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Merits and demerits of a wooden door

We well know that it is better to live behind a metal door. More easy. But there were we somehow time at one exhibition of building materials. Resembled between stands, have talked to manufacturers. Also have thought: and why only metal doors? Or, how still it is accepted to name them, steel, or sejfovye? And what, with wooden entrance doors – has put absolutely seams? It appears, no, there are quite good variants. For example, have told to our here one curious story …

Merits and demerits of a wooden door

... Itself the businessman of an average hand Dmitry Viktorovich P. I Strong respected as soon as affairs of its business have gone pobojchee, has there and then celebrated to itself a steel door. It seemed that behind it both it is slept more strong, and it is had dinner more appetizing. And the wife with children can be left easy houses – not umyknut, if that, God forbid. In general, has laid out Dima in due time for the steel beauty a round sum. Also lived in clover.

But here have overcome its doubts. He has somehow looked a plot in "Time". On the screen one citizen sobbed just before such door, having slammed in apartment on imprudence of the juvenile son. TV men smartly described, how there have arrived rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Measures as vzrezali a door autogenous cutting … Further the plot, to general pleasure, has ended well: the baby have got out, mummy have consoled. However, that then the family did with the mutilated door – have not shown. But also so it is clear that it was necessary to change.

And if, My God keep, there will be in apartment a fire or explosion? Then a metal door gets jammed and warps. In a word, businessman Dima has strong reflected. Also has recollected a kind word an old wooden door! It is necessary to tell, "in antecedents" it was the engineer and consequently, having recollected the knowledge saved up at institute, has thought: "Yet really progress has not reached that also wooden doors it would be possible to make reliably, to stuff with their good locks and protection systems?!" Also has gone to search for the truth about wooden doors. It is necessary to tell, far it was not necessary to go. Much the new has told to it literally in the next shop. The most important thing – became clear that entrance wooden doors in the nature exist. A question, what? The store manager was called by Misha, the guy has got sensible and talkative. We will listen also.

About the African moisture and the Siberian frosts

– I Will tell so: a tree – a material live and whimsical. Wood breathes, absorbs a moisture that is why can change a shade, the form, to crack, decay, at last! In due time, in olden time, for stock, furniture or house building there was a technology of a choice: the age of a tree, its gummosity, the birthplace, a bark and crone condition were considered. Now experts almost does not remain. On derevoobrabatyvajushchie the enterprises basically that wood which is easier for buying arrives. Here everyone decides itself – to take to it, for example, the Belarus oak or not. After all there were cases when under ecological standards of party of the Belarus oak admitted unsuitable because of the raised level of radiation.

– And unless "suspicious" wood from abroad cannot arrive?

– Still as can! But the fair manufacturer not begins to risk the reputation. So if do not wish to be deceived, demand from firm documents on tree "family tree" (that is where this door made where took wood for it) and the certificate on conformity to ecological norms. And it is even better – check up a material "on radiation". To make it, by the way, it is simple: the radiating dosimeter should be in each firm which is engaged in manufacturing of products from a tree.

– I here heard, what wooden doors "conducts"?

– Happens. Therefore check up "humidity" of a door. For this purpose in shop should be so-called shtyrkovyj a needle measuring instrument (to you it should give under the first requirement). If do not give – means, of something are afraid. I with such manufacturer would not communicate.

Yes, by the way, many ask, whose doors it is better – our or import? Personally I consider: how many firms, are so much and opinions. One believe that in Russia for manufacturing of doors it is possible to use only wood of our climatic belt. A pier, it is important, that wood then "was not capricious", getting used to new conditions. In a midland humidity of the "native" well dried up tree makes 6–8%, depending on breed (an oak – 6%, a pine – 7–8%). The board However, arriving, for example, from Asia is considered dried up, but it is difficult to predict, how she of will move in Moscow suburbs? And then, that a sin to conceal, many suppliers drive to us hack-work ("a wet" board). Such doors just also "conducts". How many time was: whence-nibud from Africa breeds with humidity of 18% come. It is clear that with such door then there will be a lot of trouble. But some firms nevertheless prefer foreign raw materials.

