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the Tension ceiling does not deliver efforts

That such a tension ceiling?

The Tension ceiling is a product from an elastic film material on the basis of heavy-duty vinyl in the thickness - of 0,15-0,25 mm and weight – 200 / sq.

Advantage of such ceiling before usual, consists in possibility to receive difficult configurations under an inclination or in different planes. Ceilings are various on the design, colour and the invoice and consequently give broad lands for imagination of the designer. As a result the consumer receives a qualitative ceiling which will correspond to the general composition and idea of habitation and each premise separately.

Tension ceilings by the form films have 10 invoices: matte, sateen, sateen with antimicrobic processing, varnish, varnish punched, moire, nacre, a metallic, marbled, under a skin, under a tree, under suede. Each invoice is divided into certain quantity of shades (them more than 100).

The Range of application of tension ceilings is almost unlimited – they can be met in apartments, cottages, shops and offices. Demand for tension ceilings speaks simplicity of installation about which we will tell in following section.

Installation of a tension ceiling

Usually the ceiling is established at last stage of repair. Work occupies some hours depending on the area and complexity of a premise. Installation is made by a brigade from several persons, without reserving any dust and at all without moving furniture.

The Technology of installation is that: exact gaugings of a premise, thus a ceiling configuration are initially spent can be any complexity. The drawing direct on manufacture where make a ceiling cloth.

On premise perimetre at desirable level the krepezhno-decorative profile - a baguette is established. The site of lighting devices is specified, and, according to it in a cloth apertures become. On a base ceiling, in places where elements of dot illumination should be established, racks in which establish fixtures fasten.

Then a ceiling cloth warm up a thermal gun. Heating turns out short-term and local, therefore at level of human growth rise in temperature is not felt. So it is possible not to be afraid of that rise in temperature will damage furniture, windows, doors and other property.

When the cloth cools down, there is an effect of a tension and as a result ideally equal, smooth surface turns out. A ready ceiling fix on perimetre in a fixing baguette, fix the special tool on corners and on perimetre of walls.

Ideally equal cloth hides all defects and ceiling roughnesses. It is possible because the tension ceiling settles down below capital approximately on 3-4 Some firms see offer a special kind of a minibaguette which takes away only 1,5 sm of height (but it costs dearer).

In spite of the fact that the ceiling film thin enough, it differs very good durability and is capable to sustain to 100 litres on square metre (naturally if in ceilings lighting devices are not built in).

In case of flooding of such ceiling you need to cause only urgently a brigade of assemblers which, having unfastened one corner of a cloth, will merge water, will dry up a thermal gun your capital ceiling, and a tension vinyl film will put into place. Thus it completely restores the former sizes.

Weight of advantages

Durability and ease of assembling of a tension ceiling – not its unique advantage. It perfectly absorbs noise, does not save a static electricity, is absolutely safe from the ecological point of view, is not subject to burning.

Such ceiling will protect you from a dust which gathers on a usual ceiling and is strewed from it. This quality has been estimated by medical institutions and shops with increased requirements to sterility.

Tension ceilings practically do not demand additional leaving and allow to save means and the forces necessary for regular cosmetic or major repairs of apartments - on a cloth of a ceiling firm are given by 10 years of a guarantee.

The Homogeneous, ideally equal surface looking as a firm ceiling, has the excellent finished appearance, faultless in the aesthetic relation. The ceiling allows to hide available water, ventilating and gas communications. It is possible to build in it not only various fixtures, but also systems of ventilation, the alarm system and fire-prevention safety.

Such ceilings are easily cleaned (a dirt and a dust delete water and soap, fat - liquid ammonia or a liquid for a sink of glasses). Air layer between the basic and tension ceilings has teploizoljatsionnyj effect if it is insufficient, fastening in this space teploizoljatsionnyh materials is possible. The ceiling does not burn out and does not change the colour eventually, is not afraid of blows and does not burst, is easily dismantled, if it is necessary to spend additional works - repeated installation will not affect quality of a cloth.

If to speak about the prices for tension ceilings, they keep in one price range – nearby 30 - 40 dollars for 1 sq. m. together with work. Technical possibilities, scale and the invoice of tension ceilings are really boundless, therefore here all depends only on your imagination. And correctly to embody zadumki in a life skilled experts who are a good judge under repair apartments

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