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Sliding doors

the Door on rollers on the directing differs svetoprovodnostju and convenience. A door from the house in a garden — as though imperceptible transition from the cosiness world in the beauty world. One of variants — a sliding panel door. It opens, sliding on an internal wall. Similar designs apply when there is place for raspashnoj no door. Doors in a patio (an internal court yard) are on sale in standard sets. They are ready to assemblage. The frames entering into the complete set, are executed from aluminium, a tree or plastic. Their width from 1800 to 6000 mm and height from 2100 to 2400 mm.

Doors with a wooden frame are more expensive, but it is better on a thermal protection. The popular type of a door of a patio (it is shown on this page) has two door panels — stationary and mobile. Are on sale three- and four panel complete sets. In some sets there are stretchers. Them insert into apertures before starting to mount frames and door panels.

Installation begin with an aperture. Watch its vertical position and corners. Leave the admission of 3-5 mm from each party. The aperture bottom should be level with a floor or hardly above. If the aperture edge coincides with a horizontal water-proof lining, it is necessary to strengthen only its layer of cement. If above put a new lining on an aperture bottom edge. The cement mortal layer should not exceed 10 mm, over it put a strip of a water-proof membrane. Be convinced that the lining acts because of a plane of a bricklaying of a wall a little. Then put over a lining still a 10-millimetric layer of cement.

After panels of doors will be established, adjusted, attached the lock and handles, put germetizirujushchuju not hardening putty in a joint between a box and a brick wall outside. Now turn of plaster. It should be imposed in an interval between a wall and a box.

1. Consolidation of a box by wedges. Under the firm instruction collect a box. Together with the assistant lift a box and insert it into an aperture. Council old — watch by means of level vertical position and behind that corners were straight lines.

sliding doors

If necessary hammer wooden klinyshki between bokovinami in boxes and a wall in places where the design will be fixed. At this time the assistant should watch vertical position of a box.

2. Box fastening. the Electric drill drill apertures through box jambs. Hammer in stoppers and screw a box on a wall. Heads of screws drown, fill apertures wood shpaklevkoj.

sliding doors

3. Installation of the motionless panel. Check up, that the panel has been correctly inserted into grooves above and in the bottom of a box. Densely move up the panel to a jamb. Insert a threshold step into a cut between the motionless panel and opposite jamb for fixing of the bottom part of the motionless panel. Be convinced that the threshold step is established densely, and fix its screws.


4. Installation of a dividing lath. to strengthen from above the motionless panel, enclose between it and lateral jamb closing crossbeam. Screw the dividing lath separating the mobile panel from motionless, to a lintel of a box.

5. Installation of the mobile panel. Work is carried out outside of the house. Insert an upper edge of the mobile panel in directing in a box lintel, then lower the panel on the bottom directing. Screw the terminator of the mobile panel to directing in the top part of a box.

6. Adjustment of the mobile panel. Check up, that rollers freely moved at opening and door closing. If zaedaet or, on the contrary, the course is shaky, adjust a gleam between the panel and the bottom part of a box screws in a nest of castors. The mobile panel should move, without concerning a threshold.


sliding doors sliding doors
sliding doors sliding doors

a source: Ural Mountains LTD

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