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Krashenye ceilings


Now there is a huge choice of colourful structures for colouring of ceilings. (Almost any firm on manufacture of paint and varnish materials lets out such paints).
At a choice it is necessary to take into consideration specific features of a premise ceilings in which are subject to colouring (so for a ceiling covering indoors with the raised humidity, and the paint should be chosen corresponding), durability of the covering, a comprehensible kind of cleaning.


Paints more often are applied To ceiling colouring on a water basis as they create a strong film at drying and, at necessity, they can be updated, without washing away (as whitewashing), they quickly dry up at a room temperature (all for 1-2 hours), are thus allocated only water steams, therefore are not present specific smells. Besides, paints on a water basis possess high adhesion to various surfaces that gives the chance to recolour easily designs without their special preparation, do not burn, and coverings from them pass water steams, "breathe". Before drawing of colourful structures the surface should be carefully prepared - fragments are removed maloprochnye, otslaivaemye from the basis, cracks are embroidered, surfaces are levelled.


  1. the low price;
  2. are not labour-consuming;


  1. before drawing of colourful structures the surface should be carefully prepared;
  2. decorative possibilities are limited;

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