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Interroom doors - are not present a limit for design

It is difficult to imagine our dwelling without doors. Doors not only decorate our house, but also protect it. Doors entrance and interroom, for pantries and bathrooms... We constantly use them, at times without paying to them any attention. But it only in the event that door systems work faultlessly: loops do not creak, locks are well closed, the door cloth, etc. does not sag. Therefore it is very important to pick up doors so that they were not only are functional, but also would be in harmony with an apartment interior.

At that variety of models and designs of doors which is observed today in the market, it is very difficult to make an unequivocal choice, especially in the absence of the systematised information on modern doors … Today we will try to tell to you about interroom doors.

interroom doors

Doors №1 – raspashnye

Doors serve more likely as a symbol of internal borders of apartment, carrying out the message between different functional premises. If entrance doors almost always raspashnye interroom are more various on a way of opening: raspashnye, sliding and collapsible. Therefore here there is more than expanse for imagination of the designer.

Raspashnye of a door – the most traditional and extended. We deal with them every day. Such doors are suspended on loops and open from itself or on itself. They happen one-folding, folding and semifolding. One-casement doors can open to the right and on the left that it is important to consider at purchase as the complete set of loops and locks depends on it. If at door opening "on themselves" loops appear on the right – a door right, if at the left – a door left.

Raspashnye of a door can be both with a threshold, and without it. In modern designs there is automatically falling threshold that raises zvuko - and heat-shielding characteristics of doors.

interroom doors

Shaking doors is a version raspashnyh doors. They only open in both parties, as in the underground. Certainly, they do not use a great demand, but can be pertinent in the same nursery - that the child had not to reach the handle, and it was easier to open, having pushed it. And such door is convenient for pets - if you do not limit a dog in its movement on the house, be assured, it will master possibilities of a "shaking" door very quickly.

Konjushennye of a door – one more version raspashnyh. They consist of two halves, top and bottom, having own loops and locks. Such doors are very popular in the West, and at us they can be seen in bars. To put konjushennuju a door it makes sense, if houses are the small child: the bottom part as the gate, partitions off to him a way to an undesirable zone, for example, on kitchen, and at the same time mum occupied with cooking can talk to it through an open top shutter.

At raspashnyh doors there is one lack: they demand certain space for opening, and it is not always convenient, especially in close premises. Therefore on light there were doors sliding and collapsible.


Sliding and collapsible doors give the chance to create necessary interiors, with their help it is easy to carry out re-planning of internal space as apartment houses, and public premises.

Sliding doors (or otherwise, doors-compartments) save space, but their basic function – to divide premise space. Especially if to consider that unlike doors raspashnyh they can have considerable extent. Such doors can be moving (that is from one cloth) or moved apart (from two).

Directing on which they dvizhutsja, can fasten both to a wall, and to a ceiling over an aperture. Even more conveniently from the point of view of space clearing when the door moves in a wall. But such decision demands enough considerable additional works, especially if the door consists of two cloths leaving in opposite sides of an aperture.

Sliding two-casement doors can have as one directing for both shutters, and two, and for each of shutters variants of a direction of movement can be various that depends on type of a concrete design. They can fasten on top, bottom or at once two directing.

interroom doors

Cracks between a wall and a door cloth necessarily should be closed by special brushes for maintenance of sound insulation and protection against a dust of internal emptiness. Sliding mechanisms can have a various design, depending on weight of a door shutter, and for zadviganija doors in a wall special boxes are developed. Handles and zapornye mechanisms of sliding doors, essentially differ from what use for raspashnyh. Doors of the non-standard sizes make under the concrete order.

There are still sliding partitions though cardinal distinctions between them and doors-compartments are not present. Basic difference only that if the doorway is closed – that is a door if the whole room is partitioned off is a partition.

Minuses of sliding doors – pass light, smells and sounds it is much easier raspashnyh because between a door cloth and a box considerable cracks are formed. To crumple them it is possible without special work. They can start to jingle, move roughly, jerky, and in general them can jam. And the sliding mechanism will be guilty in it, by the way. Therefore to choose it it is necessary with especial tshchaniem, without having forgotten to specify at the seller guarantee period. Thus the prices for doors-compartments above, than on usual, raspashnye.

to you "book" or "accordion"?

Collapsible doors are irreplaceable there, where apartment small and on the account each square centimetre. It is a gift for originals and fans of exotic in an interior.

Such doors consist of the separate sections connected by steel springs, attached to sharnirnym to laths. A door from two shutters usually name "book", when shutters more than two – "accordion". "Book" to use more conveniently, than "accordion" as in its directing runner one roller moves only. But if vystupanie door cloths for aperture limits absolutely unacceptably, "accordion" application is optimum.

A Number of designs of doors - of "accordions" provides high enough indicators of sound insulation. Such doors can be deaf or glazed, with rigid or flexible hinges. As a rule, "accordion" doors - are suspended to the top directing rail, but can be if necessary established and the bottom rail. The height of doors of the given type can be adapted for doorways or ceiling height (under the order).

interroom doors

The Lack of this variant of doors – rather limited operational resource of the majority of models. Counting on small weight of a design, manufacturers use as much as possible simple and cheap sliding mechanisms. Thus such loadings, as casual jerks at attempt to open zaevshuju a door are not considered. "Accordion" Doors - most often apply for economic, pantries and subsidiary premises, wardrobe rooms, less often them use as interroom doors.

Both "compartments" and "accordions" are especially convenient there where there are spatial restrictions when the cloth of an open door disturbs to moving. They are good also in cases when owners do not adhere to accurate zoning, and would like to create periodically a free overflowing of space from one premise in another.