Or still: sometimes doors cry literally.

– And it still that such?

– Such ill luck occurs, if gummosity of a tree is raised. But now such breeds almost do not use. For example, good raw materials the larch, but it painfully resinous is considered. If such wood not to subject to expensive and labour-consuming processing (and this process not is accessible to all enterprises) under solar beams the door can "begin to cry", dropping pitch tears and destroying a paint and varnish covering. Here a larch manufacturers also ignore. As well as a fur-tree.

– To us for New year will get more!

– About, by the way! It is good that have reminded of winter and frosts. At what temperature the tree – for the future door not last thing grew. If will strike a frost of degrees for thirty moreover if will stand such holodina days a little the tree blackens. (So, by the way, already was in cold winters of 40th years. Then many Russian woods have suffered.) at raspilah it is necessary to delete the turned black layers (differently they quickly will start to collapse). And it is to firms it is extremely unprofitable. Here they also buy a tree in warm Krasnodar territory. For minimisation of a waste, as they say.

Besides, revolution of the season too influences the wood invoice. For example, in the winter the tree practically does not grow, "sleeps", and with heat approach wakes up and starts up runaways. In "awakening" places curvatures of a trunk and knots are formed. And to them the additional attention is required at wood processing. (Remind, I still to you will tell about it more in detail.) in "the evergreen" countries to trees to live more comfortably and they have less than knots. Here also it turns out that the African and Asian trees to process easier and, accordingly, boards from them at times are cheaper. Than not argument in their advantage? And if to consider that many Russian consumers trust foreign firms the conclusion arises by itself more.

– Well, with a place were defined, now we can choose a door, at last?

– Do not hurry up. Further – drying. If drying was so-so also the door will turn out utterly worthless. On wood "capillaries" "wood blood" flows. But this juice only in a live tree is good. And so, just drying reduces movement of wood juice (in a professional way – "sokodvizhenie"). Wood natural or compulsory (accelerated) dries in the ways. At natural drying a tree maintain in a dry aired premise during term strictly defined by technology (a maximum of 50 years, and on the average – 5–10 years). It is important not to overdry breed!

At the accelerated drying from wood delete a superfluous moisture, periodically heating up and cooling a tree. Process is automated and, it is possible to tell, is shrouded by secret (in the sense that experts carefully hide the know-how). It is considered that natural drying is more reliable. But conditions for it practically are not present, and to wait long! That is why, if in any trading firm to you will tell that wood is dried up by exclusively natural way, do not trust! Process this long, and so, not cheap. Most likely, was so: 3–4 years the flitched tree lay under an aired canopy, and then was exposed to compulsory drying. Here to you and natural drying.

– Now all?

– Is not present still. After drying struggle for protection of gentle wood against external enemies begins. It some kind of a make-up for a tree. And, as different cosmetics will be applied to a dry and fat skin, and different solutions and methods process an oak and a pine. Main – that the substance did not contain some carcinogens. Some firms at first put on a tree a layer protivogribkovogo a solution, then – water-repellent emulsiju or a paint for a tree. And then cover with several layers of a transparent varnish.

– But all these cosmetic subtleties do not influence durability how I understand?

– In sense of durability – yes, but serious manufacturers before putting on a door last luster, "conjure" with wood to give it the big durability. That your wooden door precisely could compete to the metal. Earlier the best way was vymachivanie (toplenie)., For example, some years maintained an oak under water. Such topljak and the axe took hardly. All know that constructed 100 and even 200 years ago houses from topljaka stand till now. By the way, the base of the first temple of the Christ of the Savior too on topljake has been combined.

But presently topljak the exception, than a rule is faster. But to learn, how processed wood for your future door, it is possible. The serious manufacturer (if want) will take away you in shop and will explain that to what. Will not open only secrets of which competitors can take advantage.

