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Sliding doors (II)

Now such designs can be met in many apartments. A wide circulation they have received because of very essential (for specific Russian conditions) characteristics - they save vital space, at opening do not take a lot of place.

The Sliding door is the design consisting of interconnected elements:

  1. Door cloth;
  2. a door box;
  3. the complete set of the directing;
  4. accessories;
  5. cartridges.

Sliding doors can consist of several cloths (no more than eight) or from one. To suspend, or to make sliding, any door cloth, an exception - a door with top in the form of an arch is possible.

The Box - a design which fastens in a doorway by means of glue and screws, and already on it is hung up a door cloth. The box is made of integral pieces of a tree. The complete set includes platbands - decorative laths. They frame and decorate a doorway.

The Complete set directing - the mechanism with which help sliding doors open - contains rails (profile directing), rollers, a stopper and the terminator. The stopper and the terminator set the maximum distance of movement of a door. The terminator fastens to a floor, and a stopper - on a wall from above. At mechanism selection it is necessary to consider door weight. At all it is not necessary to save on the sliding mechanism of a door, after all successful functioning of all design depends on its work.

Accessories at sliding doors not numerous. Basically it is represented by door handles, and handles for usual raspashnyh doors do not suit. At handle sliding doors should not interfere with door moving lengthways or in a wall (depending on a design). Usually such handles are on sale together with a door cloth, but they can be made and to order, especially if handles with the lock are necessary.

The interesting adaptation reminding a hat-cylinder concerns accessories. It is mounted in a cloth end face. It is possible to force to leave a door a wall, having hooked for this "hat" a finger.

The Cartridge is a metal skeleton for a sliding door, at opening leaving in a wall. It facilitates installation of the sliding mechanism, with it it is much more difficult to beat out or crumple a door.

So, by means of doors-compartments in apartment it is possible to increase a useful area as at opening they do not take a lot of place. However the sliding door passes light, smells and sounds it is much better raspashnoj because between a door cloth and a box considerable cracks are formed. Besides, at installation of the sliding door leaving in a wall, it is necessary to destroy a part of that wall and anew to erect it from gypsum cardboard to build in in it the cartridge and the sliding mechanism.

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