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Wooden doors

Before to go to choose doors, formulate following requirements:

  • variants of opening of doors;
  • requirements on design (similarity with furniture doors, etc.);
  • the necessary sizes;
  • the price range comprehensible to you (as a rule, this requirement also is defining);
  • a design of doors (it influences the price directly).

Doors from a file are the most expensive. Their durability as we already spoke, depends on observance by manufacturers of manufacturing techniques from drying before assemblage, and also from quality of applied auxiliary materials (glues, varnishes etc.). But it is necessary to consider and that, doors from a file can become an original ornament of an interior and will necessarily bring with itself in the house healthy power of natural wood. They will serve many long years, and in their case-that it is possible and to repair.

The Modern doors made with application of such materials as DSP and MDF, practically do not concede on beauty and durability to doors from a file. But they more cheaply and react to change of environmental conditions, first of all humidity indoors less. The price of these doors directly depends on breed of wood of an interline interval, and, having chosen interline interval wood so we will tell, is easier"(for example, a pine instead of mirbau) it is possible to save not bad. It will not affect quality of doors at all. And necessary colour (if you, for example, want that doors were combined on colour with already available furniture) is easily adjusted for the account morilki and a varnish. However, such course will manage to be carried out far not in each firm.

The cheapest are doors with the formed external panel and cellular filling. But they at operation demand more a solicitous attitude to themselves and, hence, are less durable.

The door Box not necessarily should be from a tree file (though it is a variant for us more habitually). It can quite be and from DSP or MDF - such boxes, by the way, are less subject to risk of change of the linear sizes while in service. External furnish of such box, as a rule, is carried out by an interline interval of the same wood, as a cloth.

The Question on a door is combined enough with guarantees. Therefore it is recommended to get doors the solid firms guaranteeing quality of the goods. It is necessary to be ready and to that the overwhelming majority of the firms trading dvermi, give a guarantee on them, only under condition of their installation by "their" experts. And such exit, by the way, not always the most bad (the truth and not the cheapest). Installation of modern doors demands some special skills and knowledge, and the durability of their service depends on correctness of its performance. For this reason installation is expedient for trusting specialised brigades. And if such brigade at firm is (and its presence speaks about solidity of firm) let they doors and establish, and one firm bears on itself all guarantee responsibility – and for quality of a door, and for correct transportation, and for installation. If (God forbid!) Something happens, also to you it will be easier to understand with them. Remember that the case when made doors one, bought and transported another to Russia, sold to you the third, and delivered to object and mounted the fourth – in case of occurrence of any "dismantlings" is, almost hopeless.

Entrance doors

Entrance doors are the doors established at an input in apartment or a building. To entrance doors increased requirements are shown zvuko - and heat-shieldings, safety (protection against undesirable intrusion) and in case the door conducts on street (external), it should maintain an atmospheric precipitation.

Designs of entrance doors can be various that, first of all, depends on manufacturing materials: wooden, profile (aluminium, PVC), steel, combined.

Some technologies are applied To maintenance warmly - and sound-proof qualities: an additional upholstery of a door, manufacturing of a door from more massive material, a premise in a cloth special zvuko - and teploizoljatsionnyh materials.

All wooden external doors, irrespective of an internal design, should have the external panel turned to street made of wood, processed in special way and covered with protective varnishes or paints. The the covering will be more qualitative, the will long serve a door.

At a choice of an entrance door and accessories for it it is necessary to consider and such aspect as rescue possibility at force majeure, that is the door should be multipurpose that should be considered at a stage of planning and definition of requirements to it.

Interroom doors

These are the doors established in doorways indoors. Interroom doors are established after the termination of repair of walls and a ceiling; they should be not only qualitative and functional, but be in harmony with an apartment interior.

For today in the market the large quantity of variants of interroom doors (not only standard raspashnyh) is presented. The part of models of these doors can be got directly in shop, others can be chosen and ordered under the catalogue.

Doors from a file are the most expensive, they remontnoprigodny, are durable. But the durability and faultless operation of doors from a file depends on observance by manufacturers of all cycles of technological process at their manufacturing, and also from quality of glues applied by them and varnishes.

Many models of modern doors from the combined materials, with application of treelike materials, practically do not concede on beauty, durability and operational qualities to doors from a file. But they are cheaper and reactions to humidity change indoors are less subject. The price of similar doors strongly enough depends on breed of wood of the interline interval used for their furnish, and, the interline interval kind does not influence quality of a door but only gives surfaces of a door cloth, this or that shade and a structure.