– But same continuous trouble! That – I all should supervise it? Really it is impossible to come on firm, to read there any paper with the signature of the responsible person that supposedly your door, the citizen, consists of that and that it will not collapse in a year and will not create round itself the raised radiating background. If something happens then to tell: "the Citizen good, drive money back, moreover and the penalty pay extra for a deceit of workers! Whether" it is possible to make so that then not to take for a ride and not to find out about that piece of wood which dried – not dosushili, exhausted – not domorili?

– Alas, but the full guarantee that will not deceive, all the same is not present. Many firms know that our person to a paper more than to itself, trusts. Here also have all necessary certificates and certificates. Happens, and lime. So the basic indicator of quality – all the same reputation of firm. If complaints at its customers within several years are not present – means, all is normal also to paper acknowledgement it is possible to trust. By the way, if the firm not only realises "wooden production", but also it makes, it for it the big plus. The client himself can look, where, on what equipment and as its order is carried out.

– it is good, we have checked quality of wood. And a door as at purchase to check up? Suddenly in a month-other of a problem will begin?

– Problems will not be if to know the most important thing about it "an internal structure" and about how "the correct" wooden entrance door should look. By the way, we often ask buyers why they wish a wooden door. More often the answer idle time: it is pleasant, have got used to such doors since the childhood! But also, from myself I will add: strong they became, by the way, not a couple former, Soviet.

Merits and demerits of a wooden door

1 – a sealing lining
2 – a wide-angle eye 180 °
3 – vertical strengthening profiles of "Omega"
4 – internal isolation
5 – the top closing core
6 – a steel with a galvanic zinc covering
7 – an automatic mobile sealant of a threshold
8 – a safety stopper
9 – the cylinder lock
10 – patentovannyj rejecting block "ARTIGLIO"
11 – adjustable loops
12 – motionless protivosemnye thorns
13 – a covering from stainless steel
14 – the regulating screw of a sealant of a threshold
15 – group of a transient drive
16 – the plug a reception floor

– I have understood: today the wooden door can be made not less reliable, than steel.

– With only one reservation: alas, a wooden door, even the strongest, all the same can set fire! But steel it is possible to blow up! But it as the destiny will dispose … Yes, and so, the strong wooden door is a door from a file.

– That is from an integral piece of a tree?

– Here is not present. So far as concerns the qualitative entrance wooden door executed on modern technology as a file understand the stuck together pieces of wood of one breed.

Merits and demerits of a wooden door

– And in what then sense? I always considered that the most reliable door – from an integral piece of a tree.

Is a general error. The door, of course, can be made and of integral pieces, but, I assure you, it "will soon move" (that is it is deformed and will crack from temperature drops and humidity). And kleennaja the door gathers so that bruski (if they and start to be deformed) would "pull" a door, without allowing to be bent by the design. On a place sklejki cloths remains small zubchikoobraznyj a seam (experts name it "a gear microthorn"). Such kleennyj the joint becomes on machine tools, and to break it much more difficult, than a homogeneous board.

– you asked to remind of knots. I remind. By sight the layman, they look beautifully...

– For an entrance door, matter of course, the most important – durability. Therefore if you see that a door cloth all in knots, zadorinkah and in pitch pockets, council one: do not look at it at all! Such door long will not serve. Knots burst and drop out, and pitch pockets leave in due course pitch. The door thus loses both beauty, and durability.

In decent firm all these "misfortunes" cut out. If the manufacturer proves to the customer that knots at doors are left for appearance that they are specially processed and are not dangerous, know: you deceive. And the solid manufacturer will not give a 100 percent guarantee of durability to you. And for appearance …. Here the French firm "Розьер" (Roziere) offers "semi-antique" models. Their doors are specially processed so that they looked "roughworked": on them cracks and hollows are visible as though. But it is "scenery" for appearance and fans of "olden time". The impression is made, as if the door is brought from a medieval castle. For beauty and quality from you take more than 1500 US dollars.

By the way, about the prices. To name even the average price it is almost impossible. It depends on breed of a tree, the size of a door, model, cost of delivery, accessories. By the most approximate calculations, we mean the price of base one-folding model (height about 2 m, width no more than 1 m, a thickness of a door cloth of 50 mm).

But in any case a door from a file – more expensive (but also stronger), than, for example, shponirovannaja a door.

