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How to choose a steel door

First, the steel door should provide some protective functions. These functions a little: counteraction to rough physical strength (it is defined by durability and reliability of a design); counteraction to "intellectual breaking" (it is defined by complexity and "cunning" of locks); any counteraction to non-standard influences (there are fire-prevention doors, bulletproof doors, the doors supplied with control units of access - from simple glass to audio- and videosystems, etc.).

a steel door

Secondly, the door should provide initial functionality, protection against an environment: it should possess the defined warmly - and sound-proof properties defined warmly-. Thirdly, the door should not be opposite by sight, hearing and a smell - that is should be somehow decorated, should not creak and knock, should be made without application of toxic materials. At last, the fourth group of characteristics concerns more likely sellers, than directly to a product: a door and its parts should be reliable, the seller should give and carry out guarantees on the production.

It is obvious that it is impossible to define "an ideal door". It is necessary to find out at first for what it is intended, and further to choose model according to requirements and financial possibilities. Thus, we have formulated the first (and, probably, main) a principle of "the reasonable approach" to a door choice: first of all it is necessary to understand, you will show what requirements to production, and, accordingly, what group of the characteristics resulted above, will have the main thing, and what - minor value at the further selection.

Protective properties of a door

Stability to a brute force not the main most, in our opinion. Really, the door for usual apartment in a multiroom town house can be enough weak: if it will start to crack by means of a sledge hammer hardly malefactors will manage not to draw to themselves attention. Absolutely differently it is necessary to approach to a door choice on a country cottage or an unprotected warehouse: in this case the probability of "rough breaking" is high, and the door design should provide high mechanical durability of a product.

a steel door Unlike rough influence, "intellectual breaking" demands some qualification of the burglar and can be made almost silently. Accordingly, the burglar has almost unlimited stock of time (almost any lock not in a condition to resist to the qualified burglar more than 15 minutes) at the order. So the majority of room doors in cities is opened. As a rule, object of "intellectual breaking" is the lock, and, in our opinion, the lock defines (we will repeat, in standard city conditions) vzlomostojkost doors as a whole. Therefore:

) on locks it is not necessary to save, if you wish to receive a door steady against unapproved penetration;

) it is better to put two locks, and different systems (cylinder and suvaldnyj) - opening of different types of locks demands the expert of higher qualification;

) if you seriously are afraid of breaking - that makes sense to establish special additional protection on locks if they are not included into the complete set of delivery of the lock (as, for example, on locks MUL-T-LOCK);

) remember: any lock can be opened, therefore if you consider that your apartment can draw attention of high quality experts - establish the alarm system.

We have considered the characteristics concerning usual room doors. If for any reasons the door possessing some special properties, unfortunately, it is necessary to offer any indicators is necessary for you: for example, fire-prevention doors should be completed with special locks which maintain thermal loadings, but, as a rule, are less steady against breaking; bulletproof doors it is heavier standard that raises deterioration of locks and mobile details.

Warmly - and sound insulation

Basically, the metal door possesses the worst warmly - and sound-proof properties, than wooden. It is connected as that metal in general spends heat is better and transmits a sound, than a tree, and that a tree - the material softer and plastic, gives in to good adjustment on an installation site (accordingly, in well made wooden door there are less than cracks and the door cloth densely adjoins to a box; to achieve similar indicators from a metal door it is possible, but expenses for it will repeatedly raise door cost). There are some ways of increase warmly - and sound-proof characteristics of doors: it is possible to fill any cloth with isolating materials (polyfoam, mineral cotton wool, etc.) ; It is possible "to stop up cracks" between a cloth and a box various sealants; it is possible to establish thick decorative panels (experience shows that they effectively enough extinguish a sound) on a door. Nevertheless, our long-term experience shows that the best variant is installation of two doors: external steel on which protective function, and internal wooden, incurring heat - and sound insulation (and also a part of decorative functions is necessary). Unfortunately, wooden doors, especially qualitative, from a file, stand now expensively enough, therefore it makes sense to try to keep an old door: even if it is a standard kartonno-plywood door of a modern new building, it can protect in addition apartment from noise and a cold.

External furnish

Very long time ago there were only two variants of furnish of entrance doors: painting and any covering by artificial skin. Builders from reasons whether economy, whether personal benefit left entrance doors naked and painted with their first paint, and after settling tenants tried though somehow to raise heat - and sound insulation and to hide defects of a cloth." Elite "doors became with a panel from a file of a tree and were varnished (such doors stand, for example, in the old houses belonging to GlavUpDk). When there were first steel doors, their furnish not strongly differed from the standard: metal was painted, fitted by an imitation leather or upholstered vagonkoj. First two variants exist till now; vagonka in Moscow has practically died off, but remained in St.-Petersburg and country towns. However in the mid-nineties in the Russian market there were import doors which got off absolutely differently: the Israeli doors (SuperLock, Magen and Mul-t-Lock) have been covered by the PVC film, and on the Italian and Spanish doors there were decorative panels-overlays. Gradually and home producers have learnt to make use of foreign experience.

a steel door Judging by our experience, more and more people prefer even to establish on inexpensive domestic doors any panels instead of an upholstery an imitation leather. Are usually used thin (to four millimetres) flat and thick (from eight to twenty millimetres) volume panels. Thin panels can be plastic, orgalitovymi or made of MDF. The external surface of such panels can become covered by a plastic foil or a natural interline interval." Volume "panels become from thick plywood or MDF, or from a tree file. In the first case the milled drawing then the surface becomes covered by a film or an interline interval is put on sheet MDF or plywood. Panels from a file tonirujutsja also are varnished. Advantages of furnish by panels are obvious: as a rule, variants of colour and drawing of panels happens much more, than colours and imitation leather stampings; it is possible to pick up colour and drawing under the general design of apartment; at last, doors with panels simply steels"fashionable". The prices for panels depend on a material of the panel and furnish. The thin laminated panels stand from 500 roubles; panels from a tree file stand not less than 250 dollars.

Both panels, and at artificial skin have a common fault: they are easy for spoiling. Therefore often enough lateral aspect of a door is painted or becomes covered by a special plastic dusting. Unfortunately, both that, and another demands from the manufacturer of serious financial investments in the equipment, quality of painting therefore is frequent enough leaves much to be desired.


It is obvious that any thing breaks sooner or later; the the device is more difficult, the is more often highly skilled service is required to it. Hence, at a door choice it is necessary to pay attention not only to actually production, but also on firm-manufacturer or the seller. It is important, that the buyer has been assured: the firm will exist all guarantee period. Basically, it is better, that in the company there was a special guarantee department - then guarantee works are carried out faster and more honesty.

a steel door So correctly to choose a steel door, it is necessary to formulate, first, the requirements to a door and to define, what qualities will be the main things, and what - minor. Further it is necessary to choose firm which offers sufficient assortment of production and the comprehensible prices. The special attention should be turned on postselling service: duration of a guarantee, presence of the special divisions which are carrying out guarantee works.

a source: the firm Material "BECAME

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