Manufacturers of doors – who is "hu"

Development of door business in Russia shows that, despite financial crises, political disorders, growth of a competition and an other headache, people last years began to buy more beautiful and more expensive doors.

The Soviet industry delivered in new buildings more often krashennye doors with hollow (tamburatnymi) cloths which owing to an internal bearing design decades (and serve till now) served us. The second type of the Soviet door was put usually in nomenclature houses and made from a file (more often a pine or an oak), with various panels and profile platbands. Such doors or painted in white colour, or covered with an interline interval already podnadoevshego all an oak.

The Situation has started to change with occurrence in the early nineties the first Finnish and Indonesian doors. In Indonesia doors make of a file of tropical wood meranti (mahogany) and mersavy. Doors from Indonesia cost then very expensively, but it was the present break in quality and assortment.

Now doors from Indonesia, also as well as the Finnish doors are in great demand, thanking priemlimym to the prices.

The Traditional Finnish door is a white door with simple design, hollow internal structure, not telescopic platbands, and also the reasonable price. Are available, the truth, both filyonchatye, and shponirovannye doors. These doors are universal and suitable for installation almost in all cases. As the life confirms: there are they around: from stations to offices. Italians too offer on the Russian market krashennye (including in white colour) doors, but with the best design, and also made with application of more modern technologies of drawing of a paint. All it does the Italian doors aloud more expensively the Finnish.

interroom doors

Having inspired by success of northern and southern colleagues on shop, about 5-6 years ago on the Russian market Europeans, and first of all – Spaniards have jerked. In Spain there are some the industrial colossuses making in day on some thousand of doors each. Adhering to classical design, Spaniards are compelled to keep at such volumes of output on an average level and the prices, and quality of products. Door cloths here become from shponirovannogo DSP, therefore they are heavy enough. To the Russian firms working with the Spanish goods, it is necessary to do already on a place preselling preparation, cutting locks, loops and other accessories. Besides, for Russians the present headache is "game of shades" the Spanish doors, observed from party to party.

Now demand for the Indonesian and Spanish doors slowly dies away. Foreign experts in door area consider this process natural to each young market. On change doors from solar Appeninsky peninsula go it.

the Italian break

Italians – real masters in art of adaptation to new working conditions: taste, style, fashion development, technological innovations – all these nuances they directly are quick to grasp and there and then embody in a life. Flexibility of the Italian manufacturers has already got the deserved recognition and worship of Russians thanks to clothes, footwear, to furniture and other products with an inscription "Made in Italy". In mentality of Italians to make a thing beautiful, sound and accessible under the price. Thanks to this principle, the Italian manufacturers of interroom and entrance doors it is possible to offer the market the best parity of design and quality on the one hand, and the prices – with another.

The Majority of the Italian enterprises making doors, has been created at the time of the industrial boom which has happened in Italy in 60-s' years of the past century. Today the Italian manufacturers of interroom doors can be divided into 3 groups roughly. The large enterprises concern the first group: 3elle, Cooplegno, Cocif, Nusco, ACEM etc.

interroom doors

To the second group following Italian factories belong: Tre Piu, Tre P, Barausse, Agoprofil, Ferrerolegno, Ipea, Sigge, Mazzitelli. Lag behind them Effebi quattro, Audasso, Agnelli a little.

It is possible to carry the factories which production differs from two previous refined design, manual completion of details (friezes, painting To the third group of manufacturers). Besides, they use a file of wood in manufacture and art has flown down. Such factories as Lualdi porte, Legnoform, SJB, Garofoli, Donini Nicolini, Gatti Egidio, Flex, Tre Piu, Tre P etc. At these enterprises, as a rule, already developed clientele, and they jealously watch the high mark here enter.

It is necessary to notice that a traditional file of wood – a material strongly subject to climatic influences. Each of factories in own way solves the given technical problem. First of all, it is strict selection of half-finished products which should take place the long-term period of drying. Besides, racks from a file are sawn lengthways, turn over and stick together on special templates under the influence of heating by an alternating current. The same technology is applied to manufacturing of details of boxes and cloths of the figured form when these details place under oppression with smooth heating by an alternating current. Some factories apply lamelnuju the wood, some stick together sheets is thin the cut wood, and then make with them the above described operations. Certainly, such works, with the account of cost of the wood, do production of factories of the third group by the elite goods.

Have reached the handle …

There is no door to which the handle would not be necessary. And we would like to note the enterprises making accessories for doors which production is most presented in the Russian market. These are factories from Italy as Colombo Design, Olivari, RDS, Kleis, Sicma, Mandelli, Frascio, Cali, Almar, CAL. Depending on applied technologies, superficial protection and furnish, the handle can strongly differ under the price (from 15 to 200$).

Are Most known in Russia for quality of production: Colombo Design (the leader of sales), Olivari, Mandelli, RDS, Kleis, Frascio. Lately many of factories began to enter into the catalogues of the handle with a covering from an alloy of the titan and gold (so-called HPS), allowing to increase a warranty period of operation till 30 years. Firm Colombo Design actively introduces in manufacture of the handle with elegant and modern design, co-operating with known world design studios.

Also it is necessary to note factory Pettiti Giuseppe from Turin which is the manufacturer of various accessories for steel doors, sliding partitions, interroom doors (rubber built in thresholds, metal cases under plaster and gypsum cardboard, rails complete with rollers from teflon).

So, whatever model you have chosen, do not forget a key rule of professionals – all doors which are visible simultaneously, should be in one style. "Raznogolositsa" very much spoils impression of integrity of an interior. Good luck to you!

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