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the Review of modern sliding doors

To us it became curious: what is the sliding doors? For what they are necessary? But before to tell, what advantages at them and lacks, it is necessary to understand, what interroom doors in general exist on light. It was found out that on a way of opening of a door share on three kinds: raspashnye, collapsible and sliding.

the Sliding door factories "Мацителли" (Italy). Model of Forentina

With raspashnymi doors we deal every day. Such doors are suspended on loops and open from itself or on itself. They – mine "a splinter in a heel". Because at my place if the door in a room is opened, on a corridor already it is impossible to pass.

modern sliding doors Collapsible doors – a gift for originals and fans of exotic in an interior. They consist of the separate sections connected by steel springs, attached to sharnirnym to laths. Them as it was found out, I admire almost every day in the bus and a trolley bus, when meal for work (these are those doors an accordion). Their basic lack – practically do not protect from noise.

Sliding doors, or, otherwise, doors-compartments. And again I had an association with transport. They are and in trains of distant following, and in the underground car. Only in the underground both halves of a door amicably leave in a wall, and in a compartment car the door goes on a wall снаружи.*

* Certainly, analogies to bus and underground doors are a little conditional – after all there doors pneumatic. And interroom about which we speak, – mechanical.

Their obvious plus – at opening do not take a superfluous place. Here it, I have thought, one of the best inventions of mankind. But not so all is simple. They too have minuses, the truth, and pluses are available.

There are still sliding partitions. Cardinal distinctions between them and doors-compartments to me could not name. The basic basic difference: if the doorway is closed – that is a door if the whole room is partitioned off is a partition.

That it for "Kit" the such?

The Sliding door exists not in itself. It consists of the several elements entering into the complete set. In instructions on a foreign language this concept is defined by a short word kit that in a translation from English means "set".

In a set first of all are available:

  • a door cloth (that is "body" of a door);
  • a door box;
  • the complete set directing (or, otherwise, the mechanism for sliding doors with which help the door is suspended in already available door box to the top directing rail);
  • handles and other accessories for sliding doors;
  • the cartridge (can enter into the complete set, and can and not enter).

"What for to me all it? Perhaps it is possible to manage somehow without something?" – I have thought on an immemorial Russian habit to save. It has appeared, in it "a sliding economy" unnecessary things are not present. If in "kit" something "nedolozhili", anything at you it will not turn out, here each bast – at line.

the Cloth

modern sliding doors Firm "Longs", Italy. Aluminium and glass with an engraving. A folding sliding door

Usually sliding doors consist of several cloths (them, as a rule, no more than eight), but can be and from one. If you have decided to cover a doorway enormous, as the Kremlin gate all eight cloths and will be necessary for you. In all design how many will manage, even it is terrible to count. But in usual average apartment one cloth will suffice also.

As to me have told, to suspend, that is to make sliding, any door cloth is possible. With one exception: if the door top is executed in the form of an arch, alas, it is necessary to say goodbye to dream of a sliding door. (Even my violent imagination has not sufficed to present, as will look in this case top a rail.)

we Remind that on light exists only four types of door cloths:

modern sliding doors
Firm "Henri Glass", Italy. Matte glass, an one-folding sliding door

  1. Cloths from the combined materials. A basis – bruski inexpensive breeds of a tree (for example, pines), and also wood-fiber or drevesnostruzhechnaja a plate (DVP and DSP). From above the basis is pasted over by an interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree. The price from 220 to 1200$.
  2. Cloths from a tree file (integral wood) are a bit more expensive: from 300 to 1500$.
  3. Cloths from a tree and glass. The price 900–1500$.
  4. For the refined and freakish taste there are on sale glass cloths with an aluminium fringing. Matter of course that I have sunk down on such cloths. And has flown down at will it is possible to order matte, transparent or colour. The price from 1000 to 1700$.

If you are not ready to pay so much yet for a beautiful piece of glass, it is possible to buy doors easier – from DVP or DSP. The quite good sliding door Too will turn out. The main thing that all other "door" elements have been picked competently up.

the Box

modern sliding doors factory "Мацителли" Sliding door. Model of "Kjuanita". Has flown down white matte, tanganika or the file of coniferous breeds covered with an interline interval of a nut

With a box from under footwear at door there is nothing the general. Why it so names experts – secret, under the form a door box, more likely, reminds the letter "P". As a matter of fact, it is a design which insert into an aperture, and already on it hang up a cloth. The box is made of integral pieces of a tree. Matter of course that for no reason the box will not keep, so to a doorway krepjat its glue or screws.

