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Collapsible doors

Certainly, the chance to please with a forehead in a door jamb always remains, and here to fly on sharp edge of an open door - of "accordion" you hardly will be possible. Simply because such door does not swing open.

On a way of opening of a door divide on raspashnye, developing, sliding and rotating. Last type of doors owing to the design features is applied exclusively in premises with the big stream of visitors and is not a door in habitual sense. Developing and sliding doors do not try to supersede at all from use respectable raspashnyh "patriarchs". The history testifies that the doors similar on a design on modern "accordions", are known since antique times. If to mention Japan or Korea the abundance of developing doors-partitions in an interior of local premises allows to draw a conclusion on high functionality of "accordions". Certainly, as entrance doors to use developing doors at least it is unreasonable, but in registration of an interior they are very convenient. By the way, there is a number of the models providing good sound insulation of divided premises, and also with the built in locks protecting a premise from undesirable visitors.

collapsible doors As a matter of fact these doors — anything other as a combination of usual jalousie and collapsible doors. From "accordion" jalousie have borrowed a horizontal rail on which the roller, and lameli (plates), the truth, more powerful moves. The connecting core connecting lameli and reformative them in a uniform cloth, same, as in developing doors - "books". "Accordions" by a principle of jalousie gather and fasten. For their manufacture the most various materials are used: a tree, MDF - or PVC-PANEL in width of 85-120 mm and thickness of 8-20 mm which are fastened among themselves by one-piece loops. One of extreme panels is tightly fixed on a door jamb, and another is supplied by a roller which moves on the directing, door box fixed on the top crossbeam, allowing to put-display a door. To fix a door in the open and closed position, in directing two tags-stoppers are established.

The Height of doors of the given type usually depends on desires of the customer. For example, at office they unessentially should reach the ceiling. The width of a partition can be if necessary changed by joining to doors - to "accordions" of additional sections. A variety of colour scale and imitation of different materials allow to enter them in any interior and to experiment design of a premise. From outside new doors it is possible to decorate rooms with a decorative list. If they are used as a partition it is possible to put drawing from both parties. Besides, panels can be integral or glazed. Osteklenie, especially if for these purposes usual glass is used not, and vitrazhnye inserts, door cost considerably increases. The price for doors in our market fluctuates from 50 c.u. in the most simple execution (not glazed plastic panels of white colour) to 1300 c.u. (panels are pasted over by expensive interline interval with vitrazhnymi inserts).

collapsible doors Described above a door - "accordions" structurally remind a door one more type of developing doors. Manufacturers position them as "screen" doors - though sellers in salons prefer to name their doors - "books". All difference only that panels at the last are much wider. Hence, and loops, their fastening, more powerful. Such doors allow to partition off a room on all width, dividing thereby a premise into the general and private parts. Screen doors are perfectly entered in the interiors executed in style of minimalism and hi-tech. Materials used in manufacture are above-named MDF - or PVC-PANEL. There are these doors the same as also "accordions".

Doors different are necessary...

Sliding and collapsible doors, unlike raspashnyh, can close apertures of any width and height. They are moved apart on the top or bottom directing. And the top suspension bracket provides almost silent movement of cloths. Sliding doors with collapsible shutters work by a following principle: at first shutters put, and then them push in a wall. Collapsible doors take not enough place, will exclude a problem of that choice, in their what party to open that optimises furniture and equipment arrangement on the small area.

The Increasing popularity is got recently by doors-accordions. Them use for rooms of different function: kitchen, table, a bedroom, a study, musical salon, library. The similar design is convenient for a drawing room, a clothes, a book or crockery show-window. As operational term of such doors while is low, it is necessary to select qualitative accessories. For increase in working life of a door-accordion it is possible to establish high-quality spring mechanisms and hinges.

title="doors Doors-accordions do "collapsible doors" not only of a tree, but also plastic. Furnish amazes with a variety - a file, an interline interval, melamin and telonovye dyes for polyamide. As a bearing design of such doors the top directing rail to which shutters are suspended serves. Sometimes establish also the bottom rail. Easy sliding is reached at the expense of application of bearings. The door height is defined by the customer or an available aperture. The design can be deaf or glazed. And deaf doors-accordions meet requirements on sound insulation that is very important for various on function to premises.

Today the domestic industry has mastered many designs of sliding partitions, many of which already differ nothing from foreign analogues. At desire it is possible to address in firms which will execute any individual order taking into account wishes and tastes of the customer.

Imagination without borders

Today manufacturers offer an unusual variant of a door-accordion at which instead of deaf collapsible elements glass inserts-stained-glass windows are established. To provide their constructive rigidity, instead of thin wooden plates use an easy skeleton from a steel or aluminium profile into which insert corrugated colour glass or glass on which surface to be put decorative drawing. On the basis of foreign experience more simple variants of the glazed sliding walls - with application instead of a metal skeleton wooden reek are developed. Besides, it is possible to replace glass with a colour transparent film and even to paste on a wooden skeleton film or washing wall-paper.

collapsible doors For creation of convenience of work in office premises are used sliding doors or partitions in which instead of moving plywood plates apply an imitation leather thanks to which the partition can have the curvilinear form in the plan. The design of fastening of such sliding partitions is similar to what are applied to rigid plywood plates.

As practice shows, are most successful for an artificial leather substitute soft tone: light grey, beige, cream, white. They is better are in harmony with a premise interior.

How to look after a collapsible door?

Collapsible doors (partition) are very easy-to-work also leaving. For removal of pollution and giving of a surface of shine it is recommended to use usual means on care of furniture and products from plastic. The cleaners containing abrasive materials or solvents, it is impossible to apply. You easily remove strong pollution by means of a soap solution or a detergent powder. At carrying out of repair work in premises where collapsible doors (partition) are established, it is recommended to protect their surface from hit on it of solvents, paints, plaster materials. At installation it is necessary to consider that in case of occurrence of roughnesses of a floor or a doorway in which the door (partition) is established, the backlash between a floor and the bottom part of a door (partition), and also between shutters of doors, their consisting two shutters is possible.

Usually firms-manufacturers guarantee non-failure operation and preservation of all consumer and operational qualities of production within 12 months under condition of their correct installation and operation. As a rule, they do not bear responsibility for latent defects of door boxes and apertures in which collapsible doors are established.

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