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Consolidation of doors

There are various kinds nashchelnyh reek, allowing to prevent occurrence of draughts, however the greatest value good adjustment of the door has. For example, if you beat rejku to zaedajushchej doors last in general will cease to be closed or open.

In most cases simply enough to examine a door, to define a jamming place. If it does not manage to be made, close a door and enter a slice of a thin cardboard into a crack between a door and a doorframe (box); moving a cardboard along a crack, it is easy to establish places of the dense joining leading to jamming. The same problem can be solved a different way, having put on edge of a door a line by means of the colour it is small. Some times densely close and open a door and then attentively examine a line: in places of dense joining of a door and a box the chalk will be erased.

One more reason of jamming of a door — its sagging owing to easing of door loops. Most easier densely to twirl screws; if it does not help, remove old screws, hammer into apertures from them wooden zaglushki and twirl the new. The door can zaedat at swelling of one of its sites. In this case it is recommended to enclose a thin lining under one of loops or to cut off a part of wood a plane. If zaedaet edge of a door with a latch is better to remove a door and to process edge with loops a plane; it is much easier, than to leave a door on a place, to remove the lock, and then to cut zaedajushchy edge. Having solved all specified problems, pick up nashchelnuju rejku type of that are presented in drawing. At a sliding door use the same receptions that were applied at consolidation of sliding windows.

Types nashchelnyh reek. the Big durability and efficiency the lath differs klinovidnaja; the tube from plastic is good the elastic properties allowing reliably to close a crack between a door and a frame. Are very accessible at the price of a tape from penomaterialov with a gluing layer; they happen two kinds — rectangular and peaked. Are effective enough metal and plastic rejki with brushes.

the Rectangular tape from penomateriala; a peaked tape from penomateriala; a plastic tube; klinovidnaja a lath; a lath with a brush

door Adjustment. If zaedaet the top or bottom edges of a door process their plane or a skin. At lateral face jamming on which the lock is put, it is possible to solve a problem by means of a lining from a tree or plastic. Enclose a tree piece under a door, turn off the basis of a loop and enclose under it a lining; after that again fix a loop. Thus follow a rule: if zaedaet the top part of a door the lining is put under the basis of the bottom loop and on the contrary. If zaedaet edge of a door with loops establish a lining in that loop which is located more close to a jamming place.

consolidation of doors Installation klinovidnoj laths. Cut off laths in the sizes that they could be established in the top part of a doorway and on each side. The top ends of vertical laths and both ends of the top lath cut off at an angle 45 °. Do not forget to cut out apertures for loops and a door-lock. After that beat laths, as is shown in drawing below.

consolidation of doors

Installation of external laths. Cut off top and lateral laths on the demanded sizes and establish them in a doorway, as is shown in drawing. Leaky having fastened laths screws, check up, the door how much densely adjoins: in an ideal between a door and laths should pass a sheet of paper. After that densely twirl all screws.

consolidation of doors Consolidation of the bottom part of a door

It is necessary to condense External doors always, thus nashchelnye rejki are beaten to an internal obverse surface of a door. If it is required to support in one of rooms of dwelling more a heat too it is necessary to condense its door with external or an inside. Nashchelnye rejki are very various, among them you always will find approaching to your doors. Flat threshold rejki (below, at the left) consist of the aluminium or plastic basis on which brushes or plates from rubber fasten. Such rejki will approach both for internal, and for external doors. Rejki with brushes it is recommended to use for consolidation of sliding doors as other kinds reek will interfere with sliding. Some brushes have a plastic guard which interferes with moisture penetration: it is clear that such rejki are used for consolidation of external doors. Combined rejki (below, in the centre) consist of two parts of a nylon brush and a metal lath. Thus the brush fastens to a door, and a lath — on a threshold. External doors are equipped special rejkami which form does not allow water to get into the house (below, on the right). The flute which has been cut out in similar rejke, does not allow to water to get from below.
consolidation of doors consolidation of doors consolidation of doors

Installation flat threshold rejki

How to fix rejku. Cut out rejku on width of a door and fasten it to the bottom part of a door screws. Rejka should be as it is possible more close to a floor or a threshold, but not to obstruct to door traffic. Many rejki have oblong apertures for screws that allows to make adjustment easily.

consolidation of doors Installation combined rejki

How to fix a metal lath. Cut off a lath and a brush on length of a threshold. Fasten a lath screws, as is shown in drawing; track that the hanging edge of a lath has been turned in a doorway.

consolidation of doors How to establish a brush. Establish a brush so that she created easy pressure upon a lath. Using screws, fasten a brush in the bottom part of an internal obverse surface of a door.

consolidation of doors Installation rejki on an external door

How to fix rejku. Having cut out rejku suitable length, arrange it so that the door opened freely and closed. The bottom part rejki should be level with (or above on pair millimetres) with a door bottom edge. Having closed a door, strengthen rejku from an outer side screws or nails. Use screws or the nails which are not giving in to a rust. A crack between rejkoj and a door surface close up napolnitelem, it will prevent tree rotting.

consolidation of doors

a source: Ural Mountains LTD

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