Inexpensive are hollow (with cellular filling) doors, with the formed external panel, including mazonitovye. These doors demand more careful to themselves of the relation at operation and are less durable. Mazonitovye doors can be painted most unusually that gives the chance to give to an interior new shape.

With What they happen? On a way of opening distinguish doors raspashnye, sliding, rotating and collapsible. Depending on number of cloths of a door can be odnopolnye, dvupolnye and one-and-a-half (with two cloths of unequal width). Door cloths can be deaf and glazed. Degree osteklenija doors changes approximately so:

Home producers make Door blocks according to GOST or THAT (basically, for new models). For inside doors the height of 2000 and 2300 mm is provided. Odnopolnye doors are offered in the width 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 mm; dvupolnye - 1200, 1400 and 1800 mm.

Door boxes and platbands

Door cloths are hung on the door box strengthened in an aperture of a wall. As the box in one case cannot densely be entered in the aperture left for it remaining between it and a wall the backlash should be masked. Most easier to make it by means of platbands. But platbands not only mask cracks - they also make out a doorway. Platbands, as a rule, at an angle 45 ° are joined.

Door boxes can be executed from various materials, and differ both on a design, and on appearance. The traditional door box gathers from wooden bruskov, having sample for naveski door cloths. Depth of sample, as a rule, makes 15 mm, the width corresponds to a thickness of a cloth of the door. Essential difference of inside doors from the entrance consists in absence in obvjazke bottom bruska – a threshold. It simply is not necessary to inside doors.

In an ideal the thickness of a box should coincide with thickness of a wall, otherwise at installation before to establish platbands, it is necessary to adjust it somehow. If the thickness of a wall much more exceeds a thickness of the box, the optimal and simple decision is escalating of a box with the help dobornoj boards. If a box thicker than a wall dobornuju a board it is necessary krepit either to a wall, or to a platband. In general, this problem solved, but not such and simple.

Essential progress in the decision of this problem was brought not so long ago by the compensatory boxes which have appeared in our market. (It is possible to meet and such names as broad, telescopic or euroboxes, but from change of the name the essence, as it is known, does not change). They represent a box-transformer to which can give a desirable thickness. The platband in such system is fixed in grooves of a box and practically makes with it one whole. In the market such boxes are presented basically by import manufacturers, but there were already first such boxes of a domestic production. Except a box tree can be made of a file, DSP, MDF and even from a steel.

The Box can be on sale as complete with a door, and separately. The home producer usually the doors delivered complete with boxes, on loops does not hang (choose any loops and krepite all). And here the foreign can quite sell a door complete with a box, having hung it on loops. Such variant even is more convenient for the consumer - the door is completely ready to installation and it needs to be fixed only in an aperture.

Furnish of a box and platbands, as a rule, are identical to furnish of a door cloth, but it is completely not obligatory. In certain cases the manufacturer offers small, but well thought over, design course - a box and finishing shtapiki are carried out from this a material, as the basic cloth, but other colour, for example, more dark. The boomerang effect is possible also – when the box and finishing elements is more light the basic cloth (the truth, this variant meets less often).

Door cloths

Door cloths, proceeding from a material kind, are carried out from a tree, plastic, plywood (DVP, DSP), glasses, metal and as can be combined.

The Most traditional material applied to manufacturing of doors, wood is. Warmth and the cosiness of a live tree combined with a parquet and furniture, do wooden doors by the most favourite and often used, especially in an inhabited interior. Wood, however, as well as almost any material (natural or artificial), possesses both advantages, and lacks which are necessary for considering by manufacture and operation of doors (more in detail we will discuss this question a bit later). It is used as for manufacturing of constructive elements of doors (including entirely massive), and for external furnish of doors (shponirovanija).

Under the constructive decision of a cloth of doors happen: filenchatymi; panel board (continuous and hollow) and massive (are executed from a tree for all thickness of a cloth). Thus it is necessary to notice that filenchatymi all doors (in independence of their designs), panels having on the external panel are called. Filenchatye door cloths consist from obvjazki, located on cloth perimetre, and one or several intermediate elements the space between which as is filled by a panel (or its imitation).

