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Interroom doors

Interroom doors are established after the termination of repair of walls and a ceiling; they should be not only qualitative and functional, but be in harmony with an apartment interior.


For today in the market the large quantity of variants of interroom doors (not only standard raspashnyh) is presented. The part of models of these doors can be got directly in shop, others can be chosen and ordered under the catalogue.

Doors from a file are the most expensive, they remontnoprigodny, are durable. But the durability and faultless operation of doors from a file depends on observance by manufacturers of all cycles of technological process at their manufacturing, and also from quality of glues applied by them and varnishes.


Many models of modern doors from the combined materials, with application of treelike materials, practically do not concede on beauty, durability and operational qualities to doors from a file. But they are cheaper and reactions to humidity change indoors are less subject. The price of similar doors strongly enough depends on breed of wood of the interline interval used for their furnish, and, the interline interval kind does not influence quality of a door but only gives surfaces of a door cloth, this or that shade and a structure.


Inexpensive are hollow (with cellular filling) doors, with the formed external panel, including mazonitovye. These doors demand more careful to themselves of the relation at operation and are less durable. Mazonitovye doors can be painted most unusually that gives the chance to give to an interior new shape.

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