But business is not limited to one box: in the complete set there is still such thing, as platbands – decorative laths. They frame and decorate a doorway. The most interesting that they do not concern a box, but also without it do not exist. By the way, it is necessary to mean that the price for a sliding door should include cost of a door cloth, a box and platbands.

Now I suggest to understand that there is a complete set of the directing.

the Complete set directing (the mechanism for sliding doors)

modern sliding doors

Without this complete set the door will be at a stop, as the idol. How, it is asked, it is possible to open and close a sliding door, if there are rails (on - another – profile directing), no rollers, a stopper and the terminator? We answer – in any way. These are very important details of ours kit'а. And it is necessary to concern their installation with all gravity.

The Stopper and the terminator fix a door and will not allow to it to leave a wall too far (set to it the maximum distance). The terminator fastens to a floor, and a stopper – on a wall from above.

modern sliding doors the Mechanism in "cut"

There is one more rule: at mechanism selection it is necessary to consider door weight. We will admit, for a door it is powerful 40–75 kg the mechanism and with two rollers will descend, and here for a cloth is powerful 75–120 kg "all four wheels" are necessary already. Therefore we give advice: it is not necessary to save on the mechanism. Here logic simple: the more expensively a door, the more expensively the mechanism. It all the same what to buy six-100-th "Mercedes" and to put there the motor from "Zhigulis". Benefits any, one efforts and a headache.

Also it is not recommended to buy the mechanism independently: if will be mistaken, all responsibility will get to you personally. And if the bought door it will be bad to go on unsuccessfully bought mechanism to blame, except itself, clear business, nobody. Therefore it is better to charge with efforts firm where you have decided to get a cloth. And if suddenly something goes not there the firm will be guilty. From it also ask under the full program for marriage.

Fairly to tell, the prices for the complete set of the directing have pleased me more than on cloths. It will be necessary to pay from 30 to 250$.


Actually the foreign and obscure word-combination "accessories for doors-compartments" is meant as door handles. But attention: handles for usual raspashnyh doors here do not suit! The basic difference – they do not stick out for cloth edge that the door could "drive" to a wall free.

modern sliding doors

usually such handles are on sale together with a door cloth, but they can be made and to order under the catalogue, especially if handles with the lock are necessary for you.

But there is more to come. One more interesting adaptation reminding under the form a hat-cylinder concerns accessories. It is mounted in an end face of a door cloth. Having hooked for this "hat" a finger, you will force a door to leave a wall.

The Average price of handles without locks 40–60$, with locks – approximately 60$.

the Cartridge

modern sliding doors Cartridge "Глиссмастер", Italy. For a door-compartment leaving in a wall, complete with aluminium relsoj

It can enter, and can not enter into a gentlemen's set for doors. Here all depends on your desire. But if you want, that the sliding door left in a wall, experts advise to use a metal skeleton (cartridge). To understand that this such, recollect a videocassette and a box into which it is inserted. Now present that the videocassette is a door cloth, and a paper box – a metal skeleton. The price of a skeleton for a door consisting of one cloth, – from 470$.

We Will assume, you have decided not to save and "pack" a door into a metal skeleton. For this purpose it will be necessary to destroy a wall part, alas, having got up all neighbours. But in another way – in any way. In a breach the cartridge and the complete set of the directing is established. Then "injured" place, as a rule, sew up with gypsum cardboard. If all is made correctly the door will go like clockwork.

And what will be, if money for the cartridge it would not be desirable to spend? There will be a following: to you all the same break a wall, establish the mechanism on which there will go a door, and besides sheathe gypsum cardboard. There is a lawful question: "So what for then the cartridge is necessary?" It is answered. First, the cartridge facilitates installation, and secondly, the door in the cartridge is more difficult for beating out or crumpling.

Think, solve...

Now let's count up losses and we will weigh all pluses and minuses. To us after all the main thing – to understand, getting such door, it is good or is bad for our life in a life and whether it in general is necessary to us?