Doors from a file

The File now name such elements of a door cloth which are made with continuous filling of natural wood. More often massive elements of doors are made from kleenogo a file - this technology is the most modern and besides cheaper, than classical in which each element is made of an integral piece of a tree. Connection schemes bruskov in kleenom a file can be the most various - each manufacturer here searches for the optimum variant which would be technological and, at the same time, would give to all design necessary rigidity. Use brings the nuances in designs of massive wooden parts and in operational properties - such doors very sensitively react to humidity change indoors. Therefore the manufacturer is compelled to leave special grooves for indemnification temperature and vlazhnostnogo expansions or compression at installation of panels, i.e. Them never fix rigidly, leaving possibility for ljufta. Such compelled scheme of assemblage should bring the features in appearance of doors.

First, various sites of a door surface can differ a little from each other on colour that is connected both with a corner of reflexion of light, and with impossibility precisely to pick up door details for colour at a manufacturing stage. Definitive colour gets a tree only after varnishing. But this non-uniformity of colour of a surface gives to doors from a natural tree "highlight" and at the same time underlines that before you a door from a file of a natural tree, instead of its imitation.

Secondly, at considerable shrinkage, panels can on change so much the sizes (to "dry out") that not painted over strips (the door receives colouring already in the collected kind) become along the edges visible. Occurrence of such "strips" are defined, by no means, not by poor quality of doors, and it is simple discrepancy of a microclimate inhabited premises to those "climatic" parametres of operation on which the door paid off at the creation. It is necessary to notice that the large firms trading in doors, hold for such cases in the staff of experts which spend necessary works directly in-home at the client. Small firms, without having such experts, can "suggest" to solve to the client this problem that is called, "own forces".

Quality of doors from a file is defined first of all by preparation of initial raw materials - time and technology of drying, and as technology sklejki a file (quality of glue, temperature, pressure). In the second turn a finishing covering (quality of a varnish, quantity of layers). As a rule, doors from a file of a natural tree varnish. Such covering, except decorative function, has the big practical sense - it interferes as penetration of an atmospheric moisture into wood of a door cloth, and the return process causing drying mentioned above of a tree. The qualitative varnish covering should be elastic.

Following breeds of trees are applied To manufacturing of massive doors: an oak, various breeds of mahogany, a pine, a beech, a nut, a cherry and some other. Perhaps, the most widespread are doors from a pine file (that quite explainably relative cheapness of a material). They have the various form and design and are presented in our market basically by home producers. Doors from a file of noble breeds (basically mahogany) become today an obligatory element of an interior of the elite house. These doors, as a rule, are presented in the style, united classical design with natural beauty of a natural tree. Meet as original (even it is possible to tell, exclusive) handwork doors. Sometimes the design of such doors is successfully supplemented vitrazhnym with glass. Such doors can be both domestic, and import.

Panel board doors

The Door cloth of a panel board design represents continuous or hollow boards in the thickness of 30-40 mm revetted from two parties. Boards can be continuous and hollow. Continuous boards stick together from wooden reek or do of wood-shaving plates. Hollow boards have karkasno-obshivochnuju a design. Filling between rejkami a skeleton are carried out more often from the goffered cardboard reminding honeycombs, but it can be used and rarefied reechnyj a skeleton, a skeleton from strips DVP or a trellised skeleton from DVP. Facing can be executed both plastic, and firm drevesno-fibrous plates with the special wearproof covering simulating natural breeds of a tree (laminate), or an interline interval (thin layers of valuable breeds of wood - an oak, mahogany, an ebony, a beech, a hornbeam, a pear, a nut, the Karelian birch etc.) . At pasting by an interline interval panel board doors are especially beautiful and on appearance a little in what concede to doors from a tree file. Besides, they are hygienic, rather inexpensive and therefore, are widely applied in mass housing construction.

A Variety of technologies of assemblage of boards allows to create the most unusual combined doors - designs in which are used simultaneously both a natural tree and laminated DVP or are combined a tree, DSP and plastic.

In their any listed types of doors probably partial filling with glass. Glass cloths are carried out or entirely from the tempered glass (stalinita), or have metal (steel, aluminium) obvjazku. The special place occupies osteklenie door cloths in interiors in the form of decorative glass panels, mosaic stained-glass windows, and also double-glazed windows.

Perhaps, hollow doors with cellular napolniteljami are most extended. The simplicity, ease of assemblage, a variety of colours, dizajnov, and, certainly, the price these doors have found huge popularity.

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