder lock is necessary for protecting bronenakladkoj that it could not be beaten out. It is good, when crossbars of locks are hidden in metal tubes which can rotate, - then crossbars cannot be cut.


Experts advise to buy the doors completed with import locks. It is considered that they are more reliable: fail less often, the number of combinations of keys reaches from 500000 to 4 billion Seriously it is necessary to concern and a choice of accessories. On a steel door the eye and an internal latch should be necessarily established. Eyes with radius of viewing of 200 degrees are very convenient. Import doors without an eye do not let out, and on domestic - an eye mount by request. At desire it is possible to order an eye established on such distance from a floor that in it the child could glance. The latch is better for getting screw, instead of sliding, last at zahlopyvanii doors can casually be closed.

the Price

Now about the price. It develops of diverse components: the size of a door, a kind and quantity of locking devices, external furnish, presence of accessories is considered. Besides - the price for delivery, installation, gauging, consultations, dismantle of an old door. Still, maybe, it is necessary to pay for aperture increase, a bookmark of an aperture a brick, platband installation, delivery of a door to a floor (if the house without the lift) etc.

it is important

In the conclusion it would be desirable to notice that it is important to choose not only a door, but also the firm which is engaged in sale and installation of steel doors. The end result on 50%25 depends on quality of the door, on the others 50%25 - from quality of its installation and service.

At a firm choice it is necessary to pay attention to such moments, as popularity of firm, the work experience in the market not less than 5 years, presence at firm of a network of shops or demonstration points, solid registration of the stand, goodwill of employees at all stages of dialogue with the client.

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