So, I was heated by thought that by means of doors-compartments in the flat (the sizes more than suitable fantastic Djujmovochke) I will increase a premise useful area. Becomes more spacious. Besides, sliding doors are good in a close corridor not to burst someone unintentionally on a forehead. It their obvious pluses.

But the sliding door passes light, smells and sounds it is much better raspashnoj because between a door cloth and a box considerable cracks are formed. So all smells from kitchen, light from a corridor, conversations and music from a room of the brother will get almost free to my nine-metre "cell". And still. The prices for doors-compartments above, than on usual, raspashnye. These are minuses.

We go further. It became interesting to me, whether it is possible to break a door-compartment from loops, sorry, "from the mechanism", and how many efforts for this purpose is required. I the girl yet old, on a visit different young men often come. Happens, in our cheerful company there is a handsome man of Mitja, the master of sports on Rugby football. Healthy, as a case, and strong as … I do not know, how who. As a whole it the person not malicious. But happens, after an unlimited wine-glass its powerful soul demands freedom, and dverku the poor fellow can jerk my newcomer on itself, having mixed it with usual, raspashnoj. And here it is very important: whether it will sustain its impact?

Alas and ah. Employees of firms on sale of doors have not encouraged me. They have fairly told what crumple a door-compartment can not only near Mitja, but also the person with less athletic build. But thus experts have blamed me: a pier that you, the girl, in the house call such idlers? I promised to think. And still consoled that it is easier to beat out all the same that door which moves on a wall, than that which leaves in a wall. And then from all nonsense it is possible to break almost any door – and raspashnuju including.

What else troubles happen with sliding doors? They can start to jingle, move roughly, jerky, them in general can jam. And in all it the sliding mechanism, by the way, will be guilty. Therefore we remind once again what to choose it it is necessary with especial tshchaniem, without having forgotten to specify at the seller guarantee period.

the Best macaroni and doors - in Italy

But the mechanism the mechanism, nevertheless would be desirable, that also the door (that is a cloth) was beautiful, sound and has served long. As we already spoke, for a sliding door the usual door cloth, main that it was qualitative approaches. Firms-manufacturers of doors in our market it is presented much. Most of all Italian. Then there are Finnish, German and Russian companies.

If you consider that a choice skudnovat, and wish to know, where doors of other countries, we answer. At us the Swedish, American, English doors still are on sale. But it is not enough of them. The matter is that some Russian firms have bought the western technologies and mould the same doors from DVP and DSP. And very much even quite good.

But why all the same the Italian doors-compartments were beat out in leaders on sales? And I have decided to make journalistic investigation and to find out, in what a secret of their popularity. At the first stage of investigation there were two inconsistent versions. In one firm (which trades in the Italian doors) to me have told that Italians, say, very long time ago legislators of a "wood" door fashion. In other company (which, clearly, does not concern the Italian products) with malice have noticed that the Italian doors supposedly very expensive and that them to sell, the extensive advertising campaign is necessary. (On the other hand who when was disturbed by good qualitative advertising?)

But I have decided not to stop and go on it further. As a result of my interrogation of "door" firms and the companies the list of favourites looked so:

  1. Italians (at them really old traditions of manufacture of products from a tree, including doors);
  2. Germans (very good, competent equipment, but also the cost price of products above, than at Italians);
  3. Spaniards (quality of doors, probably, also concedes to Italian and German, but the prices quite comprehensible to the average consumer).

As you can see, superiority all the same remains behind the Italian firms.

Some stories from "life" of the Russian doors

And how affairs with "dverestroeniem" at us, in the mother of Russia are? I already have had time to be convinced that the prices for the Russian doors do not bite at all (the most expensive door from an oak file there is 300–500$), and a design at them decent. "Beauty!" – I patriotically was delighted for our domestic door. Minute and how at us business with quality of production is?

Employees from representation "Мацителли" To the aid have come. They to me have resulted some instructive and rather eloquent examples "on a theme". Business was so. "About half a year we traded krashenymi in white doors from Smolensk. Month through three after we have sold them, buyers have come running to us and have nervously told:" They something to burst steels and do not open ". Having been frightened for the reputation, we have there and then stopped trade in such doors. However, for the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that it was 5 years ago. Now our manufacturers began to do doors much better though, alas, nevertheless it is less than diligent Russian firms, than it would be desirable".