The Core shponirovannoj an entrance wooden door consists from DSP or MDF, and outside – a layer (approximately 0,5 – 1 mm) the present tree. In another way this layer still is called veneer (it an interline interval).

– So, can, is better not communicate with such door from a sin?.

– Well why? On durability MDF does not concede to a tree. Besides, MDF, unlike a tree, practically it is not deformed.

– And can, then with a view of economy to order a door from a file, and a box – from MDF?

– I do not advise. The door box should be from this a material, as a door. Otherwise or loops will jump out (if a door more hard a basis holding it), or will get jammed or, on the contrary, in due course cracks will appear.

We go further. The collected door design (a door + a box) according to your desire can process fire-prevention or protivogribkovymi substances. And zalakirovat. I remind that the varnish should be necessarily for external works, that then from a cold not polopalsja. If the door is painted, the wood structure (tree drawing) all the same should appear. After all the structure is a main ornament of a wooden door. At each breed the structure.

– I oak nevertheless would choose. More reliably somehow, all the same by centuries of it did...

– Well, by centuries and of other breeds did: from a pine, a cherry, a maple, even birches – all are in own way good. Here just a matter of taste and desires of the client. Each wooden door can be made so that as much as possible to be insured from "alien" intrusion.

the Tree against a steel, or the Exit is found

– On a wooden door it is possible to put the same systems of protection (better to say, locks), as on the metal. For example, not to be greedy and cut the lock of type "Calais" (Kale, Turkey), to "Multilok" (Mul-t-lock, Israel), "Class" (Russia), etc. And can put the whole system of lock-out when uvulas of locks are issued by one turn of a key at once in three parties (sideways, upwards, downwards). Especially cautious put electronic locking devices. It is possible to put in general protivosemnye loops, an internal latch, video observation system and so forth

More shortly, it is possible to supply a wooden door with any locks, in the same way, as well as metal. Alas, but against a plastic explosive no locks will help, and the thief works silently and consequently to it all the same, in what door the lock to open. And here from the hooligan, and street shpany the modern wooden entrance door quite (and it is reliable) will protect the violent neighbour.

Though there is one more radical protection frame: it is possible to order the combined variant, when outside a door wooden, and inside – metal. And even the top-quality noise isolation can be ordered. But such services are estimated more expensively, and all it I advise in advance to stipulate, ordering an entrance wooden door. The upholstery (colour and breed of an interline interval) too can be ordered at will, from various breeds of a tree. For example, an upholstery from a breed tree sapel (a mahogany grade)! Cost of such combined door of a domestic production fluctuates within 1000 – 2000 US dollars, but quality does not concede to the import.

– Yes and how business is, if suddenly a fire?

– Well, during a fire a steel door can jam: metal extends and deformed at heating. The same problems can arise, if at you the combined entrance door (derevometall). But the Italian group "Диер" (Dierre) has thought over a variant specially for such cases. (Its production the same as also production of Italian firm "Гарофоли" (Garofoli), firm "Итаком" extends in Russia.) And so, at them under an upholstery from a natural tree the door is hidden metal, but. A door, instead of a skeleton or metal sheet, as in the doorway of the majority of other firms.

Merits and demerits of a wooden door

And a thickness of metal in these Italian doors not less than 2 mm. Italians guarantee that at a fire such door will not warp. At least a pair of clocks of problems will not be. In this time, we will hope, firemen already will arrive also you will rescue. By the way, doors of their affiliated firm of "Tredi" (Tredi) are considered as one of the best fire-prevention doors of "Dier".

Besides, doors are completed with internal thermoisolating and sound-proof panels. The noise isolation reaches on the average 36 decibels. Better to say, on a ladder you will not hear drunk uproar, even in night silence. Well and, of course, in the complete set there is an eye, a latch, a chain (or a safety stopper) and protivosemnye probes.

And still such doors have a rare feature – a mobile sealant of a threshold. This miracle of technics so looks. It fastens to the bottom face part of a door. When the door is closed, the sealant rests against a floor, stopping draughts and a dust. It is necessary to slightly open a door as the sealant is automatically cleaned in a door. Beauty!

