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How to choose interroom doors

First of all, it is necessary to formulate the requirements to interroom doors and to define:

How to choose interroom doors How to choose interroom doors How to choose interroom doors

  • The price range comprehensible to you;
  • demanded variants of opening of doors;
  • requirements on design of doors;
  • the necessary sizes;
  • necessity additional dverok (mezzanines, cases), similar on design with doors.

Then, it is expedient to be defined with a design of doors, in view of the circumstances is short stated more low. Doors from a file are the most expensive, but at the same time they can become an original ornament of an interior and bring in the house power of natural wood; grace of processing of details, variety of forms of massive doors amaze imagination. These doors will serve many long years, they are maintainable. But the durability and faultless operation of doors from a file depends on observance by manufacturers of all cycles of technological process at their manufacturing, and also from quality of glues applied by them and varnishes. Some firms manufacturers even put on a door fold the logo, as the original quality symbol, for example Garofoli (Italy).

Many models of modern doors from the combined materials, with application of treelike materials (especially MDF), practically do not concede on beauty, durability and operational qualities to doors from a file. But they are cheaper and reactions to humidity change indoors are less subject. The price of similar doors strongly enough depends on breed of wood of the interline interval used for their furnish, and, the interline interval kind does not influence quality of a door but only gives surfaces of a door cloth, this or that shade and a structure. In the firm offering the big assortment of doors, you can save considerable means, having an opportunity a choice of external furnish of a door cloth.

Inexpensive are hollow (with cellular filling) doors, with the formed external panel, including mazonitovye. These doors demand more careful to themselves of the relation at operation and are less durable. Mazonitovye doors go on sale, both with a covering from an artificial interline interval, and in the grounded kind. The grounded doors can be painted most unusually that gives the chance to give to your interior new shape.

Boxes for doors, can be from a file, DSP or MDF. Many buyers prefer a file, but it, at times, not the best variant since such boxes are more subject to risk of change of the linear sizes while in service. New treelike materials surpass natural wood in physical properties, and external furnish of such box is carried out by an interline interval of the same wood breed, as a cloth therefore, such box becomes indistinguishable from a file. We pay once again your attention that technologies of installation of boxes from various materials have, everyone, the features.

As it is very difficult to define quality of a door cloth at external visual survey, and for interroom doors obligatory certification is not provided, it is recommended to get a door or the known trade mark, or to do purchase in the solid firms guaranteeing quality of the goods.

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