Still there was one case. "Half a year back my friend has decided to order to itself the Russian door from a file of an oak in the thickness 5 I see tried to dissuade it. But very much it to it has attracted, and my cautions have appeared are vain. Has passed two months: the door has cracked and has burst so that it was possible to push the card in a crack. Now it costs as a mute reproach that it is necessary to listen to opinion of professionals".

And then we have recollected the past. To me have told that earlier in Russia did products of class wood. When we were in Peter have visited Menshikov's palace. There there is a unique wooden ladder which has remained up to now. The tree is in perfect tune – any treshchinki. Why? Sushilnyh chambers at that time was not, therefore a tree dried naturally for 10–15 years, impregnating with natural pitches.

From here a conclusion: it is necessary to dry better. Now technology of drying another. A tree cut, dump somewhere under a canopy, and it decays. That has not decayed – hurrah! – in a dryer. And good sushilnaja the chamber, by the way, costs not one tens thousand dollars. Who at us presumes today to itself such equipment? Without this sushilnoj chambers in general can to be got conversation on quality. More shortly if wood has not taken place the necessary processing within several years the door from it will necessarily burst. Though first outwardly it can look faultless. It is very a pity, but it turns out that in 95% of percent of cases the Russian doors from a file will crack sooner or later. A question only in time and in crack size.

the File or what?

Give slightly and we will for a short while distract from a theme and we will find out, whether so this file hotly favourite by our consumer is good. As well as the majority of Russians, I all life considered that from a file by definition it is better than a door, because they first of all as it is accepted to speak, non-polluting.

For what we pay?

But we will return to sliding doors. So, for what we all the same pay? I already said what to get the mechanism for a sliding door it is possible two ways: having addressed in firm which trades in mechanisms at retail, or having bought a door cloth at once together with the mechanism.

If you have chosen the first way, count the expenses can independently. But if order a sliding door, leaving it to a firm choice, here it is necessary to face a price riddle. To you will expose the account for the got complete set as a whole. The matter is that the price pays off not in Russia, and in that country, whence will bring the order. So the price for each component to you will not tell for what. And not from harm – most likely, they simply do not know it.

I Explain on examples (all prices, of course, approximate). We will admit, you have chosen a door cloth for 900$. But for a sliding door you should pay much more: 1548$ (at movement in a wall) and 1300$ (at door movement on a wall).

As you can see, a difference essential – 648$ and 400$ accordingly. What into it enters? We will understand.

In 648$ are included:

470$ – the cartridge with the mechanism.
178$ – the complete set of a box for a door-compartment leaving in a wall.

In 400$ are included:

80$ – the mechanism price,
320$ – expenses on change of a door cloth and a box (that is transformation of a door from raspashnoj at a door-compartment).

Unfortunately, I and did not manage to learn, in what particularly consist these changes. Representatives of firms in every possible way shirked the detailed story, motivating it with that buyers supposedly such nuances do not interest at all. Be mistaken, respected, very much even interest. If I cry money, and not small, I would like to know, for what. So in vain hesitate.

In either case add to the initial price cost of services in delivery of a door cloth and accessories, on installation of the cartridge with destruction of a part of a wall and a covering gypsum cardboard (200–250$). Add the margin (20–50%) for manufacturing of a cloth of the non-standard sizes (it is a question of a door consisting of one cloth, and about six am afraid and to stammer). And now count up.

On what it is possible to save?

If you the person well-founded can quite add and decorate an interior of the private residence with a sliding door, say, from six cloths. And if with money negusto, but such door very much it would be desirable, which in what on purchase can be saved all the same. We give the inquiry:

  1. the Door of the standard sizes is cheaper, than a door to order.
  2. "the Deaf" door costs less, than a door with glass.
  3. It is possible not to buy the cartridge is too economy.

And the last. If after all calculations all of you equally want a sliding door, in no event what to itself do not refuse! As your life with a sliding door will be following:

  1. the Interior of apartment becomes even more refined and individualnee.
  2. And in small-sized apartment will appear a bit more places.

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