Yes, here still that! In each door of "Dier" there is block "Миа" (Mia). That it means, now I will explain. This block allows to change keys, without changing all lock. We will admit, you have lost keys, or, God forbid, at you them have stolen – you only replace the old block and old keys new. Very conveniently and without efforts!

In firm there are different variants of locks: from base models with the cylinder and a double small beard to electronic – with billion combinations or mechanical – with the punched card. The strengthened door with an electronic lock and the electric drive is equipped by system "Элетра" (Eletra). It is More than that, in firm "Итаком" it is possible at desire to order more 200 models of metal and wooden doors with a various upholstery from a tree. Including under the individual project.

– Yes, by the way, and how many I should wait for all this pleasure?

– Let's count up. Together with gauging, a choice of accessories and desirable design a massive wooden door under the individual order do not less than 20 days. Time leaves on pressing, drying and other expectations not dependent on the master. For the combined door term is less – to upholster all the same with a tree the iron basis is easier, than to work with a file. If the firm offers already ready exhibits time basically leaves on transportation. If the door is made abroad it is necessary to wait for party arrival.

– And if I choose already ready model and I will ask to adjust it under the sizes...

– I do not advise. Some firms really offer already ready models. At the exhibition stand such doors look not bad. But when such door start "to adjust on a figure", it, as a rule, loses a decent view. Therefore order is better and wait.

Give better I to you I will tell about accessories! Therefore as their great variety. If a door heavy (more than 50 kg) loops are necessary strong and number more than two. The metal doors upholstered with an interline interval (with weight more than 100 kg), supplement with the bearing. The bearing on a door from outside a keyhole (to the very top) fastens, and in a door box at the same level under it the nest is arranged. The bearing will allow a door to be closed freely even at insignificant a house deposit. The price for such door makes 1500 2000 US dollars.

Do not forget to choose the handle correctly. The handle for an entrance door should differ "firmness to derganju". It is better, that the metal handle was zaizolirovana – then in the winter of a hand will not freeze (for enemies it is possible to think up other variants: for example, with acting in film isolation – a joke). Some firms suggest to use handles with a wooden insert. Too a quite good variant. But will put also that you it will bring, – though the handle of own manufacturing. Personally I like handles from the polished brass, today such it is a lot of on sale of the most different firms-manufacturers.

And if you wish to protect reliably the house from draughts, a street dust and noise – establish in a door box a special lining with an internal edge of rigidity and the special holder on all length of a lining. Such holder keeps within the special groove which is available in a door box.

– Has understood. Yes, and the eye in such door already is or it is necessary to buy separately?

– More often the eye is already established, and so-called "the fish eye" allows "vicinity" to see good enough. Yes, if a door heavy, do not forget about "dovodchik" – he will allow a door to be closed independently.

– It is said that the wooden door, as well as the woman, loves caress...

Is yes. It is necessary to love and care for a wooden entrance door. If it leaves directly on street, not bad to make a peak protecting it from the sun and a rain. It is good, if in the house there is the electronic system of a microclimate supporting the necessary level of a moisture and temperature, – in such conditions of a product from a tree will long keep the initial shape. By the way, solid firms guarantee serviceable work of production from 10 till 15 years.

And last council. Remember: the more darkly the paint with which have painted a door, the remains wood longer.

Now all has understood. We consider: the cheapest, domestic, but a qualitative door from a file will manage to me approximately in 1000 dollars. For the same money I can buy same French of MDF. If I will order with any "navorotami" – will be more expensive. I can go to pay?

Well, if were already defined, what exactly have decided to order, why and is not present?

On that also have left. We do not know that our hero has chosen, but after a while the input in its apartment was protected by a reliable stronghold – a new entrance wooden door. Heard that it has managed to it in 2000 dollars. Now Dima, as well as during former times, is sweet sleeps and is appetizing eats. And when leaves the house, necessarily gently as the young mistress, smooth warm wooden "body" without knots and zadorinok will stroke-oar.

a source: the Interior of your House

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